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faaaaaahck!.   nice 
@JohnElliottCo does the Yuma shirt have any stretch to it? I am always in a dilemma with your button ups. Large is too slim and XL too loose
Indigo and white scar copped
Nice fit man!
I am a true 32 and have bought size 32 for all my Raws. They def did stretch but I have bigger legs and sizing down would be like leggings for me so Id sacrifice the extra waist stretch. Idk what your situation is
for those of you wondering the price of the denim shirts
Seriously. Wtf is up with this thread. Ever since JE has "blown up" theres been so much complaining. You guys buy plain T-shirts for $70 so what's the problem with paying more for button ups for leather jackets? If you can't afford it don't buy it.
can we please get more pics of the linen m65?
Anything else dropping tomorrow or just Alma's?
will grey kitos restock anytime soon?
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