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You guys realize that Martin has a major role in the show, right? If these "book spoilers" are in there, my guess is that he wants them there - maybe because he knows he can't possibly write fast enough to keep up with the series
mind blown
I went from a narrow to regular width on one side after busting my leg just above the ankle and getting all manner of hardware put in. I also had to dump lace up boots due to lingering sensitivity. Life goes on.
I kind liked seeing Darth Maul [[SPOILER]]
Any chance for another run of Carmina lizard monks? I missed my size.
I don't understand why people take to the forum to debate these matters instead of bringing it up with the tailor. I don't count Mina and Dino as good friends, but I have spent a good amount of time talking to them and it is extremely hard for me to believe they would be so crass as to promise hand sewn items, only to pull a bait and switch. I just don't perceive that they do business that way. Any concern I have had with items they were made for me have been addressed...
So pissed that I missed those in my size. Hoping for a restock one day
I just bought this desk. It is awesome. That is all.
As a frequent NSM customer, I am beginning to feel this way. However, I'm willing to give them time to work out the kinks, given their rather tumultuous 2013 (expansion plus their atelier flooding and forcing a relocation, plus some other things I'm not sure are public knowledge that won't go in to). I feel NSM will produce a more consistent product going forward. I have personally found their service to be exemplary, so I'm not worried about their willingness to...
I don't check this thread that often, so sorry for these late words of support, but having been through the exact same situation I feel your pain brother. Best to you and your family, and glad things worked out well.
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