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Are the pocket sweaters oversized as well? I'm 5'9 160-165 lbs, so would a small fit?
Can a decent, but not extremely skilled, tailor alter the sleeve lengths of a raglan sleeve jacket without messing up the jacket? I know it may vary from tailor to tailor, but is it a hard task in general?
Yeah, like a shirt to be worn over another shirt or a sweater, but beneath a jacket.
Can anyone recommend a shirt material suitable for being an overshirt? Prefer something charcoal-ish in terms of colour 
+200 = 76,982
How do they fit compared to your other shoes?
Kunne også have været svensk 
Yup - Denmark.
Lol, my mom would never buy me a $400 bag. As someone said already it's partly due to having a job. Also, I don't live in the US so I actually get paid for studying. Oh, and I'm 19
It was nice with an update, but I don't see how it's hard to give an estimate on non-MTM stuff.   My mom asked me why I hadn't bought a new backpack yet, as my current one is falling apart, and I told her that I'd already ordered a new one. That was 4 months ago. Now she keeps asking me why I'm still using my dad's old one. Please help me give my mom peace of mind and give an estimated shipping date, Drew.
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