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I am pretty confident you pronounce it like this: Vooove Cleek-ot
Looking for a good sunless tanning cream for my face that won't make me look orange...Have you guys had any success with or heard good things about certain brands?? Also, if you respond, please let me know what store I can pick it up at... Thx in advance.
Gents, I need some advice for appropriate attire for New Years Eve. I will be going to a bar in Lincoln Park, and not sure what to wear to be "one notch" above everybody else, but also don't wan't to be overdressed...The past new years eve I was in New York, where a suit and tie was pretty much mandatory...and this is my first New Years Eve in Chicago...What do you suggest I wear on Friday? I have a pretty full ensemble of clothing, so feel free to offer any suggestions....
Gents, Looking for any high end mousses that you use now or in the past that you would recommend... Thanks.
If so could you provide ingridients and cooking instructions?? Thanks
Gents, Am going on a second date with a girl I recently met and need some suggestions on things to do...1st date was dinner and dancing at a trendy latin restaurant, so I would like to do something other than going to a bar and drinking (although that could be part of the night). Want to do something unique and fun, hopefully with some drinking involved (but not absolutely necessary...) Please let me know of any suggestions, second date ideas that have previously worked...
Hair products do not cause baldness, genetics does...
Fellas, Got a quick question for you...I have always been bad with awkward pauses after introductions to a girl's friends at a bar. I'll introduce myself, but then really find myself at a loss for what to say, so I'll defer to saying, "oh so how do you know Amy, etc..." There has gotta be some better things to say to schmooze the girl's friends to impress the girl...Let me know what you think. Maybe I could tell a funny joke or something. Thanks in Advance...
Gents, I am going to a very classy fundraiser halloween party this year in and am in desparate need for recommendations for a costume. I want something that obviously won't cover my face, and something I can look fantastic and unique in. Let me know of any suggestions you might have. Thanks, DG
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