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I suggest you rethink the one city thing and go to Brussels. Spend two days in town, a day to Bruges or Ghent, and a couple of days in the Ardennes.
I've gotten by with the following very simple diet / exercise protocol - when I stick with it, it works - I hit it hard over the last 90 days and lost 3 inches off my waist and 5 off my gut. Basically, I do 3 sets of 3-4 compound exercises per workout. A typical workout is less than 30 min. I tend to do pull-ups, squats, and rows in one workout and incline bench (or push ups), dips or tri extensions, and military press in the other. I do abdominals and hyperextensions...
Cleveland gets a bad rap. It's got some great architecture and a beautiful library. Plus they serve wooly mammoth ribs there . . . .
I'm not sure what it's worth, but the vintage has value over the new, because even traditional handmade items in Morocco are currently made with Chinese material. How do I know this? Because I know a guy who imports wool and leather, one container at a time, into Morocco. Apparently, due to increased tourist traffic, the traditional craftspeople can't get enough material to manufacture enough "traditional" goods. Thus, the leather bag you get in Fes has about a 50%...
It does but they're damn near impossible to find. I found a pair of the larger caravans at nordstroms recently – I think they were new-old stock.
I saw the pics, not pretty.
I think PTDub's analysis was probably closer to my reality, but you get what you pay for.
I can't resist the free psychoanalysis
Why not just go to the JLC store - aren't the prices the same as Tourneau?
Going back to an earlier comment, I think the NSM chest is full enough. Some of the Rubinacci stuff I've seen here is so full in the pecs that it approaches caricature. I understand why southern Italians might dig the overinflated peacock chest, but to me the attraction of NSM was that the "swole" was a bit less pronounced. I wonder how much of that is SF preference vs. the actual Rubinacci house style. The pics of Luca that pop up every day on tumblr show a trimmer...
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