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A few things jump out: Jacket is too short button stance is too high Quarters are too open showing too much crotch Shoulder divots on both sides trouser seat does not fit well If this is YOUR wedding you could (and should) do much better -- ask your wife or her family for help
Give Ecco a try -- very comfortable, water resistant and reasonably "dressy."
Not sure what is worse -- top coat without a jacket or belt loops without a belt.
I picked up a pair of JCP Stafford Logan wingtips in cognac for under $50. I take them on international business trips to places I don't want to ruin my nice AEs (e.g. Russia, China, etc.). Yes, they are cheap and made in China, but with decent leather. They take a good shine and look OK when wearing a suit. I've ruined too many nice shoes in these places over the years and learned that cheap shoes do have their place.
Only when your jacket does not have a pocket.
Buy one suit, get 9 free. Can it get any more boring than this?
A timely post as I just wore my glen plaid suit with a light rust over check today. I also like a blue over check glen plaid. Can glen plaid replace a solid or semi-solid grey suit -- no, it's not as versatile. Does it look great in a business environment -- generally, yes. If you are a London or NYC investment banker or lawyer -- no, unless it's casual Friday. Brits consider glen plaid to be a country, rather than a city suit fabric. I like mine, but make sure it suits...
This has been my standard carry on bag for years: http://www.ebags.com/product/a-saks/expandable-26-expandable-suitcase/86274?productid=1125194 It's smallest dimensions fit your carry on requirement and can be expanded to double it's width. It weights almost nothing, can hold a lot of stuff and is very well constructed. It's been on many domestic and international flights with no signs of wear. Being made of soft nylon, it fits in every airline's carry on bag size...
All of the above vintage/used watches are great suggestions. If you are also considering new watches, you may want to look at Tissot, Tutima, Baume et Mercier, Hamilton and Oris. All make nice automatic watches well within your price range.
Just curious if there are any interesting fathers' day sales coming up. I'm most interested in suits, shoes and ties. Thank you in advance!
New Posts  All Forums: