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I bought the Pedag Balance. Didn't work for me(to prevent the topline bulging). Painful too. I'm more or less resigned to having those creases but I'd be interested to hear others' experience.
 I've had a similar issue with my Hastings (from the discontinued Evolution range). It was my very first dress shoe and I wasn't bothered very much by the practically invisible gap, but was really annoyed by the clicking sound it made when the heel goes back into its seat(not sure if that's the correct term) when I put pressure on it. Sent an email to Loake, didn't get a reply. Sent an email to the shop I bought it from, they said it was 'normal' and will 'fuse together in...
     Thanks gents. Good advice all around. DWF, your comment on making the heel liner thick enough implies that cobblers can custom-make them? That's news to me, as the ones I see sold in stores are not nearly thick enough to be of help. I will ask my cobbler!
Spot on DWF! It is a half size too long to accommodate my somewhat freakish wide foot (it's already a G, I might need to find an H!). Unfortunately I can't afford to experiment right now so I'm stuck with these for a while, so it's good to know that you think they won't crack. My last shoes did, but they were a POS that I bought before I started reading SF. Here's a pic:  Thanks both of you for your help!
Hi guys,   I have a problem with topline bulging/bowing and I'm starting to see creases on the quarters. Do you think it's going to crack? Anything I can do to prevent it from cracking? I mostly use Saphir MDO cream and once in a while, Reno.     Thanks.
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