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Yeah okay, that sounds pretty good. I just know there was a local supermarket which had some protein bakery, but the protein was supposedly of not so good quality. And yeah, have a pair of IronMind straps myself that I love. I haven't tried the belt myself but know of some people who've lifted very heavily with it, if you just buy a proper chain for it.
 You could always buy an IronMind one. I know people who've used >200 lbs with that, as long you change the chain/strap thing. Without knowing those bagels the protein in bagels is usually pretty shitty, though.
Not sure if I'm really fascinated by this evolution, "hen" has sparked a lot of controversy (at least in Denmark) due to the use in kindergartens.
 Indeed, seeing them as well this summer 
How opaque is it? I feel like it looks a bit see-through on the website and I don't want to have to wear undershirts.Edit: oops didn't see you already replied to this. Nevermind.
I might let go of my pair. Shipping is from Europe, though, so slightly expensive.
Isn't hook grip quite hard to get perfect? I don't get the fuss about mixed grip, it felt weird perhaps the first two times I tried it, now I just start out by using regular overhand for my warmup sets and then switch to mixed grip. Straps for high rep deadlifting, though.
Yeah, but Greece is having more of an impact lately as the final deadline for a solution to their 1,5 billion EUR payment is the 30th June, and if they don't make the payment that'll probably be the day they exit the EU. Compared to previous years where Greece has been close to an exit it doesn't seem to have as large an effect on the other EU countries, so I wouldn't be too worried about a Greek exit. Probably just a good time to buy European stocks.
 Maybe, but they're still incredibly comfortable, fairly cheap and easy to wear.
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