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Quilted jackets are OK if you take your sartorial tips from twats like jezza clarkson & piers Morgan
Hear hear.
Best Alden boots I've ever seen.
Communication is not Superdenims strong point to be fair! Luckily the boots are worth the wait
As someone who's been hammered no end of times by uk customs, the best way round it is either proxy or get said company to take all tags off and wrap in a plain packaging with gift wrote on the purchased garment. If you can't implement either method, forget it. Not worth the hassle or fine!
Only trousers left in a 34 waist at £75. The only ones worth grabbing are the khaki but seeing as I'm well stocked up on real mccoys in khaki, 'll give them a pass
Absolutely gorgeous. Pity it's only available in a kids size!
^^^^^^^^ beauties
Waxed leather
So it's not the price that's bothering you, it's the style of the shirt?
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