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I'm going to renew my rec for Yardbird on Miami Beach. Went there last week, it's still good.
I stand corrected
Ok, I agree with most of what you said. However, no way you are getting 1.5 groups at 100 yds with 22lr unless you are at an indoor range. 22 ammo is excellent out to 50yds, then velocity drop off makes it highly wind sensitiveThen again I'm guessing the expected useful range for a .22 Beretta like this one is 50yds or less, it isn't exactly meant to be a sniper rifle.
My local gun shop put Beretta ARX-160s on sale, which made me think: what is the point of a 22lr assault rifle?
I thought it felt humid yesterday, and I grew up in Florida
Sent PM
Cartoons with nudity .... solid.
I hate this watch with every iota of my being
nah, you still got it pegged[Kidding]
Where the dearth of 7' actors and nerd rage intersect ....
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