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Haha yeah I agree not really a fan with the black waxed. The olive and plaster ones are fire though
What other colors are supposed to be dropping for the engineered pants?
Not exactly the best pictures/angles but here you go. Idk why the shoulders are so boxy. This is only my second time wearing it (prob from hanging?)
i wear a large in villains, stadium jacket, and the bombers.  I got a large for the flight jacket.  Definitely a LITTLE more relaxed fitting but i would not size down.....would prob be to small for me personally if i went down to a medium
looks good but maybe can go one more size down. what size do you normally wear for hoodies or crews in JE?
What is your deal? Someone already politely answered my question. There's more to my life than living on a forum and reading/replying to every post
Thank you
Not exactly. Plenty of members here have successfully used this promo and I'm asking if "doesn't apply" is new
How does the spring promotion work? Idk if it's new but all of the JE stuff says promo doesn't apply
What shoes are those?
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