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Can anyone tell me if the F&F is also at BB outlets, or just the main stores?
That's what I was thinking because I thought it would be impractical to have a wooden sole on my shoe, but I just had that thought in the back of my head.
I was at a Nordstrom a few years ago and remember seeing shoes that I believe had a wooden sole. This intrigues me, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any brands that made shoes with wooden soles (something like an oxford).
I'm going on spring break in Palm Beach this next week and was wondering if there were any good thrift stores in that area? I really need a new pair of shoes, but can't afford anything new. I figure I can find something nice in such a high money area.
I have a pair of Saxx and I also give them a huge vote. It's a little sack for your sack. At $25 a pair, they aren't cheap by any means, but good god, are they comfortable.
Thanks. I'm going to try soaking it, and I got a bit of fabric softener too. The color is light enough to where I wouldn't care if it got slightly lighter, so that's pretty great too. I guess I'll have to run to the tailor. I bought the shirt online from Saks after trying one on in the store, where it fit better, and was softer feeling. I did end up getting a different pattern, so the shirt maybe a different design or something else about it is different.
I just bought a linen shirt from Saks on sale, but it's slightly bigger than I'd like (size doesn't get smaller than a small) and isn't as soft as other linen. What's the best way to soften the fabric? and is it possible to shrink the shirt in the wash? I'll get it tailored if need be, but I've heard that you can shrink linen.
I've recently started buying Jockey Mesh boxer briefs. Hideously comfortable.
I really love (sincerely) that most people would shrug this off as a stupid and silly idea, and almost everyone here is practically encouraging it. Part of me wishes I had a bright Hawaiian to throw on now and go out to the shops.
There is a time and a place for everything, but a Hawaiian shirt in London is probably a no no. Just wear a bright shirt with little-no pattern, and rock it! To me, half of fashion is having the balls to wear it, the other half is putting the outfit together properly. I've seen loads of "high fashion" that looked like crap. Burberry had a photo up on their website a week or so back that was hideous.
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