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i have a brand new charcoal mercer size large (has tags and original bag) for sale below retail, pm if interested 
@JohnElliottCo has the split on the Mercers been altered from the original cut? I feel like they look different in the pics
anyone interested in purchasing LS charcoal U neck size L PM me
Just don't know if villains will be re released on charcoal because JE confirmed shirts next week but not villains. But then again I highly doubt they ONLY produced like 1-2 of each size for this bergdorf event
All I know is that size Large was sold out at like 1:01pmAnd they only had what was out and there were like 2 charcoals left
Lol they had like 1 of each size charcoal villain at bergdorf
Actually nvm lol took this pic to compare white moon and grey
i own the moon mercer/moon shorts.  it def isn't that dark of a gray
LOL you guys missed out twice already!!!!!! well hoping the re-re-release again for your sake 
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