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Do not by this (or any watch) site unseen. I've tried it on and it's way too BIG. I have a rather thin wrist and anything over 40mm does not work as a dress watch for me. Try it before you buy it. I prefer this mid-size Railmaster. Comparable to the Rolex Explorer I, but 1/3 the price and nicer and more comfortable bracelet. The coaxial movement is a step above other automatics IMO. It's a sports watch on the bracelet and a dress watch as shown here on a...
For me, this is the "Ultimate Dress Watch" -- none better. Twotone
I have not seen this new Zenith Vintage 1955 re-issue yet, but it's on my short list. Automatic in-house movement, 18k RG case. Twotone
The Omega Constellation SS/18k YG is my "goes with anything" watch -- great with jeans or a suit. The case is only 9mm thick, automatic and CSOC chronometer certified. It also has the thinnest and most comfortable bracelet on any watch I have owned and the hidden clasp is almost non-existent. For strap watches, the JLC Master Ultra Thin at 5.4mm is probably the thinnest in current production (hand wind). Twotone
1. Bad fit. 2. Bad posture
M&O has a retail shop in the Cherry Creek mall here in Denver. They are owned by American Eagle Outfitters and are positioned to be their upscale trendy brand. I did not see anything which appealed to me. Twotone
You are complaining that an OTR shirt you did not try on before buying does not fit? It does not appear to be a problem with the shirt or brand to me. I have purchased several IB shirts (tried them on first) and NM Last call for around $15 on clearance sale -- great shirts, great fit and great price. Twotone
Hopefully, he will be wearing a fused striped suit for at least 20 years courtesy of a federal "time-share" facility. One important piece missing from the $700B bailout is to take all assets (bank accounts, cars, homes, retirements, boats, planes, clothes, jewelery, trophy wives, etc.) from any officer, executive, director, etc. who worked for any of these organizations for the last five years. Don't get me started! Twotone
It is not as informative as last year's edition. And, 20% price increase. Twotone
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