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Besides Purseforum, there is The Fashion Spot. You can apply, but you'll be placed on a waiting list. Isn't @EliodA's wife a designer herself? She may be accepted faster than any regular IGent.   http://www.thefashionspot.com/join/
I met an old friend a few minutes ago. She has a new haircut. It is similar to this:       I don't see the purpose of doing this. It looks like someone attempted to have a buzz cut, but only have it done partially.
I found some opinions on the hierarchy of formal dress shoes:  
I recommend the latter.
SixOhNine just ejaculated on his computer screen... as well as brokencycle.
So I guess Eliod's maid is out of a job?
Nothing beats 'vegan' cheese.
What do you guys think of wearing dress boots for business wear?
The same happened when I told several girls that the pull out method isn't a good method for preventing pregnancies and STDs..
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