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ok now I realize the difficulty to sell a pair of second hand shoes.. $20 shipped AE and still active...though i personally don't like this style    sigh.. maybe i have to donate my 2hand shoes to thrift shop...
oops i forgot to add itit is US7
Hi gentlemen, currently i live in rural area and there're some pebbles on the ground and my rubber sole shoes would end up like this every day:  [[SPOILER]] does that mean i should avoid wearing shoes with leather sole before i move to CBD...?
Hi guys, I'm wondering do I need to put trees into the shoes immediately aft er wear? Because I used to do that and almost all of them go t molds on the sock liner. No, my feet are healthy...
greetings, comrades! May someone tell me, what's the approximate weight(kg) of a pair of UK6 blake-rapid loafers? sorry i don't have a scale at the moment...
  if anyone tries to contact Mr. Bestetti, use his website to write a message to him, because his email address is under attack, by virus or whatever... if you just write one and send by your email client it might fail to reach him...  And i'm going to post pictures of my shoes in April  
I am just wondering if Mr. Bestetti has got a new email address? Sent my email last week regarding my shoes but not yet have the reply
slapping myself for not getting these... you don't normally have shell cordovan in size < UK6 + at this price
Hi guys, me & my friends are talking about the following pair of python skin shoes, from rick owen women's collection. there are 2 pictures, , different shoes. The title for the first pair includes the word *patent*, compared to the more natural looking of the 2nd pair, can you tell if the first pair of sneakers is just CG shoes??? ok, more importantly, we are actually quarrelling over *whether the first pair need to be conditioned like any other Full grain shoes or not*I...
I've just checked that seller(Ci'e), I'm a little bit confused about the terminology, they said that those are goodyear welted shoes, but the picture shows that they are actually handwelted(I don't like GYW). well but the leather of Ci'e definitely looks much better than the previous one I mentioned
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