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I was in the RRL Mount St (London) store over the weekend, where they told me RRL pricing is coming down from this season. For example, the indigo oxford BD shirt is £130 where it was £140 last season.
Khaki cord http://instagram.com/p/rWoedPpePt/
Does anyone know where I might find this Utility Jacket from SS12? In Large or XL. I've got a saved search on eBay for 'RRL Utility Jacket' but all that turns up is M43 style jackets with smaller chest pockets. More images here
Close-up on one of the vests From here: http://www.oipolloi.com/autumn-winter-sneak-n-peak
New Cottonopolis jacket at Oi Polloi made at one of the UK factories used by Nepenthes. http://www.oipolloi.com/shop/brand/cottonopolis And a Kardashian in this season's Aviator
Oi PolloiW2As ever, Japan gets a great range of exclusive products. Margaret Howell JP
^ J. Crew NB 1400 from a couple years ago:
Gonz skating in RRL. That's it.
Oi Polloi have put a couple of close-up shots on their Instagram http://instagram.com/p/coh7-yJeBP/
I keep pulling off the fly buttons on my Officer Chinos (two different pairs). Has anyone else experienced this, or am I just being too aggressive when unbuttoning my flies? (There's a joke there somewhere). They'd be the perfect chinos if I didn't have to spend most Sunday evenings sewing buttons back on.
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