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Extensive non thrift related, frog-leg Inspired discussion [[SPOILER]]
Southern Illinois near St. Louis.
This is how I grew up eating frog legs and I spent many a summer night in a john boat with a spot light and gig or using bare hands to grab bull frogs--hoping that the glowing eyes didn't turn out to be cotton mouths. It became increasingly more difficult the more you drank.
I do this when I travel.  Generate a wealth map, overlay it on Google Earth Pro then plot thrift store locations. It at least provides some kind of baseline of where to look.
Ray owned the thrift scene here for about 5 years then fortunately moved up north so I could start finding something every once in a while.  Come back down for a thriftcation Ray.  We should just overlay thrift stores on this map to choose a meet up location.  [[SPOILER]]
yes intimately--but SB thrifting is not as awesome as you might expect. A SB /Ventura adventure is an all day affair but "could" but lucrative but honestly it's a roll of the dice. Yet we have perfect weather, wine tasting, beaches.
I am in Santa Barabara and would host a thrift gathering at some point if enough folks could gather. There are also a couple of others I have been meaning to extend this invitation to despite their frighteningly young age. @IRKSM @books and tweed. Ventura is also not far away.Greg
PM sent
You are probably out of room. Just send them to me.
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