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Herring Shoes has some nice spectators: I quite like the chestnut calf canvas tassel loafer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Old Tyme Lemonade for a penny a mug and button boots. Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff thickly knotted woven tie that sparkles in the light, button boots Again, with the button boots. Careful FNB, someone might think you have a ,thing, for them.
I wouldn't do it.
Damn it I can't believe I just read the whole thing.
Beautiful shoes mate. Your brogues do indeed have a lot of funk.
+1 I love AS shoes, especially the brogue (Dartmouth) and semi-brogue (Chatham) models in the Premier Collection range. The AS Blenheim is a beautiful shoe. Less clunky than Church's, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 I agree with everything you said. In addition, if you would do a side by side comparison, you'd see that KC are much better constructed, and use better leather than the brands often mentioned here (e.g., Allen Edmonds, Alden, Tramezza, C&J, Edward Green) and at a fraction of the price. Don't let their elitist attitiude get to you. Elitist attitude? Sometimes when I go by the local KC boutique, I walk...
Alfred Sargent for J.Press.
Monks. I get compliments when I wear my CJ Saviles.
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