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The Sinn look without the Sinn price -- a modified Seiko 5 Military with the workhorse 7S26 automatic movement. About $130 delivered. Mine is running about +2.5 seconds per day. Twotone
Just curious regarding MTM double breasted suit jacket vents. For those of you who went MTM, which vent style did you pick? Is there a compelling reason to chose a different vent style with a double rather than single breasted jacket? Thanks in advance! Twotone
+1 on the Seiko Alpinist. Also consider the Seiko Spirit -- some very nice dress watches at 1/2 your price point. For your budget, you could get a Seiko dress and a sport watch (both automatics). Twotone http://www.pmwf.com/Watches/WATCHSAL...SalesTable.htm
The most important advice is to not rush out and buy a watch under some deadline. Your vintage Omega sounds like a nice watch which works with a suit and tie. Spend some time researching your options and try on as many as you can -- they are very different on the wrist compared to photos. Rushed purchases (watches, cars, houses, mail order brides, etc.) stand a higher chance of creating buyer's remorse than long-term satisfaction. Best of luck, Twotone PS: Check out...
I've tried on RLPL shirts and suits at RL boutique shops and up-scale department stores. I agree with the other posters that the quality is top notch, as are the prices. Sale prices are too close (or higher) than MTM for me to justify. Having said that, I picked up a couple of RL Purple Label made in Italy leather jackets at NM Last Call over the past few years. Fantastic quality, construction and design. I ended up paying what would have been the sales tax on the MSRP...
Try the M-51 Engineer's Bag. I bought two -- black and olive green. Just the right size with lot's of pockets. Great price too. http://www.armynavydeals.com/asp/pro...?SKU=8112&ST=2 Twotone
Just be sure to use the right tool and the correct technique. Twotone
This Seiko Spirit is a great watch. After market "beads of rice" bracelets are available to fit. Twotone http://www.pmwf.com/Watches/WATCHSAL...adeinJapan.htm
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