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Stay away from the Horween and The British Boot Company is my advice. Shit boot and shit company to deal with.
Sorry to go off on a tangent here but has anybody on here bar me bought the Solovair "Hawkins" Burgundy Horween Leather Boot from The British Boot Company? If so, what are your thoughts?
That look would have been the dogs nuts if it wasn't for those goddamn ugly darts. Can't for the life of me understand why anyone would ever think about purchasing a jacket with darts!
For all you Clone Island lovers @6T2clothing
Quilted jackets are OK if you take your sartorial tips from twats like jezza clarkson & piers Morgan
Hear hear.
Best Alden boots I've ever seen.
Communication is not Superdenims strong point to be fair! Luckily the boots are worth the wait
As someone who's been hammered no end of times by uk customs, the best way round it is either proxy or get said company to take all tags off and wrap in a plain packaging with gift wrote on the purchased garment. If you can't implement either method, forget it. Not worth the hassle or fine!
New Posts  All Forums: