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I love the Bauhaus look, but unfortunately neither the Stowa nor the Nomos fit in the current budget. I’ve been on the lookout for a similar style at a price point that I could afford. A little Internet research turned up several good reviews on this Rodina Bauhaus homage so I decided to pull the trigger. For one hundred ten dollars shipped, I figured I did not have much to lose. I’ve spend more on high-end watch straps. I remember seeing some vintage Russian “Rodina”...
It's just below the knee for me.
As I mentioned in my original post, I wear a 40R suit and bought a 40R trench coat. The fit is close to perfect.
I have been looking for a new trench coat for some time and this one showed up on a search: http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1838417/haggar-classic-fit-double-breasted-trench-coat-men.jsp?skuId=HaggarAcircreg+Classic-Fit+Double-Breasted+Trench+Coat+-+Men&search=HaggarAcircreg+Classic-Fit+Double-Breasted+Trench+Coat+-+Men&submit-search=web-regular A 20% additional discount (check on-line coupon codes) and free shipping was too good to pass up. It arrived today and is...
Socks Underwear Levis T-shirts
If you plan on wearing a suit every day for work, then you need at least two, and preferably three suits. Suits need to rest a day or two between wearings. Yes, one nice suit is better than three cheap ones, but that may not be possible in your case and within your time frame. I've managed find half a dozen nice HF mainline suits at NM Last Call over the years. It took a bit of work and patience to find the right ones in my size. Like many SF members, I'm not a big fan...
I ordered the rust/red during JCP's cyber Monday sale for $98.00. It arrived today and I'm very impressed with the quality of fabric and construction especially at this price point. The 40R fits me to a T with no needed alterations. Highly recommended! TT
I have noticed something interesting about suit trousers. My best fitting OTR suits are 39R, which come matched with 33W trousers. Lately, the trousers are over two inches smaller in the waist compared to the same brand of odd trousers. I have noticed this with HSM, JAB and other brands. Their suit trouser measurements are very different from their odd trouser sizes. Anyone else experience this? Thank! TT
My dress AE dress shoes are very comfortable, or I would not have bought them. I too, have done my share of trade shows. If I'm going to be on my feet for hours, I wear black Ecco rubber soled shoes rather than my leather soled AEs. AEs are great office/meeting dress shoes but they are not my trade show shoes.
I'm considering either the black/white herringbone or rust/red over-check. Which do you prefer? Thanks in advance! TT
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