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Scarpaletto Shoes here in Denver is a Pliner dealer. You may want to give him a call. I've been buying shoes from them for years and they are great.
High end: http://www.jrltd.com/?gclid=CP3knfehso4CFSNaQAodS0PFJQ Low end: http://www.beltmaster.com/
AE and Alden are the best American made shoes. Not Lobb quality, but not Lobb prices either. One of the best shoe values out there.
You can order pretty much any shoe from Allen Edmonds with a rubber sole.
A few things jump out: Jacket is too short button stance is too high Quarters are too open showing too much crotch Shoulder divots on both sides trouser seat does not fit well If this is YOUR wedding you could (and should) do much better -- ask your wife or her family for help
Give Ecco a try -- very comfortable, water resistant and reasonably "dressy."
Not sure what is worse -- top coat without a jacket or belt loops without a belt.
I picked up a pair of JCP Stafford Logan wingtips in cognac for under $50. I take them on international business trips to places I don't want to ruin my nice AEs (e.g. Russia, China, etc.). Yes, they are cheap and made in China, but with decent leather. They take a good shine and look OK when wearing a suit. I've ruined too many nice shoes in these places over the years and learned that cheap shoes do have their place.
Only when your jacket does not have a pocket.
Buy one suit, get 9 free. Can it get any more boring than this?
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