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I passed on five older Brooks Brothers sports coats today and brought this and a pair of cedar shoe trees home. Wish it fit because it's so damn pleasant to wear. Has a loose button otherwise perfect.Ermenegildo Zegna Cashmere/Alpaca/Wool blend 40R Available [[SPOILER]]
Glad you like them. I conditioned them with Saphir Renovateur, polished and used heel/edge dressing before sending them along.
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These Bettanin Venturi shoes came a long way today after some Saphir Renomat, Renovateur, and wax.
[[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   Two nice Canali suits (size 42L)  Really nice buttons on the blue pin stripe. Feeling better about leaving the third suit back at the store after thinking about the snags on the pants. Pretty good thrifting day.
Fun trip to the thrift store today.  I came home with three Canali suits, all the same size and donated by the same person.  I invested about 45 minutes hunting down the pants that had been separated from each jacket.  Quality pictures and details later.  Left an older, orphan Oxxford tuxedo top, a worn pair of Oxxford brown pants, an ugly EZ tie, and a very interesting but casual Facconnable jacket that I couldn't assess value for because I am a noob (I really need a...
Thanks Ozzy.  I am recovering from a shoulder injury and have been avoiding pull ups for the past year out of fear of reinjuring myself.  Starting off slow and cautious is working.
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