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This may be a case for the Ragged Trouser Philanthropist. @Cleav?  I have a young friend who just got his first business job but has no business wardrobe whatsoever aside from a cheap wool and polyester mix suit he purchased for the interview (they still hired him).  I am trying to help him find the very basics (a charcoal or navy suit, a navy blazer, a few white and powder blue dress shirts, a pair of medium grey wool trousers, maybe a pair of tan wool or cotton trousers)...
I live in SB and would have gotten a kick to have come across this in the field.
Double post
What everyone but SWB and Spoo are hoping right now.
Big thanks to @rayxlui for this killer Luciano Barbera linen sports coat, a minty pair of brown Allen Edmonds captoes and a number of excellent grey and brown wool trousers (not featured here). I knew the measurements were right but this sports coat fits like it was bespoke tailored for me.
Apostrophe is a good album.
 It might be difficult to mail it around but still seems like a useful thing to have.  A set of high resolution and well labelled photos could also be helpful.
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