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Just got my stadium jacket from rule of next. Large fits perfect glad I didnt go with go with xl. This jacket is amazing, didn't think it would be such a big difference compared to the gap but it is. The leather is like freakin butter, so smooth and lightweight. Good job JE and thank god for that 20% haha
I got L I compared sizing to a bomber I had just hope it isn't too tight! Awesome deal though
Help what size should I get the stadium in? I wear XL-L in villain hoodies L in villain crew necks and tees. Deciding between size XL and L but idk which would be better
@JohnElliottCo L/S silks would be dope AF!!!!!.....just sayin
Yes I own the 41 Overshirt in Large. It fits right around my shoulders but XL is TOO big for me so Id rather be uncomfy in a slim L than swimming in an XL
185 lbs sorry do not know exact chest measurement
Yeah I am wearing an XL silk underneath. I'd say it's about an inch/inch and a half below my hip (the bony part). Size XL will be an inch longer I believe
I have been waiting for this piece ever since I ordered my first item of the JE website and saw it on the look book! It was well worth the wait! Color and material is extremely dope. Def does run snug though. This is size L. I wear L in villains/tees. Going to order an XL and see how that fits. Awesome job @JohnElliottCo
I purchased a charcoal silk blend the first day you guys started giving out the research documents but didn't get one!!!!!Also is there any plan for olive villains in the future? I was able to secure one online along with the jacket but after feeling the material and sizing in stor,e I may return it. With all do respect, congrats again on the collab with gap and being BNMD but I would rather pay the extra buck and have the real deal
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