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My local gun shop put Beretta ARX-160s on sale, which made me think: what is the point of a 22lr assault rifle?
I thought it felt humid yesterday, and I grew up in Florida
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Cartoons with nudity .... solid.
I hate this watch with every iota of my being
nah, you still got it pegged[Kidding]
Where the dearth of 7' actors and nerd rage intersect ....
For better or worse I'm in Dallas for a few days. I've searched and come up with a bunch of old info. Any new info RE Dallas menswear stores worth checking out?
I drove this (still have it but it's no longer my daily driver). 260,000 miles, ran pretty well
Usually items with a completely unlined shoulder don't fit me that well. This fits fine, however. Also, I wasn't sure about the styling (stitches from interior pocket showing through, for example) but it looks great in person.Roomier than other Epaulet stuff I've encountered. I barely fit into their large shirts and the medium Doyle fits me fine.
New Posts  All Forums: