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It does but they're damn near impossible to find. I found a pair of the larger caravans at nordstroms recently – I think they were new-old stock.
I saw the pics, not pretty.
I think PTDub's analysis was probably closer to my reality, but you get what you pay for.
I can't resist the free psychoanalysis
Why not just go to the JLC store - aren't the prices the same as Tourneau?
Going back to an earlier comment, I think the NSM chest is full enough. Some of the Rubinacci stuff I've seen here is so full in the pecs that it approaches caricature. I understand why southern Italians might dig the overinflated peacock chest, but to me the attraction of NSM was that the "swole" was a bit less pronounced. I wonder how much of that is SF preference vs. the actual Rubinacci house style. The pics of Luca that pop up every day on tumblr show a trimmer...
Getting beat to shit is a bit of the aluminum Rimowa mystique. It hurts the first time, after that, not so much. That's why it's best to buy the stuff used. Occasionally the aluminum stuff takes a shot that damages it. In the past, If I couldn't fix it with a hammer Rimowa fixed it for free. The only downside is that it takes them months. I've considered replacing the stuff I have with polycarb, but honestly I just can't do it. First, if you want a plastic suitcase...
Just to change it up a little . . . . This is a (probably fake) Hublot I discovered while searching an apartment. I was searching the apartment to try and find recoverable assets for a friend / client, who was scammed out of $$$$ by the now-jailed former tenant. While I believe this is a replica, there is a real Hublot Big Bang line called the "Tutti-fruiti" that looks pretty similar. I work with casino owners, slot machine dealers, new-money hoteliers, Russian...
Here's a story. My little brother is a charming ne'er-do-well with a host of bad tattoos, questionable personal hygiene habits, mutton-chops, and the physique of a heroin addict (though he is not one - he just got the skinny genes and I got the fat ones). As a total joke and because he was basically bored, he decided to round up a bunch of his heavily inked, out-of-shape, bearded buddies and start a male burlesque troop. He called it "Hurly-Burly," did some shows,...
If you have to ask . . . .I like downtown NYC, but I'm always a little skeeved by the droplets of random moisture that land on me from time to time. You hope it's just A/C condensation . . . hope being the operative word
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