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Having driven both extensively, the Tesla is vastly superior in almost every way. I hated the giant center screen in the Tesla, but there was no denying it was a better car then the Panamera. If they redesign the Tesla interior and increase the range a bit I will buy one.
It's all very meta, or something....I figure she's the new kitonbrioni
Props for being able to understand the conductor.
Code:This is technically true, though if you just ask on AA they will let you hang your bag up front what appears to be 100% of the time. I've never had to ask myself, but I've seen numerous people do it
I travel 30 weeks per year (at least) and I always fold. Never even owned a garment bag. I use this method, and I make sure not to pack my carry one or suitcase extremely tight. It can be full, but not "sitting on the suitcase to close it" full The method:
Been carrying a Taurus "Slim 9" (709). Just ordered a Rohrbaugh R9. from one extreme to the other with respect to price. I was actually happy with the Taurus but I question its long-term reliability
Turnback cuffs, aka cocktail cuffs, seen on various James Bonds over the years.
We'll need to see his closet first
I thought he had retired for some reason
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