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I don't think the U-necks are extended, they just have long sleeves
is Roden Gray getting everything from the shadow collection?
I'm 5'10 175lb and wear a large in the classic crew, does anyone think I'd be better off with the medium in the u-neck? wouldn't want it to fit too big but it would be even worse if it fit tight.. Hopefully someone close to my size who owns the u-neck can speak on this
If anything it has just conformed to my body over time, but not stretched beyond that. So it's never really been loose. To be honest when I wash it (I rarely wash it) it doesn't really feel like the fit changes. It just still fits my body like a glove.(Referring to the black one I've had for a year now, the sand I've only had for about a month)If anyone from JE is reading this - your hoodies are amazing and I refuse to buy hoodies from anywhere else now.
Np man. My hoodies in large fit snug and my tees in large are long and due to the stretchy material they just feel kinda slouchier but I like it that way. I could probably size down to a medium in tees and have them fit snug but I couldnt imagine sizing down to a medium in the hoodies. It also depends on your body shape though, I personally have broad shoulders and the medium would fit tight and restrictive. Hope this helps
I'm 5'10 and 175 and wear a large in the villain (i own black and sand). They fit perfectly, very slim, can be worn with the zippers all the way zipped or slightly drapey with them unzipped. I think I remember the models weight being listed at 155 so at almost 20 pounds heavier Id recommend you go for a large. Other people have mentioned the tees fitting bigger than the hoodies as well
Yeah I ordered last Wednesday. Thanks
If I haven't received a shipping confirmation after 3 business days is it worth e-mailing someone to follow up just in case or is it just busy times for you guys?
fit pics of teddy are much appreciated if anyone else has one (besides the most recent one a few pages back)
looks like the model wears the same size in the teddy as he does in the sweatshirts/tees. I own several JE products in L and ordered a teddy in L, hoping it fits just the same as everything else - not looking to wear anything under it but a tee. 
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