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Really fun to see these electronic goody hauls.
In the last two months i sold my house and moved the family to a new house. [[SPOILER]] A couple recent thriftsBarba Napoli dress shirt my size and fits perfectly!EZ Diamond weave
That was me looking for the vintage TT.  PM sent.
Looking for a vintage turntable in working condition (e.g. Technics, Pioneer, Yamaha). I have a growing collection of vintage vinyl and nothing to play it on! Please send me a PM. Thanks!
Wendys grill is close 132. Wes is 133 now
Sorry Spoo. We just sold our house that we purchased moments before the housing bubble collapsed. We had to wait until the market recovered before selling as the houses value had dropped about $150k! We ended up selling for more than we purchased it but it was incredibly stressful. We are going to rent for a year before buying. Then of course we go through it again--real estate agents, loans, and Uhaul trucks. There is reason moving is ranked as one of the most stressful...
Before and after photos of a vintage pair of Florsheim Imperial shell long wings (10.5D) i thrifted and restored this weekend. Amazing patina and intact uppers but interiors on these need some attention from a cobbler. The only other notable find
I recently thrifted a pair of Florsheim Imperial shell long wings. The interiors were in poor condition but the exteriors were fine. I restored the exteriors and they came out really well. However the interiors are pretty far gone. On one there is a tear in inner lining. I am wondering if a cobbler could repair or replace portions or all of the interiors. Normally I'd just toss them but the exterior is so nice with plenty of patina. (See spoiler pictures for interior...
New York, New York Harrisburg, PA - Eh, I guess. Not that major though....(and not where my best thrifting is either) Baltimore MD, may be a better choice...about equidistant. (and still not where my best thrifting is) Wichita, Kansas -- population 350,000 nearest major City either Kansas City or Oklahoma City. Chi-town Austin Nashville, TN Indianapolis, IN Seattle, WA Portland, OR Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Denver, CO Minneapolis, Minn. Cincinnati, Ohio. Santa Barbara, CA
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