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I've tried on RLPL shirts and suits at RL boutique shops and up-scale department stores. I agree with the other posters that the quality is top notch, as are the prices. Sale prices are too close (or higher) than MTM for me to justify. Having said that, I picked up a couple of RL Purple Label made in Italy leather jackets at NM Last Call over the past few years. Fantastic quality, construction and design. I ended up paying what would have been the sales tax on the MSRP...
Try the M-51 Engineer's Bag. I bought two -- black and olive green. Just the right size with lot's of pockets. Great price too. http://www.armynavydeals.com/asp/pro...?SKU=8112&ST=2 Twotone
Just be sure to use the right tool and the correct technique. Twotone
This Seiko Spirit is a great watch. After market "beads of rice" bracelets are available to fit. Twotone http://www.pmwf.com/Watches/WATCHSAL...adeinJapan.htm
Since it's a quartz watch, it could be a dying battery. Some quartz movements have a low battery warning feature. When the battery is getting low, the second hand will jump in five second increments rather than every second. I'd try a new battery and see if this fixes the problem -- faster and cheaper than returning it for repair or replacement. Twotone
Let her do it for you.
A small independent jeweler here in Denver can design and make most anything. She made the bezel for this gold stater -- Alexander the Great minted around 89 -- 85 BC. Next project is for her to make a pair of 18k RG cuff links with lapis lazuli inserts. Twotone
Well, the "Full Cleveland" is most appropriate when shopping for large up-scale sedans (S63, 750Li, S8, etc.). If, however, you are looking at something more sporty (Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.), then I'd suggest showing up wearing a fire resistant race suit (boots and gloves) and Snell SA2005 rated helmet. Just tell them you want to take it to your "banker" for an hour or so to discuss "financing". Twotone
"Full Cleveland" -- powder blue check, plaid or windowpane leisure suit, white patent leather belt and shoes. If you are going to deal with them, might as well dress like them. Twotone
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