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Yeah, told Charly that they could just send me a daypack, since Drew mentioned he had some left (and I assume he'd prefer that to giving a refund). Charly said he'd tell Drew he could just send me a daypack if it was easier, and then nothing. Not ripping on Charly at all but I haven't gotten any daypack or refund and it's been over a month (many months since initial refund request), so not really sure what to expect.
I just wish I knew if I'm getting a refund or a daypack 
Why are you reluctant to use caffeine? A few cups of coffee a day are beneficial for you.
Any suggestions/database for mutual funds following an index with a low TER? I prefer passive investing for my current situation and I know ETFs then would be obvious, but they're taxed as capital income here so they're not really that profitable compared to mutual funds/single stocks.
Sure, there are some places but I'm pretty sure the major banks and such are more about merit than nepotism. I'd argue expats send their kids there because it's their home country and they know the language/culture, which is a big factor. It's hard to explain without going in a lot of detail, but I've actually kinda been in that situation myself. I also think the reputation of Herlufsholm has worsened a lot over the years + I doubt any major firm will hire you based on...
I agree to some point, but I don't believe networking is the only way to get a decent job in finance, which seems more the case in the US. I think networking is valued too highly at a place like CBS, where some people seem to think it's everything. If I just wanted a good network I'd probably just go to CBS, but I believe the education itself and the value of it is important also. Most people working in finance in Denmark get their first relevant job while studying, and...
I have the Enfin Leve. Overall I'm very happy with it - it's nice they offer MTM, it's fairly waterproof and warm and they also let me customize it as I didn't want the zipped back panel. However, the cuffs aren't very tight compared to other bombers I've tried on, which is something to note.
While this is probably the case in the US, from what I've seen it isn't the same here. Of course networking matters and recently there's been some articles in the newspapers about girls being worse off because they focus on grades instead of networking, but I also know that grades/being at the top of your class is very important. This is mainly based on job ads and people I personally know, where being at the top of class landed them the best jobs (while probably knowing...
But will everyone with your degree be making 200k+? For your situation I can see the point, but I assume you already have a decent job or you're a top student since you can be certain of this? My point is that with the degree I'm taking I'm pretty much certain to be making 100k/year without any debt (slightly below 100k after the crash, though). I may also be able to make more, but $200k+ for an entry-level job is very unlikely if I stay in Denmark - you have to be fairly...
I knew  debt was common in the US, but living a place where something like $200k in debt is absurd it just sounds extreme. Still, planning on studying a semester or two at some top school, which should consume some of my savings, although there are a lot of State grants to be had.
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