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I have purchased several HF Collection (Madison) from NM Last Call and Dillards for $250 - $350. The LTD is much lower quality. You can tell which model you have by looking at the inside jacket labels -- It should say Hickey Freeman Collection on the label sewn to the lining, right side. Look inside the right side jacket pocket -- the Collection labels usually have a model name ("Madison", etc.) or may say "Made for Dillards/NM/Nordstroms", etc.. Collection suits are...
The 1970's were good to me too, and I still enjoy the flashbacks. Twotone
Looks about two sizes too big. Twotone
I'm going as a Mr. Blackwell zombie wearing a lime-green leisure suit & full Cleveland. Twotone
They will look great with the rest of the pumpkin costume. Happy Halloween! Twotone
The coin watch was Corum's claim to fame many years ago. They still make US $20 gold coin watches -- I can see the attraction, but not my style. Some of their other watches, however, are rather nice. Twotone
Try this automatic Seiko Spirit. Twotone
No Photoshop -- real photo. Twotone
Nice watches, but even better movements (well, many years ago). Paul Gerber uses their base twin-rotor movements (with serious modifications) for many of his very fine timepieces. Their current line, however, does not do much for me. Twotone
Judging from this recent photo from the last debate, who best manages the Presidential look -- Obama or McCain? Twotone
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