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for any other Canadians - I paid 92 dollars COD on a villain hoodie when I ordered with UPS, but I paid 40 dollars on a pair of cast denim (drake) with USPS. Never using UPS again lol
Package just arrived today! For anyone concerned with sizing thats similar to my body dimensions: Im 5'10, 170-175, lean build, 32 inch waist Black villain hoodie in large fits me perfectly. Slim but not tight, unzipping the sides gives it a drapey feel, the shoulder seams are exactly at my shoulder. I could not be happier Cast denim coming in the mail soon as well, can't wait
Do any canadians have experiencing ordering denim from the JE site to the toronto area? Im looking at the drake colourway of the cast model, which to my knowledge isn't available on any other stockist website - but idk how much customs/duties to expect 
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