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TTS as villain
Try to clear your history cookies etc
Yes I forgot to mention they are def noticeably "heavier". Don't they have size XL on the site?
Got my loop wheel collection today. I tried on the pants first. Two thumbs up to the longer drawstrings. My first time getting the "updated" escobars. I am hoping that my large stretches out because they are looking a little like bicycle pants right now and I ordered XL to be safe which is too loose. Did I really notice the difference in the terry by looking and feeling?.....no. Do I regret getting expensive escobars not at all either lol. Next was the zip up hoodie. I...
Limited release as stated earlier by JE
not to sure about that check again looks like they still had
got both sweatpants and the grey riga.  IDK villain with drawstrings looks weird to me.
@JohnElliottCo if you guys sold those white hangers labeled "John Elliott + Co" as shown in those pics I'm sure you guys would sell a lot! I'm sure a lot of us here are having hanger problems leaving marks and all or some people just end up folding.....just saying. Can we get the prices for the products dropping next week?
congrats and enjoy. you'll love it
Onljne exclusive only to JE website, will NOT be restocked. I'm 99.99% sure
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