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A couple more: Ms.A in the one room that will not be completely destroyed (though the wall to the right is coming out). 80's furniture courtesy of the prior owner
Oh it gets worse. Far worse. Basically every cabinet, counter, appliance and square of tile needs to be ripped out. But the bones of the house are fantastic (all brick, steel support beams, thousands of feet of unfinished space including an entire unfinished 3rd floor) and it's on 2 acres smack in the middle of a historic neighborhood. I get to go in with a sledgehammer next week. Can't wait.
Just bought a great Tudor with the most horrific 90's interior ever. Total gut job ahead - we won't get in there for a few months. I'm thinking of posting pics just to remind you snobs how the other half lives This will get you started:
I meant I wasn't sure why he was asking me about something he said. I was clearly responding to another poster. Maybe I need to read further back in the thread, but I'd rather not.
Was I talking to you? FYI I don't have any idea who you are
I think there's more benefit than that. In my experience hand stitching has more "give," or stretch at the seams then machine stitching. Of course this might just be me trying to justify the premium I'm paying but hey, all reality is subjective, right?
Too simple and direct. Please complicate your theory with elements of culture, class, and race and resubmit for forvm consideration
I believe they are. Some BB OCBDs are made overseas - only the better models are made in the USA
@superfulous - I've got an 09 XK with 60,000 miles on it - have had a single problem with a window regulator. Nothing has fallen off yet. I'm not arguing jags are super reliable cars but not as bad as you suggest
The best part was seeing MM New Amsterdam labels and Brooks Brothers labels on the exact same pink Oxford shirt
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