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What the fuck is SuSu?
You are 6'3" 180 and you normally wear a 50? In what brand?
Is Lino still a thing?
Not yet. Give me 90 days
Oddly, the S5A in Raleigh has a ton of Eidos stuff, so I tried some on / bought some today. All my clothes end up torture tested (lots of travel, last-minute trans-island trips in open fisherman, occasional fights, etc.) so I will report back on the product's durability. I was impressed overall with the product, though it was sized pretty small - first 56 I've ever bought in my life (it's also possible, even likely, that I've gotten pretty fat)
Cool, I'll take them
PM sent
I'm resurrecting this thread only because I picked up a lot of their stuff for a trip through India and the Middle East. Ended up returning a lot of it, and it's maddening as hell because their sizing is so inconsistent that you never know what you order is going to fit, and they sell out so fast there's very little hope of an exchange for a different size. But I have a couple pairs of pants and a shirt that are going to be torture tested on a trek through some shitty...
This thread is great. Looking forward to the next installment
So now that it's aired I can reveal the following: The scene at the Biltmore was taken almost directly from an experience that a well-known agent had with one of the biggest recent busts in NFL history (I won't name him but he plays quarterback and was drafted by a team in California). The guy got cut, revealed to his agent that he was out of money, and the agent lent him $500k (The player was supposedly going to recover some funds, so the agent wasn't just setting money...
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