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They can make pretty much any belt in any size. Good quality and reasonable prices. http://www.beltmaster.com/
Label and price.
I would not spend $500 on a Brioni, Ralph Lauren or any other "designer" that was not a true shoe manufacturer. Better value for the same or less money can be had from AE, Alden or others. Just my opinion.
My answer depends upon what you do for work. If you are in legal, banking or similar higher end professions, then go with a smaller number of better quality suits. If you are a pit boss in a dark and smoky casino, then quantity over quality (no one will notice). Can you alternate suit days with blazer/sport coat days? If so, than one or two blazers/sport coats with an assortment of trousers, shirts and ties will help mix it up on your limited budget.
I just came across a gold (with a bit of black) tie in my closet. It's not the easiest tie to match with shirt and suit combinations. It looks OK with a blue shirt and gray suit, but not great. Any other suggestions? Photos appreciated. Thanks!
It seems like a lot of retailers ranging from Mens' Warehouse to Brooks Brothers offer "suit separates" these days. I'm guessing the reason for going this route is that your drop is either too large or too small to fit traditional suit sizing. Or, you want to pair of trousers to match the jacket. Just curious if anyone has done this and why.
You get this "complement."
Would you really rent-a-tie? Interesting idea, but not something I would do. I'd put the monthly fee toward buying ties. I would not want a tie on my neck that has made the rounds, even though they are "sanitized." Reminds me of shoes you rent at the bowling alley. https://freshneck.com
First, congratulations on turning your life around and getting out of depression! Shop before you buy. Look at men's fashion magazines, web sites such as this, go to departments stores and men's shops, ask well-dressed friends where they shop and join them one afternoon. Make a note of what you like and try stuff on. This will cost you nothing. After you find a few pieces you like, buy carefully - a piece at a time and usually on sale. Refine your style over time (it...
The key is to have your alterations measured by the tailor -- not a sales person. If you are measured locally and the work is done in NYC, there could be some disconnect. I doubt BB Black Fleece has any unique construction that any competent local tailor could not handle. I have purchased suits, sport coats, trousers, etc. from my local BB, Nordstroms, NM, Dillards, etc. that have needed alterations. I never have their house tailors do my alterations as I found a local...
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