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Props for being able to understand the conductor.
Code:This is technically true, though if you just ask on AA they will let you hang your bag up front what appears to be 100% of the time. I've never had to ask myself, but I've seen numerous people do it
I travel 30 weeks per year (at least) and I always fold. Never even owned a garment bag. I use this method, and I make sure not to pack my carry one or suitcase extremely tight. It can be full, but not "sitting on the suitcase to close it" full The method: http://lifehacker.com/5723295/fold-a-suit-coat-for-packing-the-right-way
Been carrying a Taurus "Slim 9" (709). Just ordered a Rohrbaugh R9. from one extreme to the other with respect to price. I was actually happy with the Taurus but I question its long-term reliability
Turnback cuffs, aka cocktail cuffs, seen on various James Bonds over the years.
We'll need to see his closet first
I thought he had retired for some reason
I second the shovel. Friendly advice, don't try to shoot a snake with a P99.
I split time between the Raleigh NC area and Palm Beach
Greenfrog where are you located? It differs wildly depending on the state you're in. In Florida, for example, tickets are easy to beat. In NC it's a whole different story
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