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Up for sale is a Hickey Freeman Madison double vent, three-piece suit in a beautiful micro hounds tooth fall/winter weight fabric in 40R. Purchased new by me from a local HF dealer. Jacket measures 18.5" shoulder seam to seam, 32" length (top of collar to bottom of jacket), sleeve length 25.5. Trousers are 34" waist and 30.25 inseam. Trousers have 1 1/2" cuffs, plus another 1" to let out. Waist has 1" to let out. In excellent condition, no stains, tears or marks. $130...
Baume Mercier has a good selection in your price range. You will not, however, find a gold or platinum watch for that price unless you go used or vintage.
Hickey Freeman mainline have been my staple suits for over ten years. The Boardroom, Madison, etc. mainline suits were unfused fully canvased whereas the LTD line was not. The company has had their ups and downs over the past few years and I'm not as familiar with their current lineup. I would suggest trying them on locally rather than buying on line. I'm not sure what overstock carries, but I'd venture to guess it's not their highest quality line. Calling their customer...
I would say one, two inches at the most. The problem will not just be fixing the waist band, but the proportion of the seat, rise, legs, pockets, etc. I'd try to find another pair closer to your actual size.
I've been using a Black & Decker Digital Advantage iron for a few years. Highly rated, works great, and a reasonable price.
Try here: http://www.pmwf.com/Watches/WATCHSALES/SandozSingaporeSalesTable.htm http://www.pmwf.com/Watches/WATCHSALES/SandozSalesTable.htm
Check out this video of the Nicholas brothers in Stormy Weather: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zBb9hTyLjfM Like Fred Astaire, their jackets (tails, actually) hug their bodies, collars don't lift in back and shirt sleeves always show just the right amount of cuff. I'm sure the jackets were cut especially for the dance number, but they are a perfect fit none the less. What's also amazing is that this dance number was filmed in one take as apposed...
No such thing as "a normal size."You can not figure out "what fits you" buy looking at web sites.Forget about websites for now. Go to several men's shops in your area and try on as many styles as you can. I highly recommend your first purchases in local shops, not on line. Find a good local tailor to make adjustments and you will look great.Start here:http://www.atailoredsuit.com/mens-style-guide-tailored-suit.html
Burgundy or Oxblood shoes are my favorites for navy or charcoal suits worn during the day. At night, black is OK, but too boring for day wear. Never brown.
For "dress" shirts with jeans, I like white, light pink, stripes, checks and plaid. With polos, black is OK, but not for collared shirts. Yes, blue jeans and solid blue shirts are too similar and don't look good. You need contrasting or complimentary colors, textures or patterns.
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