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Got any links to those? Curious, as almost every prominent personal trainer/physiotherapist I know (online and in real life) advocates for foam rolling (or SMR at least, I know some people who use a rolling pin, should be quite painful).
Bicycling around 0 when it's wet and windy is the worst. It's terrible. Also, are there any other options for decent black lace-up boots as Dr. Martens around the same budget? It seems like most alternatives are poor quality/design.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd get beat up if I wore that.
No, his videos really aren't good.  I don't think any comments are needed for that.   And there's close to no correlation between the physique of a person and their knowledge on bodybuilding, there's countless examples of that. With that being said I think his proportions are pretty bad.
That was a joke right? Also, unless you're cutting and want to avoid the extra calories just eat your eggs with the yolk. They're good for you.
It's pretty big in the Danish news, mainly because it's probably a good story to tell how 15 year olds get almost 4k USD from their parents for skipping school for three days. Judging from the interviews the queue seems to be made up entirely of people around 15-16 skipping school. 
 I like this one as well:"You’ve paired them with Dr. Martens.""I had the high-tops for a long time, and then the low-tops are more recent.""Are you punk?" 
Uniqlo x Lemaire / Luxire / Story et Fall   Not sure if the boots go that well with the jeans here? Thoughts are welcome.
Of course you can alter the sleeves.
Can anyone comment on the convertible collar coat? Onely one picture on the website, so I'm a bit unsure about it.
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