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I'm considering either the black/white herringbone or rust/red over-check. Which do you prefer? Thanks in advance! TT
Up for reluctant sale is my Gianfranco Ferre made in Italy charcoal gray top coat. It fits perfectly over my 40R suits. Single vent, never altered and rarely worn. New price was $1,800, will sell for $395 including shipping. CONUS sale only, payment by USPS money order. Thank you for looking! PS: I don't check my private messages that often, so email me at:
Just curious regarding the consensus regarding vents on a double breasted suit jacket. What is your preference -- single, double or no vents? Thanks in advance! Twotone
President Obama gave a press conference and people were more interested in his new suit rather than his talk. I like tan suits and wear them as often as I can during the summer, but I would not wear one to a White House press conference. They look great for summer weddings in the south, but do not convey a feeling of power or authority. Plus, his complexion has too much contrast with the white shirt and light suit. I'm sure he has a full staff of style consultants -- how...
Oxblood trousers -- not my first choice. Oxblood shoes -- absolutely!
Doug Paris opened a shop on Larimer Square recently. He is a great guy and worth a visit.
Buy a real USA made pea coat from your local Army/Navy store. I got mine a few years back for about $60. The real thing is above and beyond the knock-offs.
What is your preferred length for a classic trench coat -- just below a suit jacket, above the knee, below the knee or longer? Thanks in advance!
It depends upon what is your definition of "best." Leonard currently gets my vote. I have a few Missimo Bizzocchi, Salvatore Ferragamo and Stefano Ricci ties that are quite nice as well. Serica Elite was a former favorite, but unfortunately they have gone out of business.
Black suits are only good for funerals -- whether it's yours or someone else.
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