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But national dietary guidelines are usually crap and the one for Sweden is as well. They changed the guidelines for Denmark fairly recently and actual scientists argued how it really wasn't optimal with the low amount protein. Alan Aragon also has a lengthy chapter in Girth Control about national dietary guidelines in the US throughout history concluding that the general population would be healthier if they ate more protein.
Yeah okay, seems like a fair enough price. I was just calculating with the price I remembered from the last place I ate where they sold wagyu and there 32 oz alone would cost you $650 ($38 per 50g), but then I saw another place selling it and the price was closer to what you mentioned. I guess the quality/markup just differs a lot?
+ 60 = 32.743
Might look into buying something secondhand, it just always takes me a long time to find something I like for the right price when I buy stuff like furniture secondhand.   Eason - what was your height/weight? 2.2 k sounds really low, are you sure you don't have problems with your metabolism?
Borrowing this one at home till I buy myself some cheap, decent chair   At school it's all about these lovely chairs aka torture
 That's a lot of expensive chairs. Quote:Then I'd need a standing desk as well. And I still kinda want to sit on a chair.
Those do look very awesome, but I don't think the price agrees with my SU-budget    I think I'd get tired of a stability ball after a day.
Not sure if anyone knows something on this topic, but what should I look for in an office chair? Spend a long time sitting down so want to make sure it's optimal for my back/posture.
To add to misterswag's update, I've also received my daypack. Or, it's at the post office, which for some reason doesn't open untill 2 pm, which meant I couldn't pick it up today.
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