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As a rider and commuter, I would not wear wool dress pants on a bike if I had to look good when I arrived at the office (especially in Portland weather). Get all-weather bike pants (or full riding suit) and change when you get to the office.
Anything made to measure or bespoke -- shirts, suits, shoes, coats, etc.
Breitling chronograph to IWC portofino is a wide range in style. Best bang for the buck brands include: Tissot, Oris, Hamilton, Seiko, Sinn, Baume Mercier, Tutima. I suggest trying on as many as you can and find one you like. Buying sight unseen is not a good idea unless you know exactly what you want.
Get MTM trousers. Keep in mind, trouser legs need to give you enough material in the thighs so you don't split them when you sit. The legs should taper slightly from the thickest thigh area to your ankles. Too much taper with throw the proportion off. No one can see how skinny your calves are under the fabric.
I would definitely go custom rather than OTR. My preference would be midnight blue, double breasted, peak lapel no vent. A DB tux eliminates the need for a vest or cummerbund. In addition to looking great as a tux, it can play double duty as a more formal suit for other occasions with a long tie (instead of a bow tie). Just my preference.
"The only thing worse than a fake Rolex, is a real one." Jeremy Clarkson
I prefer pewter over gold for blazer buttons, and sewn through rather than shanked.
This is the kind of post that gets you banned from SF.
"Best" knot depends upon the tie and shirt collar style. I use a Pratt knot for most of my silk ties and a FIH for knit ties.
Your post perked my curiosity. With almost 4,000 posts, your question seems like it would be from a newbe, not a senior member. Are you just trying to drive attention to your sales links? quote name="TyCooN" url="/t/336244/finding-a-dry-cleaner-to-press-your-suits#post_6137565"]Is pressing suits a fairly standard procedure that can be done by any reputable dry cleaner?[/quote]
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