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Turnback cuffs, aka cocktail cuffs, seen on various James Bonds over the years.
We'll need to see his closet first
I thought he had retired for some reason
I second the shovel. Friendly advice, don't try to shoot a snake with a P99.
I split time between the Raleigh NC area and Palm Beach
Greenfrog where are you located? It differs wildly depending on the state you're in. In Florida, for example, tickets are easy to beat. In NC it's a whole different story
Very small (about the size of the head of a pin). The fabric is a H&S hopsack-y looking weave, though I don't know the particularities
I have a meeting all the way up near 125th & Lenox on Thursday. Hopefully it will be mostly clear of all the official hoopla, though I imagine there will be plenty of unofficial hoopla to snarl everything up there. I especially can't wait to fight my way through the airports. Anyone know where I can get a nice, heavy axe handle uptown?
In unrelated news,some sort of creature has eaten three small holes in my pents. This has never happened to me in my life. I've checked everything else, no other issues, I've aggressively treated the closet so no life forms can survive therein, and partially paneled it in cedar (I'm not kidding). I guess the pents were just too irresistible on a molecular level, so never question the value of the pents again In all seriousness, trash or reweave? It's a more open weave...
the missus wants an open kitchen.I actually agree with you guys but if I have learned anything in life it's that if my wife wants something and I don't have a strong opinion either way, she gets it. Hell even if I do have a strong opinion she gets it.
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