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Nice watch and decent deal -- buy it now on eBay for $6,379
I figured out what happened (sort of). I searched for the original thread that I purchased from using search terms "Oxxford 46L", and found the one from Sho'Nuff that I linked to. I recognized the photos, so I simply assumed that Sho'Nuff was the person that I bought it from. But there was an intervening purchase apparently because, going back through my PMs I found the actual seller was jreigen and his post was here. So I don't know the connection between the two...
I purchased this coat from the forum intending to have it tailored in the Fall, and now that Fall is here, I am no longer a 46L. The original thread is here and the original (and accurate) description is below. $300 shipped in USA. "I have an absolutely stunning and gorgeous prince of wales (glenplaid with even overlap pattern?) Such a beauty my wife keeps saying "" And me too. In a dark gold brown with black and with a burgundy or brick red...
These are indeed Turkey-made, and the label looks a little "funny," (more square than the usual long thin rectangle). The fabric looks decent though not substantial. Quite soft and sort of a pinpoint type fabric. They only had two shades of blue and white. The darker blue had blue buttons. I bought 3 just because they were $39.99, and they look like good staple shirts.
Isn't that the suit Marv wore to his trial?
Want to trade for some A. Testoni bit loafers, also 13D? Sounds like a similar amount of wear.
Here's what I did in a somewhat similar situation, but it requires a lot of work. I wired a LOT of money to a guy in Singapore for a high-end watch but he flaked on me -- however, he was a semi-legit guy who cared about his reputation. I figured out that he was a "model car" dealer (some sort of expensive miniature cars that people buy and sell on the web). So I created an entire website devoted to model cars by borrowing content from legitimate sites. I had forums...
Does anyone know where to get replacement Dainite soles that I can give my cobbler so he can replace some of mine?
No, the wool is usually great. Sartoriales are the best. I don't know, maybe I'm confused with the Zegna branded Incotex which I always assumed were the same cut. My tailor is brilliant -- I go in just for waist and cuffs and he explains why I need nips and tucks all over the thighs and seat etc. Ends up costing more than the pants. Brilliant! P.s. I might have been *exaggerating* a little bit about 6% body fat. It was true at one time, but no more.
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