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     Thanks gents. Good advice all around. DWF, your comment on making the heel liner thick enough implies that cobblers can custom-make them? That's news to me, as the ones I see sold in stores are not nearly thick enough to be of help. I will ask my cobbler!
Spot on DWF! It is a half size too long to accommodate my somewhat freakish wide foot (it's already a G, I might need to find an H!). Unfortunately I can't afford to experiment right now so I'm stuck with these for a while, so it's good to know that you think they won't crack. My last shoes did, but they were a POS that I bought before I started reading SF. Here's a pic:  Thanks both of you for your help!
Hi guys,   I have a problem with topline bulging/bowing and I'm starting to see creases on the quarters. Do you think it's going to crack? Anything I can do to prevent it from cracking? I mostly use Saphir MDO cream and once in a while, Reno.     Thanks.
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