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I love Epaulet - one of my favorite shops. I still hope all this camo stuff gets burned like the big pile of money in that Barman movie, but with Mark McNairy tied to a chair at the top instead of some Asian.
Such is the nature of the Internet, no?
I saw one in person and the blue seemed slightly darker than it looks in that pic. That said, I still hate that model - never understood the appeal of a 50/50 bezel, especially on a 24 hour clock. I don't mind it if the bi-color ring is small, but when it's that big it seems excessive.
I agree with all of this. Mina once - in the most polite way possible - told me to shut up and let her do her thing. She was right.I think she can tailor clothing based on some of our discussions, but I don't think she does, and that's not what you're paying her for. She's got a good eye (complaints about shoulders notwithstanding) and a nice take on classic Neapolitan style - that's what you're paying for.Mafoo may have coined it, but I'm taking credit for making it an...
I can't recall if I've posted this one before: If you want a sub-$5k world time watch with an in-house movement, hard to beat this Frederique Constant. FC's insistence on maintaining their quartz line hurts the brand perception, but if you don't give a shit about such things it's a solid offering. Next, in the spirit of the gmt discussion, here's a GMT Roadster. A bit louche, but it's a nice sports watch / travel watch alternative for me.
This is a solid strategy anywhere on the Continent
This just confirms my suspicion that the people who run Leffot are fucking morons. Why do they care who uses the credit?
All the pictures look like anatomy diagrams to me for some reason
From Xerxes, who was almost instantly banned
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