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Shorts are size XL. I am a 32 waist but I usually like to go a little bigger in my shorts
I do not know exact measurements but it is not much more than their basic crew necks. It is not an obvious enlargement. Nowhere near close their u neck shirts
Fit pics of moon mercer shirt and charcoal villain. I do wear a large in shirts and XL in villains. I know some people had questions regarding layering with different sizes. Neck is slightly enlarged in mercer tees but nothing dramatic. Also I am 5'10 approx 185lbs
@OccultaVexillum are you located in the east coast?
Help! I am from New York. Just bought my escobars from Fred segal over the phone. I did not know the original price before purchasing but for some reason is came out to $210? If anyone else purchased from here please let me know much much you payed? Also @JohnElliottCo any idea when cncpts will be receiving their shipment? I am trying to get the villain but lost all hope for a size xl
I kindle regret not purchasing the escobars. Do you know if these retailers will be selling the collection online as well? Please let us know when they are live on their sites thanks
Any estimate release date? I wanna purchase more gear. Feels like forever since I got my rebels
Website exclusives?
Awesome! And congrats again
@JohnElliottCo are you still doing anything with gap this summer?
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