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Oi PolloiW2As ever, Japan gets a great range of exclusive products. Margaret Howell JP
^ J. Crew NB 1400 from a couple years ago:
Gonz skating in RRL. That's it.
Oi Polloi have put a couple of close-up shots on their Instagram http://instagram.com/p/coh7-yJeBP/
I keep pulling off the fly buttons on my Officer Chinos (two different pairs). Has anyone else experienced this, or am I just being too aggressive when unbuttoning my flies? (There's a joke there somewhere). They'd be the perfect chinos if I didn't have to spend most Sunday evenings sewing buttons back on.
Albam and the Great Outdoors: http://www.back-and-forth.net/2009/0...th-james-shaw/
Grenson custom colours for The Three Threads
http://thedesignersaurus.blogspot.com/ and http://www.back-and-forth.net/ are two relatively new blogs from the UK. Quality over quantity in their posts and no convoluted language used to cover up a lack of substance.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma7 the Hoss looks nice. how big is it? i've been thinking about getting the Ski Bag in black... http://www.paragonsports.com/webapp/...0051&langId=-1 what do you guys think of this? 43 x 34 x 22cm / 25 L
I picked up one of these last week, it's doing the job nicely. Jansport Heritage Hoss.
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