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I had lunch yesterday with Chris Andersen, and almost accidentally introduced him to a friend as Chris Hansen. Thank god I didn't since Andersen was just cleared in a bizarre case involving a minor girl.
Thoughts? It would be for work, not to become a surf bum.
I had a really awesome time on the 1:30am-ish PATH Train to Hoboken. Seriously.
People still keep their retirement money in the United States? Why?
I lol'd
The barista was a little slow with your latte?
Ok, here's a real question: on Thursday I need to go meet someone for dinner in the DUMBO zone. Do I go, or feign illness?
My cousin was on it - she was the realtor for a San Fran couple moving to Oakland, obsessed with an earthquake proof home. The couple was already in escrow on the house they "chose" when HH approached them. HH filmed my cousin taking them back through houses they had already rejected
So they're writers? Movies? Novels?
Still nothing...Have they been on TV?
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