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cuffthis, beautiful tux.
hm.. well, here's the closet of a college student: sure, it's organized.. but i could definitely use some nicer things..
hm.. alright. now i'm getting mixed opinions regarding ferragamo shoes.. i'll surely consider other brands as well, but i'd like to purchase two pairs of shoes within the next few days. what are some other solid choices besides alden, ae, grenson.. in the $500 price range? and where can i find these shoes locally in the los angeles area? thanks again
no, no troll here.. i just finished reading everyone's posts, and i can't believe the number of responses i've received over the past day. thank you all for your input.. i understand and appreciate your comments. i will not be purchasing any of those prada or gucci shoes.. and i think i'll look into ferragamo's instead.
i'm just looking for some opinions on the following prada shoes: and a pair of gucci loafers: i'd like them to wear them to work with suits primarily.. it seems like everyone on this forum is partial to allen edmonds, alden, grenson, etc.. but for some reason, i don't think they would look right on me.. i'm a 21 year old student and also work as an operations manager at a bank (i've been a teller since 17.. through an internship program). the new position...
i found five complete canali suits and a cashmere sport jacket today.. all in size 40R.. in excellent condition.. and only $110 for the whole lot. however, i normally wear a 38R.. the shoulders seem to fit fine, but it's just quite roomy throughout the entire body. could a good tailor could make it fit properly?
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