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 Apparently, the public doesn't like the use of the emoticon and her facial expression.
Not a FB friend, but this popped up recently:  
 http://www.styleforum.net/t/227073/michael-kors-suithttp://www.styleforum.net/t/20685/michael-kors-suits By the way, know your jacket and trouser measurement. If you still want to purchase it, ask the seller for them.
 Slim, good stitching, and quality leather.
 So, the items he's advertising specifically are the tie and pocket square? I see you're a vendor in accessories.
@Braddock, who took that picture?
@in stitches, No. Bespoke is long term goal. For now, it's:    1. Thrifting 2. MTM 3. Bespoke Anyways, I'm going to do more lurking around the forum. Apparently, there's a thread about 'non-rule' rules.   Cheers
@in stitches, I already mentioned not buying anymore jackets (in the meantime) to @Claghorn several hours ago. Right now, I'm not ready for the immediate learning.. so that's why I'm leaving.
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