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Today. Standard SF "do anything other than look at the camera" pose RL suit, Julian's shirt, vanda tie, carmina shoes, cucinelli raincoat.
I've got standard issue Tiffany's cufflinks I'm thinking of engraving . . . . I've worn them au natural for a number of years now, just getting bored with the look. Opinions?
Does anyone else picture a bunch of Naples tailors (Ambrosi, Matuozzo, Mina) sitting at a little cafe table on a dirty Naples street, smoking cigarettes, cursing foo's name, and occasionally spitting? Or is it just me?
Sorry for typos. Typing on telephone waiting for boat to come around (because this is such a vital topic /sarcasm). By the way, just to hijack this thread, I'm about to be the fourth crew member in this:
I thought single cuffs were pretty popular in Italy - perhaps even more so than double cuffs (at least for those not buying otr shirts). This loke should help you completely transform, once and for all, into an Italian if nothing else.... Oddly, all my cuffs were single cuffs back in 1998 or so, as the MTM shirt guy I used really loved them. Some were made with a fabric tab of some sort that eliminated the need for links, though I never got those myself. I did a kind of...
I've been away so I missed this but thanks for the exposition. I was actually being sarcastic, I've got no issues with square shoulders. My intent wasn't apparent from the post though.Don't we all leave that last button undone these days because, once upon a time, the Duke of Somethingorother got too fat for his coat?
The shoulders on this are an abomination. The hand washing instructions in the background are spot on, however.With respect to the first pic, is it just me or is there a strange bump on the right shoulder? Also, why is the right sleeve so wide?
Just to be clear, wadding = shoulder pad, right? My NSM jacket has zero padding, wadding, or whatever, but avoids the Pa-fucked profile. Do the Pa-fucked jackets have any padding at all? I'm getting another jacket from NSM shortly, I will carefully screen for the Pa-fucked profile and question Mina extensively. Finally, to revisit an earlier tangent, I was wearing virtually the same outfit I posted earlier in this thread and after chatting up a flight attendant on the...
Too obvious?
Nice look, but there's no way you take the цыганская кабины (aka, the "gypsy cab") anywhere ....For the uninitiated, If you stick your hand out like that in Moscow, private cars will stop and, if the price is right, offer you a lift.
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