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Picked up some Alden shell loafers (pictures coming) and a nice pair of Church's Balmorals size 10 US 9.5 UK (available).   [[SPOILER]]
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Too small for me but it will sell. That thing is hilarious
What's the size? I would wear that thing
I would
Edward Green?
Bought this yesterday for $15.00. The seller has another for the same price as well as some other mannequin styles if anyone living in the vicinity of Santa Barbara CA is interested. Played around with it a bit this morning and took a picture of a Borelli sports coat I recently got from @Somethingsfishy Just using the iPhone for these. Will bring home the real camera and tripod from work tomorrow. [[SPOILER]]
Mmm Thursdays...
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Hey folks I am looking for slim fit dress shirts 17/34 and medium gray flannel pants 34/32. PM me if available. Thanks!
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