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Looks like a wear spot. Keep your elbows off the table.
It's difficult to make navy pinstripe pants not look like orphaned suit trousers. Combing them with a window pane jacket could be a clash of patterns. I have a pair of gray odd trousers with light double pinstripes that look good with a navy blazer and white shirt. Gray pinstripe trousers are more versatile than navy, and better if the stripe pattern is different than typical suits.
The shoes are the least of his worries. Jacket is too short and too tight, trousers taper too much and bunch up at the shoes and he looks like he slept in the suit. The suede shoes are nice, but not paired with that suit. They would look better with a country tweed or glen plaid suit, or navy blazer and charcoal trousers.
I'm curious how forum members clean Dockers-style chino cotton trousers. Do you dry clean or launder them? Thanks in advance!
It's pretty easy to remove belt loops and install suspender buttons on most trousers. If you can't do it, most tailors can.
Check out the Wizard of Aahs -- former ebay seller who now has his own web site. http://www.thewizardofaahs.com/index.php/category/birds-eye-nail-head/catId=4298096
I would gladly wear this 36mm beauty each and every day as my one and only watch. Unfortunately, it's not in the current budget.
My suggestions is to skip the fur -- I have yet to see a guy look good in a fur coat.
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