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Well, of course my statement was a hyperbole to some degree, But olympic squat isn't just squatting high-bar, it's also going deep, keeping your chest up a lot more than powerlifters do, narrower stance and some other details I'm probably forgetting. Of course olympic lifters have injuries as well, serious athletes in any sport will have injuries, but I'd still say it's more beneficial for the average lifter to do an olympic squat than a powerlifting one due to some of the...
Just watch weightlifters squat - way nicer than powerlifters imo. Granted, squatting like powerlifters will allow you to put more weight on, but if you're not a powerlifter and want to be fit/have big legs/no injuries I'd always do an olympic ATG squat.
People who don't train legs look ridiculous.
Jet you're talking lbs right? my gym has 70+ kg and I'm not really sure what you'd use a heavier db for except some really ugly rows.
Oh, well I've mainly heard from people who trained in CF Copenhagen, so that may have been the reason, but 1 bench for 8 squat racks doesn't sound like a lot (unless there's a lot of squat racks) and it was also a bit concerning the quality. I wouldn't mind dropping by one, but I already train at a very nice gym in Copenhagen with a friendly atmosphere as well and dumbbells up to around 70 kg. I definitely wouldn't want to train in a FW, though.
Yeah, I understand why some would want to train there - it was mainly a joke/trying to excuse my own pullups. However, while I've heard the equipment for weightlifting should be quite good in CF gyms in Denmark, the bench press stations and dumbbells  (+ the environment, but that's probably a subjective assessment) supposedly aren't that good, but I've never actually been to one myself  
+ 20 = 7928   If you're all doing kipping pullups in CF-gyms I understand the amount. Doing pullups with slow eccentric doesn't amount to a lot of pullups. 
I actually did after trying on one in M. The arms were super baggy on me and I have fairly big arms, so it felt like the S fit better. I've always found Uniqlo's EFM a bit too thin to layer with a collared shirt underneath anyway.
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