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I wonder what cheese she used..   Other than cheesecake, pumpkin pie is my favorite. I always add some whip cream and a glass of whole milk.
  You should get checked out.. because you know..
https://www.yahoo.com/style/a-reporter-recently-wrote-an-article-titled-hey-101203121963.html Like someone else said, she won the gene pool. Also, African American and Latino heterosexual men are more attracted to thicker women.
@L'Incandescent, would you take points off of student's exam grade if they used outside sources and your lecture? As long as they answer the question, no?
Oh cool, I'll see you on the junk food news.
@Claghorn, It still looks better than the stuff made by the run-of-the-mill designers. I bet the Gucci Group would charge $2500 for that bag.
@tagutcow, did you pay for popcorn?
 I see... you must be more forgiving on piercings then..
 In your opinion, what does a woman with visible tattoos convey?
 No thanks. Says the one who wishes it all the time.  How many Cialis pills does it take for you?
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