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Congrats @SpooPoker i hope to see the store someday.
Congrats!  I have twin six year olds.  Lots of gray hairs but worth every one.
Good morning! Pop some tags today. https://youtu.be/4Cnm0tdkJEU
Santa Barbara, CA
Had a good morning. Better pics later. 19 Ties Walked by the beach on the way to the car. Southwick x Paul Stuart Suit Another Paul Stuart Suit PRL Suit Kick ass Brioni 42R and my size (hard decisions) Another Brioni suit same size Brioni double breasted sports coat Vintage PRL tweed suit Cashmere RL Blue label sports coat Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece SC Another vintage PRL tweed suit (ticket pocket and cool) Carroll and CO. x Chester Barrie...
@Purplelabel that suit looks great.
Two Brioni suits today. Pictures soon. Enjoying a victory beer.
Paid another visit to the hole in the wall store where I found the suede Brioni this weekend.  Damn wrote this place off a year ago and its 5 minutes from my house.  Something changed.  [[SPOILER]]
I see what you did there.
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