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A lot depends upon what shades of brown and green. Your pic looks OK for fall, as others have mentioned. Brown and green don't happen to be "my colors" so I tend to stay away.
You can buy a "high quality" fused suit or a "low quality" fully canvassed suit. I would buy neither.
Lots of choices at that price point. Go to for more research. For new watches, I'd look at: Seiko Nomos Baume & Mercier Hamilton Maurice Lacroix Raymond Weil Tissot Tutima For gently used watches, I'd consider: Omega Zenith Longines IWC JLC Vintage watches will put you into a 14k/18k solid gold case and a nice classic look. If you find a watch on a bracelet you like, you can always put it on an after market leather strap.
First, do your shirts fit properly? If so, then it sounds like you have something in your build or stance that makes OTR not right for you. Either find a best fit OTR and get extensive tailoring or go MTM or bespoke.
It's one variation called shoe shop lacing for a reason. I use straight bar lacing where you can't see the underside diagonals. Lots of lacing styles here:
Are you just wearing it on the flight, or about town? If you were going to LA or Miami, I'd say possibly yes. In NYC, definite no (unless you want to look like a tourist from LA or Miami).
You are the groom? What does your fiancee suggest? Navy or charcoal seem to dark for a May FL wedding on a yacht. I would consider lighter colors (off-white, light blue, dove gray, etc.) to be more appropriate for the occasion.
As a rider and commuter, I would not wear wool dress pants on a bike if I had to look good when I arrived at the office (especially in Portland weather). Get all-weather bike pants (or full riding suit) and change when you get to the office.
Anything made to measure or bespoke -- shirts, suits, shoes, coats, etc.
Breitling chronograph to IWC portofino is a wide range in style. Best bang for the buck brands include: Tissot, Oris, Hamilton, Seiko, Sinn, Baume Mercier, Tutima. I suggest trying on as many as you can and find one you like. Buying sight unseen is not a good idea unless you know exactly what you want.
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