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A few questions:   1. For double cuffs, should a tall person (6'0 with 25" sleeves) expose the entire cuff or enough to show the cufflink?   2. What do you use for hand washing your own clothes? I read some of the other threads, and they recommended a diluted solution of white vinegar and cold water. The problem resides in the MOP buttons on the shirts. Some SFers reported the acid "eating" the buttons.
 Yes, one sentence about an observation is an analysis.  What the hell does this supposed to mean? It's absolute bullshit because if anyone else here made that same post, some tongue-in-cheek joke would've been made. Don't even respond because you're going to respond with a stupid answer.. as always.
 Hopefully, de Blasio will stay away from them..
I don't get why people are upset at that Nationwide commercial during the Super Bowl:  
What do you mean?
 How many users have asked you that question?
  Let it go.
Besides Purseforum, there is The Fashion Spot. You can apply, but you'll be placed on a waiting list. Isn't @EliodA's wife a designer herself? She may be accepted faster than any regular IGent.   http://www.thefashionspot.com/join/
I met an old friend a few minutes ago. She has a new haircut. It is similar to this:       I don't see the purpose of doing this. It looks like someone attempted to have a buzz cut, but only have it done partially.
I found some opinions on the hierarchy of formal dress shoes:  
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