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Lol keep refreshing my page like......
I usually wear Large in all my JE tops. I wanted to size down on my LS Mercers for a more snug fit. Picked up the linen LS mercer but it might be too snug. Has anyone picked up a large that they are planning on returning or exchanging?
hey man is that poncho waterproof? Purchased but JW.
@JohnElliottCo can we please see some more pictures, not from the look book, but the pics that will be posted on the site on monday.  thanks
JE please fill us in on this Roden Grey Dust Exclusive @JohnElliottCo 
i have a brand new charcoal mercer size large (has tags and original bag) for sale below retail, pm if interested 
@JohnElliottCo has the split on the Mercers been altered from the original cut? I feel like they look different in the pics
anyone interested in purchasing LS charcoal U neck size L PM me
Just don't know if villains will be re released on charcoal because JE confirmed shirts next week but not villains. But then again I highly doubt they ONLY produced like 1-2 of each size for this bergdorf event
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