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 Is that a cutaway collar?
It is interesting to know that people actually believe most of these outlandish claims.
 So.... I take it that she isn't married?  She sounds like a catch.... for @Kid Nickels.. It's a shame to know people that are sane, but can't take care of themselves. Does your sister-in-law speak to a psychiatrist? She needs to be receptive to somebody.
 Oh dear.. Question: why do you think she is so argumentative? She could be venting on everyone around her because she is unhappy..
Psh, not according to these ladies:  
Can't @Murlsquirl just calculate the MSRP of his unwanted ties and donate them to get a tax write off? It doesn't appear that he needs the money. Besides, the future patrons at Goodwill will be grateful seeing a lot of quality, maintained ties.
 Fixed for you.
It's a form of entertainment, a stress reliever (although people tend to take video games too seriously).
 No, you. What is your problem? You get aggressive with everyone that hasn't been here since 2008 or doesn't have 5,000 posts. 
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