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^Can we stop with the TBS presales again? It's not even a very good sale at 25% off.
Usually go with IT38, my chest measures 39".
You said it's quite roomy - would a small fit someone 160 lbs? Just asking since M are usually too long in length for me at 5'9.
Oh, that explains it. I wish I had monkey arms so Norse shirts would fit me, though. Instead I have quite short arms :/ 
Which brands do you buy? I feel like the sleeves are often too long for even a medium.
If you wear a large don't you need to have all your shirts tailored when it comes to length at that height/weight? I feel like I have to at the same height and I'm only 160-165 lbs (about 15" biceps as well though).
Not sure if I can answer all your questions, but if you like stuff from APC and Acne those are within your price range and they definitely make some cool stuff, but I'm not sure if their knitwear is really recommended, I only have one Acne sweater, which is quite nice though. Also, sale season is coming up, so you should definitely be able to get Acne and APC sweaters for less than 350 euro, I got an Acne for 51€ last sale from Mr Porter. Other brands I'd recommend would...
What is the appeal of a military hem? Less break while still covering your socks from the back?
Also wondering about sizing on that OL - do you have pretty long arms or are the arms on the jacket not so long? Doesn't seem to be a lot of stacking and at 5'9 160 lbs I feel bombers in a size 48 usually stack a lot, while small is a bit too tight.
Which material is the second one from the left?
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