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 Do they fit big/small/normal? Compared to the supima t-shirts and merino sweathshirts for example?
Perhaps in-store. Assume it's avaible there and should be in London as well. Not only Americans on SF.
 Avaible on the EU website as well.
Has anyone tried on the Uniqlo U mock neck sweaters and how they fit? The Uniqlo x Lemaire sweaters were quite tight, but it looks like these are more relaxed?   Also, am I the only one who feels the waist on the merino sweaters has become way too wide? It's even sagging around the waist on their product pictures.
 Main benefit isn't satiety. You're only supposed to feel like shit for the first month or so.
I assume he has said you can adapt the SPP and GPP exercises or what has he said? I don't think anyone on this forum knows enough to change the volume/percentages Sheiko gives on competition lifts for his programs. Deadlift is also an exercise that is quite tough on the body, so there's a reason why you're not supposed to go close to max when doing Sheiko.
You really shouldn't change Sheiko.
I'm more interested in a holding strategy. My current guess would be that the market will initially overreact to the news seeing how volatile they've been recently so the stocks will be fairly cheap, but I may be wrong. 
Yeah, pretty sure Something to also consider is, that if you're taking testosterone you'd probably need higher doses of finasteride for it to work.  I go down slower since I find it easier then, but that's a personal preference. For your warm up sets I'd do the same speed that you plan on doing for your heavier sets, so you actually practice your technique at the speed you're going to be doing for your heavier sets. If you feel like your technique needs work do paused...
Does anyone see a possible Brexit as an opportunity to buy?
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