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I'm more interested in a holding strategy. My current guess would be that the market will initially overreact to the news seeing how volatile they've been recently so the stocks will be fairly cheap, but I may be wrong. 
Yeah, pretty sure Something to also consider is, that if you're taking testosterone you'd probably need higher doses of finasteride for it to work.  I go down slower since I find it easier then, but that's a personal preference. For your warm up sets I'd do the same speed that you plan on doing for your heavier sets, so you actually practice your technique at the speed you're going to be doing for your heavier sets. If you feel like your technique needs work do paused...
Does anyone see a possible Brexit as an opportunity to buy?
Some people do report chronic impotence. Although not many, it's a risk you have to consider.
 You could try some anti-inflammatory from your doctor (or "natural" like a larger dose of fish oil). I'm quite sure it has nothing to do with an uneven hip, most people are uneven/asymmetric, but it's not a problem. It could also be your pain just registering pain and you need to have your knee be comfortable in positions it's not usually in (so do around the clock lunges and such). I'm no expert on it but modern pain theory/science is quite interesting.
Isn't chambray almost more casual, or am I mistaken?
I'm not very familiar with shirting fabrics, but would white poplin be a suitable fabric for a shirt that is slightly more formal than my Warzone Plus White Oxford, but still also usable for casual use with jeans? And if so, anyone have a recommendation/preference for one of the white poplins? There seems to be quite a few within the same price range. 
You have to think of your deadlift as one smooth motion. If you're good morning them it's probably because you shoot your hips up too early, focus on having hips and back rise at the same time. Or you're just too horizontal in your starting position? If you mean shoulders drop as in rounded upper back, it's probably upper back strength you need to work on.   Regarding health benefits of fasting I'm pretty sure you can achieve some/most of the health benefits from having...
Thanks a lot :)    I'll be there a few days, so wasn't looking for anything specific as it's both for lunch and dinner, but I'll definitely take a look at your recommendations.
Slightly on the topic of city guides, where do I shop in Miami/Washington? 
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