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IWho are these two guys, Foo and Manton, that you're referring to?
Sorry, I didn't read the previous 338 pages of the thread in its entirety.
BTW, is it just me or is the buttoning point on nearly every jacket posted here too damn high.
I have a nearly identical NSM coat with the spalla camica shoulder, and I think I like yours better.
The Samelsohn can be made infinitely more acceptable (if nowhere near perfect) by doing two things: reducing the waist suppression and changing the cant of the sleeves (i.e., removing and resetting the sleeves so they are turned a few degrees back to better match the angle of your arm) The Paul Smith cut just isn't going to fit your build. Try for something cut with a bit less drop from chest to waist and a bit less suppression. If you must buy off the rack, most...
Nah, it's just the yuppies in the Bay Area going apoplectic because they'll never be able to verify Muir's contention that HH is more beautiful than Yosemite. It happens every time there's a big fire Or a bunch of people get hantavirus
Room looks good. I'd lose the orbs and pick up a decent painting to add a bit of color / visual interest to the wall. Also, is that the same couch you had? Looks lighter Im not going to pretend to be a furniture nerd, but I'd say the design and layout aren't exactly controversial. That must explain why this thread is *only* 1872 posts long ....
Not sure how I missed this fine thread. I'm too lazy to read back through. Is there a pic of the final product somewhere, or do the debates still rage?
I heard a rumor Epaulet has already arranged to carry an OTR Vass monk. Honestly I'd like to see an austerity in a less casual material. I feel like the austerity pattern is a way to bring a brogue more upscale, and the current offering goes in the wrong direction IMO. That said, I'm sure I'll still buy the current model on offer
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