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Looking for a white, ivory, or cream sports coat about a 44r. This is for a costume so cheaper the better. My thrift stores have failed me on this.
Don't worry Fueco those JCP boots will still still be there tomorrow!(Note: I have an extra dry sense of humor)
Pretty much. Oh yeah the vicuña Kiton is cool if you are into that sort of thing...
Wow. Any input on how these fit? I'm a 12.5d. Go with a 12 or a 13.
I have been known to thrift a pair of Banana Republic chinos here and there.  Hey no one is going to fake those...
A pretty inexpensive mistake but its the principle of the thing.  Live and learn.  I don't make a mistake twice but I seem to find new ways to make mistakes.  Hoping the Goodwill will be redeeming tomorrow.
I screwed up today and rather than get pissed off I thought I would offer it up as a learning experience so someone else might not make the same mistake.  This Ermenegildo Zegna dress shirt with french cuffs is apparently a Chinese fake.  The font is apparently off and there is a gap between letters that provides the smoking gun to this forgery.  Holler if you see more obvious signs of forgery that could prevent someone else from making such a...
Im about to put a couple pairs of shoes on Ebay but thought I would offer them here first. Church's Balmorals 10 US/9.5 UK (Very good condition) [[SPOILER]] Alden shell loafers 8.5 E [[SPOILER]]
Borrelli shirt in my size-very pleased (NA)  [[SPOILER]]  Also picked up Alden shell loafers 8.5 E [available but tiny (1 mm) crack at the base of one of the heels]   [[SPOILER]]
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