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Having seen the mini-series and read the book, I have my doubts about this movie version. Like everyone else here I loved the series and the novel is one of my favourites. The series kept faithful to the original novel, which was a good thing, but this new movie is going to look pale in comparison judging by the trailer. I will still have to see it when it comes out though. Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike Stephen Fry made a...
Reading Hunter S. Thompson's 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' for the first time, and it's a good read. Also reading Henry Rollins' 'Do I Come Here Often?', which is also pretty good despite some entries in his tour diaries which just seem to be whining about other people.
The Sisters of Mercy in 2003 And also Raging Speedhorn around the same time. I haven't been to any decent gigs in years.
Only ever had one encounter with a policewoman some years ago, and that was when a crazy taxi driver was threatening to smash my face in with a baseball bat on a night out (not my fault - he was crazy). She was there with another policeman, but I was glad to have her there to calm him down before things got ugly. So yeah - a positive experience.
Get at least on critically-acclaimed novel published. Visit Ibiza and revisit Paris. Quit my job and start a business (somehow - still searching for that idea).
I hear that Tarantino plans to do a remake of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. Here's a link: Does anyone else think that this is going to happen? And what about Britney Spears being involved? I can only see her playing the kidnapped girl - I hope she isn't seriously being considered to play either Varla, Lori or Billie. I only just caught this film for the first time last week, and I really enjoyed it. I...
Usually I just lie on my bed and listen to the radio all day, with the curtains closed. If I'm strong enough, I try and take a walk down to the shops just to get some fresh air. I can't stand lying around the house doing nothing.
I like to pick up a copy of The Chap whenever I get the chance. I haven't read it for a while though. They have some very funny, witty writers. Personally I liked "Children in Tweed", where a couple of Chaps wandered through inner-city council estates, trying to foist tweed jackets and trilbys on young chavs who were hanging around. I think there was even an article about it in The Guardian. I would love to show up to some of their events, like The Chap...
I have only just discovered The Kills, and so I have been watching the following youtube vid repeatedly: I have also picked up the new 'mercy' single from Duffy: Not my usual sort of thing, but I like it.
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