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I have not personally used but I am looking into these.http://www.containerstore.com/reviews/closet/hangers/plastic?productId=10004072http://www.amazon.com/Bumps-Be-Gone-Hangers-Set-6/dp/B000OAGD02
I am having the same problem. I need to invest in better hangers. They making thicker/softer ones that should not leave marks
Veterans Day (highly doubt anyone will give coupons for that) next major one is thanksgiving where there probably be some sort of discount that weekend but that's not until the 27th
[[SPOILER]]Hmm okay. Do any of your online retailers currently have the updated cobalt denim?
@JohnElliottCo how about that denim restock! Thought it was coming around the end of October lol
Agree I feel like white pants is too pretty boy for me lol. No offense to anyone with white pants or intending to buy. I think it looks great on the model, just not for me
Alright alright since we are posting collections..... Crew neck - white, black, grey, olive Silk U-neck - white, charcoal blend Mercer SS - moon, white, black, grey Mercer Tank - white, black, grey Rebel SS - white, black, grey Rebel LS - black Villain Hoodie - charcoal, black (kith coa)' white, grey, burgundy Villain Crew - black, grey, burgundy, olive (Gap GQ) Lima shorts - black, grey Escobar Sweats - black (quilted), grey duo (quilted), midnight Teddy jacket 41...
Amen to that. Customer service is 💯💯💯Hope that never changes no matter how big JE gets
I am excited for this capsule. As mentioned by someone here, I don't think the point was to bring in new products/ silhouettes but more exclusive items that will not be reproduced again. I am 5'10 so I fit right in the middle of that 3" being too long or short.....so perfect. Pockets are gonna be hurtin though, midnight collection 3 pieces vs shadow collection 10 pieces haha.
Can we get pricing for the products?
New Posts  All Forums: