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Selling a size large original snap over shirt PM if interested. Below retail
hopefully the size charts are correct on the coast denim.  looks like i had to size up to a 33 from a 31 based on their charts.  they fit slimmer than the raws.....but the model still sized down? hmmmmmm
@JohnElliottCo can we get a better estimate time wise on this denim drop?
@JohnElliottCo will the merinos restock?
Have any of you washed your raw denim yet? I have cobalts size 33. I was a 32 but really eager to buy a pair at the time. I am now a 31 after shedding a few lbs. I am hoping I can strink them down because they literally fall off my waste and I can fit both my wrists around the waist while wearing them. Guess I'll use super hot water on the first wash
I highly doubt this. They were one of my favorite items but haven't made a reappearance since their debut.
To anyone else that got a flight jacket.....are the shoulder areas on your jackets boxy? Mine are extremely square and it's starting to bother me
looked like i was swimming in a large boucle crew - exchanged for a medium but they're too tight on my shoulders (guess it won't work out)   got my olive/plast engineered pants today.  I got a size large (31-32 waist L in escobars).  They are way too big around the waist and tightening with the laces creates a bunch up effect.  The materiel is also not very breathable and something tells me my legs will feel like a sauna after wearing them for a while.  gonna have to...
Haha yeah I agree not really a fan with the black waxed. The olive and plaster ones are fire though
What other colors are supposed to be dropping for the engineered pants?
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