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I'm going with my parents so it's mainly if you get carded at restaurants, exploring the nightlife of NYC's clubs will be the next time I visit 
Oh well, I'm 20 and kind of look 20 so I'll just have to wait and see I guess. Feels odd coming from a country where no one minds that you drink wine at restaurants when you're 16 (and alcohol in general even younger).
I tend to eat a lot more since I'm home all day preparing for exams and I feel a need to eat something whenever I'm in front of my computer reading something and I constantly have the possibility to make something compared to when I'm in school. When I write major assignments I barely eat, though, and my 24 hour exams will probably be great for cutting as well.
Well, not that much tbh. Oh, and one extra last question.. Are restaurants usually strict with the alcohol policy as in they'll want to see id proving you're 21 before serving wine for you?  
Not cutting while having an injury (torn ACL) and I don't want to cut too much while having exams, so I doubt I'll get the best cut this summer. At least my upper body is getting quite strong.
Amidst the more serious discussion I hope it's okay with a last question before my trip. Basically it's if I'm visiting the right shops?   So far I'm planning on going to: Gentry Kith (for a new pair of sneakers) Nike Sportswear Memes Uniqlo (for basics)   And maybe these: Odin DSM Opening Ceremony Steven Alan   I'm not really into CM stuff, but are there any of the shops I definitely should/shouldn't go to or some awesome shop I completely missed?
+ 25 = 25.551
Why can I never see SVB's pictures from tumblr? Using Chrome, I can see the pics with IE, though.
Obviously also depends on bodyweight. If you're 250 and bench 250 it's hardly impressive compared to someone weighing 150.
I agree that it's a silly statement to make as it'd not be factoring in if someone is doing it because of the personal improvement/psychological rewards. That being said there are probably more people who care about getting muscular and lean to get approval from others/self-confidence, not really the same if you have a big total.
New Posts  All Forums: