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 I see... you must be more forgiving on piercings then..
 In your opinion, what does a woman with visible tattoos convey?
 No thanks. Says the one who wishes it all the time.  How many Cialis pills does it take for you?
 Well, I think MILFs without a lot of baggage are attractive so... But I told her this. Maybe she is fearful of her biological clock ticking down? I read that white women don't age well (generally speaking but tattoos and facial piercings only increase the aging process). she wants to go to cosmetology school in the big city and get "littered" with tattoos. Sounds like the perfect woman for @lasbar... Ironically, she hates hipsters. Perhaps I should advise her to attend an...
What would you say to a woman if she told you that she wants to get married before age 25?
 Please lay everything down with your tailor. Communication is the most important aspect in the relationship between patron and tailor. I have a tailor with a thick Spanish accent, so I (and many others here) understand.
 What the hell? Avoid him like the plague! If his store is on Yelp (which is useful in this case), post your experience on it.
People playing music on their speakerphones.......
 Let me guess, the motifs are too big, incongruous pattern, (on tie #1) and the colors don't work together. Am I correct?  
 You forgot decreased arousal and stimulation-- the most important aspects of good sex. On a separate note, the worlds have collided! I've been talking to another girl for the past three weeks, and here is a synopsis of her personality: - Doesn't smoke nor drink- Hates drama- Hates partying- Music major- Hawaiian- Great backdoor and cleavage- Facial symmetry is attractive to me- Understands her family's history- Has multiple social spheres- Doesn't sleep around- Has a...
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