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@Harold falcon   Something tells me that they don't have a pedigree that's well sought after...
I like how they put the "non-GMO" label on it..
 The military mustn't have taught you respect and manners, eh? There's no need to respond because we both know the answer: no.
Hm, that's socio-political as well? I see...
 It's nudes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, et al.
@redcaimen Thanks, but I got it open. You have the press your thumbs towards the knob (beside the keyhole) outward for it to open. I was planning to get briefcases in burgundy and tan as well. The one I have now is darkish brown. I just put Nivea on it, and the tone is changing.
 Seriously, the hell is wrong with you? You get mad at someone on the internet over the most trivial things; and you don't know anything about them? This is the epitome of a pathetic child who got beat down by his peers multiple times.
 Would The Fappening still occur even if they used external hard drives?
New Posts  All Forums: