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This is an interesting thread - maybe the first I've read on SF in years
Self defense
I had a lot of failures with my Kahr P40, couldn't really resolve them and came to the conclusion that the 40 round was too much for the engineering of that gun. It was also uncomfortable to practice with, though any small gun is. I'm carrying a Taurus PT 709 now and I really like it (mixed reviews but mine has been flawless) but I'm thinking of trying out one of the Kimber Solo models or a S&W Shield.
I went in a completely different direction then most of you - gained a ton of weight. If you've been here a while you might recall I had lymphoma a few years back, the resulting treatment made me shed some weight. I used the weight loss as an excuse to commission a bespoke wardrobe. This year I once again had health issues - thankfully much less serious, but I still required a couple of courses of steroids for treatment, and I gained a lot of weight. When I was...
Reading this thread I felt compelled to pour out a little malt liquor for the dear departed KitonBrioni
This thread is bringing back that old styleforum feeling .... I am most disappointed to learn Manton is not, in fact, drunk.
I know, though I have to confess I was slightly relieved to see that. I had loaded up the site with credit card in hand.
I'm going to renew my rec for Yardbird on Miami Beach. Went there last week, it's still good.
I stand corrected
Ok, I agree with most of what you said. However, no way you are getting 1.5 groups at 100 yds with 22lr unless you are at an indoor range. 22 ammo is excellent out to 50yds, then velocity drop off makes it highly wind sensitiveThen again I'm guessing the expected useful range for a .22 Beretta like this one is 50yds or less, it isn't exactly meant to be a sniper rifle.
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