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Is there a way to confirm stock (54 green teal windowpane) or should I just send in payment? 
Great jacket.  I get a ton of compliments on my Monitaly Bomber.   
I am a big fan of Kafka as well.  Their service is exceptional.  
In my opinion, NMWA easily has the best curated selection of outerwear of any online retailers.  Like everyone, there are a few more pieces I would love to pick up but I am running out of room in my closets. Monitaly, Scye, Eidos, etc ... 
I thought I was the only guy who his wife imposed a moratorium on new purchases.  My wife has reminded me everyday for the last month about my last outerwear purchase.  However, I did pick up an Inis Meain sweater and pocket square without her noticing.  
Received an email earlier for Cyber Monday Deals Week.  Sonos Play:1 was $149 down from $199.  
Amazon has a sales on Sonos.  But, I would also look at getting an Amazon Echo w/ Speakers.   
How heavy is the Kingsman?  Winter & Fall?  
Glad I visited the sale today!  Picked up a new bag for a fraction of the cost. 
Thank you so much for your reply.  Looking forward to receiving it.  
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