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Too simple and direct. Please complicate your theory with elements of culture, class, and race and resubmit for forvm consideration
I believe they are. Some BB OCBDs are made overseas - only the better models are made in the USA
@superfulous - I've got an 09 XK with 60,000 miles on it - have had a single problem with a window regulator. Nothing has fallen off yet. I'm not arguing jags are super reliable cars but not as bad as you suggest
The best part was seeing MM New Amsterdam labels and Brooks Brothers labels on the exact same pink Oxford shirt
Most interesting: guess which brands are made there, often the exact same shirts with different labels sewn in? Brooks Brothers (of course) Mark McNairy Jack Spade Vineyard Vines Southwick Club Monaco Epaulet (odd because I thought they were made elsewhere) A couple of other boutique brands
Bought this one. Pick it up in a week. Jaguars are the least practical cars ever - high depreciation, questionable reliability, and yet I keep buying them
This. Thread. Delivers.
Hire them
They will do it. I'll try to post pics laterI really appreciate Despos' (or is it Despos's?) comments on this thread. It's great when someone who knows what they are talking about posts in this thread. None of my NSM items have the "swoosh" profile, now I know why.
Yes in large sizes - 2 really cool tweed coats
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