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President Obama gave a press conference and people were more interested in his new suit rather than his talk. I like tan suits and wear them as often as I can during the summer, but I would not wear one to a White House press conference. They look great for summer weddings in the south, but do not convey a feeling of power or authority. Plus, his complexion has too much contrast with the white shirt and light suit. I'm sure he has a full staff of style consultants -- how...
Oxblood trousers -- not my first choice. Oxblood shoes -- absolutely!
Doug Paris opened a shop on Larimer Square recently. http://www.pariscustomclothiergroup.com/ He is a great guy and worth a visit.
Buy a real USA made pea coat from your local Army/Navy store. I got mine a few years back for about $60. The real thing is above and beyond the knock-offs.
What is your preferred length for a classic trench coat -- just below a suit jacket, above the knee, below the knee or longer? Thanks in advance!
It depends upon what is your definition of "best." Leonard currently gets my vote. I have a few Missimo Bizzocchi, Salvatore Ferragamo and Stefano Ricci ties that are quite nice as well. Serica Elite was a former favorite, but unfortunately they have gone out of business.
Black suits are only good for funerals -- whether it's yours or someone else.
It's hard to beat a navy blazer for it's versitility. It will go well with all of the pants on your list. Second, would be a tweed sport coat, especially now it is fall.
Interesting article: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/mens-dressing-up-may-be-holiday-bright-spot-2011-11-16?pagenumber=1
Sorry, but not for me. It looks too much like a woman's purse.
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