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If you can't praise Loake shoes on a Loake Appreciation thread then we're in trouble
I rarely strip these days (shoes that is). I may give them a deep clean with a suitable soap and water once a year if needed. Conditioner gets used more frequently (every 6-8 weeks perhaps).
I seem to remember reading that Sweden is Loake's biggest market outside the UK. They have a serious local presence that works closely and actively with a number of retailers here on MTO models. Their Instagram account is often the first place to see these - check out loakesverige.Here's a pic of a couple of great new models available through a Stockholm Cobbler:
Very pleased with my new burgundy semi brogues picked up from @skolyx. My first from Yanko and already scheming an MTO. I'm no photographer but here goes:
BOOM! You Sir are The Man ☺Now... can you do anything about my mild astigmatism too? 😉
Indeed. Top class act all catagories 👍👍👍
Thought for the day   I have a confession to make. And it's one that most of you will not be able to identify with but an interesting one to have as a shoe nerd.   I'm color blind.   Please don't assume this means that I don't see colors or can't appreciate the wonderful nuances of patinas. I won't go into the science of this but put simply, this means that I am often simply unable to identify exactly what shade of color I am looking at.     The Carlos Santos...
Arrived... and almost sold out already :-(This is a beaut @Leaves! Hope you'll be restocking?Edit: Good news! I see stock has been updated. As you were.
Smart move guys. Looks like a very promising compliment to your wonderful portfolio. On a personal note I'd love to see some Santos loafers for the warmer months ahead. Any chance?
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