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The vintage Hi-Fi system is coming together. Everything was thrifted, ethrifted, or purchased at a steep discount. 
 Turntable: Technics SL-B2
 CD Player: Onkyo C-7030
 Tuner: Kenwood KT-5300
 Amp: Kenwood KA-6100
 Speakers: Polk Audio (need to be upgraded with ??) Advice from Nataku really helped with this.
I really dig the Fisherman's Blues.  My shitty band plays that sometimes.  Would have dug finding that album.
It does but I ordered a new needle for it and I want to make sure all is well first.  If you are interested I'll send you a PM once the needle arrives.  I have three turntables and only need one.
Todays find. An early 1970s Pioneer PL-A35. Spins but needs a new needle. Man i am starting to accumulate these things.
I have been too busy to hit the thrifting very hard lately. However, i left the office early today and was rewarded with this 1978 Kenwood KA-6100 integrated amplifier. The lights worked but i couldnt hook it up in the store. So I drove home, cleaned it up, and sprayed deoxIT on the pots. Holy cow what a great, warm, full sound and awesome aesthetic. Major audio upgrade. Thanks for the advice @Nataku.
This may be a case for the Ragged Trouser Philanthropist. @Cleav?  I have a young friend who just got his first business job but has no business wardrobe whatsoever aside from a cheap wool and polyester mix suit he purchased for the interview (they still hired him).  I am trying to help him find the very basics (a charcoal or navy suit, a navy blazer, a few white and powder blue dress shirts, a pair of medium grey wool trousers, maybe a pair of tan wool or cotton trousers)...
I live in SB and would have gotten a kick to have come across this in the field.
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