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 Wow, looks great with tan pants!  Thanks for the pics!  Time to preorder the navy CXL Ultimate Indys!
 They are nice shoes, no doubt.  I actually picked up a pair from LS a while back at regular price but ended up giving them away because they were too dainty and pointy for my liking.  They are finished very nicely but for that price point I'd rather do an EG Top Drawer shoe or Saint Crispin's. 
According to one of the guys from LS Hawaii, Cleverley told them otherwise but later they found out for themselves that the AC line was indeed made by EG.  Maybe one of the reasons why LS dropped Cleverley?
Interesting...I shall give LS Hawaii a call tomorrow and see what they say.  I doubt the new guy in LA will know.  I'm curious myself.
Let the cat out of the bag!  Who's the maker?  My guess is Japanese as well.
 I was told by the LS guys that the AC line is made by EG.  They look to be machine goodyear welted.  
 Thanks for the picture! The natural welt and tan laces make the look.
You never know.  I buy a lot of shoes from Leather Soul but was never impressed with Cleverly.  I think G&G shoes are quite nice.  Maybe they'll have a change of heart.
Will you be in LA anytime soon?  Maybe at Leather Soul since they dropped Cleverly?
Wow, more than retail price for used shoes? I can understand new in box but used?
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