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Missed out on the ribbed charcoal beanie last year.. if anyone has a spare collecting dust pm me
Any extra rusty rose?
Agreed, and it seems the vast majority of people here proudly wear WvG and enjoy reading the conversation. Maybe my post was too shitty. Mauro gets undue crap in this thread, but there is also a group offering really reasonable suggestions because they want the brand to succeed. I don't have much interesting to add but felt compelled to post because it seems the size chart thing has been brought up over and over and it's an easy fix that would be good for the brand and the...
Doubt many would argue about the quality of the products or ask for a glitzy website. But I think we are kind of past the point of using the "one person company" line as a good reason for the website has been managed. Members and people new to the brand have been asking for accurate size charts for quite some time now, and for some products there is nothing available. Sizing info and product shots are some of the building blocks of a strong online shopping experience, no?...
Maybe this type of jacket doesn't fit the collection, but if it was say pre order for reward members only, and wasn't on the webstore, does it even matter? If demand is there I say make it. Hope to see some schoeller/technical materials used as well (as seen in WvG Narrative video).
Searched the site for an updated tee size chart (not available) and found LS heavyweights are already up. They appear to be identical to the last rollout (blue fin, pea soup etc).
Charcoal or dark stone with horn buttons.
Also interested in the measurements, but for the opposite reason (size 8 dome).
 Looks great with white, I'd do white + a color.
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