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I met with a J. Hilburn rep today and took a look at a sport coat, shirtings and suit fabrics. The sport coat said "Made in Portugal." It felt half canvased with fusing. The fabrics were "no name" without reference to country of origin or mill. J. Hilburn strikes me as the Amway of MTM clothing. Reps are hired without training -- she had no idea of fabrics, construction or source of material. They will hire anyone and say "go get them." Based on what I saw, their shirts...
The "best" knot is the one that fits the tie and shirt collar. For me, FIH for woven silk ties and Pratt for everything else. Whatever floats your boat.
Nice suit. The vest pocket watch chain and a wrist watch, however, are a bit of a faux pas to me. A bit like wearing a belt and braces.
Breitlings are nice sporty watches, not dress watches to be worn with a suit & tie. Within your buget are a lot of nice watches by Omega, JLC, Girard-Perregaux, Baume & Mercier. IWC as well as slightly used top tier watches (Patek, AP & Vacheron). Go shopping in Switzerland knowing that prices are probably lower here in the states.
Try here: http://www.beltmaster.com/ You can match any belt with any buckle and get it custom sized. Decent quality for the price.
Sometimes you need that second fitting.
Just in time for Fathers Day. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-30000-necktie-2013-06-13 According to the article, Stefano Ricci has sold three of these ties in the US. I'm waiting for one to show up on the SF Marketplace.
A lot depends upon what shades of brown and green. Your pic looks OK for fall, as others have mentioned. Brown and green don't happen to be "my colors" so I tend to stay away.
You can buy a "high quality" fused suit or a "low quality" fully canvassed suit. I would buy neither.
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