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They have some other interesting models for that price
I think the Seiko SNDA 65 is great model for the price
Those black jeans are truly awfull to me
The Tissot Seastar is very nice. Zeno watch has some interesting divers under 1000
Beautiful, I wish it was my size
Hello, I am selling these Alden for B.B. cordovan bluchers in color 8, Barrie last, US 7.5. Condition is brand new, only tried them in the house.
Hello, I am selling these Meermin suede oxfords in UK7, model is 101198 in the Hiro last. Condition is brand new.
Hello, I am selling these Crockett & Jones Coniston in UK7. Condition is brand new, I only tried them at home.
Drop to 80 dollars
How much is the grand indigo fabric going to stretch with wear? similar to the vintage label?
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