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So they're writers? Movies? Novels?
Still nothing...Have they been on TV?
I know I know. I did it from my phone and spellcheck is an unrelenting bitch. I didn't want to make you guys wait for those pictures.
You iGents are stuck in park. Let me get you into the fast lane. This is a new school of design cropping up in Miami I like to call "Postmodern Russian Tropical." Let me illustrate the key philosophies so you can add some cutting edge design to your otherwise terminally boring abodes - you can thank me later. Tenet 1: Mirrored is better Tenett 2: anything black must have a reptile skin pattern. Tenet 3: unless it's velvet Tenet 4: offset the lifelessness of...
IWho are these two guys, Foo and Manton, that you're referring to?
Sorry, I didn't read the previous 338 pages of the thread in its entirety.
BTW, is it just me or is the buttoning point on nearly every jacket posted here too damn high.
I have a nearly identical NSM coat with the spalla camica shoulder, and I think I like yours better.
The Samelsohn can be made infinitely more acceptable (if nowhere near perfect) by doing two things: reducing the waist suppression and changing the cant of the sleeves (i.e., removing and resetting the sleeves so they are turned a few degrees back to better match the angle of your arm) The Paul Smith cut just isn't going to fit your build. Try for something cut with a bit less drop from chest to waist and a bit less suppression. If you must buy off the rack, most...
New Posts  All Forums: