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anyone care to share their experience with white's in terms of walking on concrete pavement for long periods? Good shock absorption? How does the sole hold up?
Question regarding clothes fit: How does David Beckham get his jeans to look somewhat baggy/stacked and yet look slim at the same time? Is it altered in the waist or something? If you skim through pics of him on google and fashion forums you'll notice his jeans are loose (with stacking) but slim at the waist. It just looks like the waist is 2 inches smaller than the pant leg itself. Any ideas? Size up and alter waist? I really like the way Beckham wears...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek When an ugly chick has a 5 after 1000 votes, I think it becomes statistically significant that the people voting have exceedingly low standards. not reaLLY. its more to do with people not being able to fully rate the person honestly because hot or not is not anonymous.
Quote: Originally Posted by J. Cogburn Agreed. The subculture of pick-up artists have a well-considered theory about how to attract women when on the prowl. Their credo is the more obnoxious, shiny, and attention-grabbing the clothes, the better. And there are no limits. Even cat-in-the-hat lids in velvet will do the trick. And is seems to work for them. .... IME from meeting PUA's, most of their material, props and propaganda only...
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky Agree except the "manpris" and skinny jeans. Personally, I don't touch the former, and am very careful about the latter, but they are both items that can look great on the right guy. Otherwise, I think their list could apply to "things men think make other men look like douchebags" article. right guy= gay
MMA: Brock Lesnar, GSP, The Gracie Family Football: David Beckham Cristano Ronaldo Boxing: Vlad Klitschko
2 questions: anyone here know the fit of carhartt button down shirts? SLim or BLocky? good brands that sell slim fit button down shirts (all I know is AnF)?
you can remove those flags, I have several of em from my chippewa boots
just to chime in on Beckham's fashion sense, I have to admit I really liked the look of his Sendra 3565 engineer boot and bought a pair................. So for all those tempted to buy one, this post will be more like a review of the boots. I sold them after 2 months of daily wear to uni and work. Here's why: They look good in pictures but look crap in real life. Theyre overpriced, see below The leather is not very thick unlike Red Wing, Chippewa or Alden work boots....
Have a couple of questions: Anyone on here have experience with Red Wing engineer boots-2990 or 2268? Are they uncomfortable to wear even after being broken in? I sold off a pair of Red Wing 2218 logger boots and a Sendra engineer boot due to them being uncomfortable to wear (even after being broken in) because of the massive heel. Regarding the Iron Rangers, 2990's and Beckmans, how fast do the soles wear out with daily wear?
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