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excellent post!but, I acutally, only wanted to say that some buyers may have double standard...for $$$shoes and $ shoes
the difference is, imperfection on higher priced shoes would be passed off as mark of handmade goods, and be praisedI admit I myself do this
Damn, I'm thinking about having the intensive shoe making course with Carr├ęducker Sounds great, isn't it!? After it I would be able to, actually wear my leather sole hehehe rather than topy I want to be an apprentice!!!$&@:&($&:@/$; Masters, please put me in your inventory(?: inventory's full)
Trees not included - unless you're willing to pay for the higher postage
Trees not included
as long as it is novegese, me want to get!
at least too narrow for me... I bought this when I was a shoe noob, the fitting is E(British width)
C&J last 348 Worn about 7 times
hi there, me have a question about the construction, the picture above is from a sf member. does it mean the only difference between the norwegian welted consturction and reverse welted construction is that, the reverse welted construction uses gemming, according to the picture??? I can't find anything else different(sorry, currently not able to read Japanese text...)
Yeah what sizeI'm UK5.5F, maybe we can....
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