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Hire them
They will do it. I'll try to post pics laterI really appreciate Despos' (or is it Despos's?) comments on this thread. It's great when someone who knows what they are talking about posts in this thread. None of my NSM items have the "swoosh" profile, now I know why.
Yes in large sizes - 2 really cool tweed coats
I found some good stuff but not necessarily mainstream stuff.
Apparently someone who works there found all the stuff in boxes under a bunch of junk in their warehouse. Lots of super bizarre stuff but a couple of good items as well. The stuff tends to be in larger sizes and the cut is very Neopolitan, but boxier. Some of the fabrics are fantastic. Best part – all jackets are $79. I have no idea why this stuff was in a Brooks Brothers warehouse – it was all made in Italy. Perhaps it is the bastard result of some ancient proposed...
I had lunch yesterday with Chris Andersen, and almost accidentally introduced him to a friend as Chris Hansen. Thank god I didn't since Andersen was just cleared in a bizarre case involving a minor girl.
Thoughts? It would be for work, not to become a surf bum.
I had a really awesome time on the 1:30am-ish PATH Train to Hoboken. Seriously.
People still keep their retirement money in the United States? Why?
I lol'd
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