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The barista was a little slow with your latte?
Ok, here's a real question: on Thursday I need to go meet someone for dinner in the DUMBO zone. Do I go, or feign illness?
My cousin was on it - she was the realtor for a San Fran couple moving to Oakland, obsessed with an earthquake proof home. The couple was already in escrow on the house they "chose" when HH approached them. HH filmed my cousin taking them back through houses they had already rejected
So they're writers? Movies? Novels?
Still nothing...Have they been on TV?
I know I know. I did it from my phone and spellcheck is an unrelenting bitch. I didn't want to make you guys wait for those pictures.
You iGents are stuck in park. Let me get you into the fast lane. This is a new school of design cropping up in Miami I like to call "Postmodern Russian Tropical." Let me illustrate the key philosophies so you can add some cutting edge design to your otherwise terminally boring abodes - you can thank me later. Tenet 1: Mirrored is better Tenett 2: anything black must have a reptile skin pattern. Tenet 3: unless it's velvet Tenet 4: offset the lifelessness of...
IWho are these two guys, Foo and Manton, that you're referring to?
Sorry, I didn't read the previous 338 pages of the thread in its entirety.
BTW, is it just me or is the buttoning point on nearly every jacket posted here too damn high.
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