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No. They are listed as a retailer on the john elliott website. And I just bought from them as well
Is the cobalt denim at next the updated fit?
No need for apologies. I believe the measurements around the thigh are the same for the new denim but the updated fit became slimmer below the knee to the ankle. So basically they became slimmer from the knee down.Goodluck man I can assure you you will not be let down with the denim. I only own one pair but I love them. Enjoy
Welcome to the forum. Not sure how long yiu have been following JE for but the denim has gone from slim fit to slim taper recently. As mentioned in previous posts the best way to get an idea of what the denim will fit like is to take a pair you already own and use the sizing charts on the site to compare. I own a pair raw apc petit new standards in size 32 and a pair of raw JEs in 32. The JEs are not "baggy" but I have more room in the thigh area.As far as sizing down on...
New fits are slimmer. Navy was a midnight collection exclusive that will not be restocking
Less than 10
Yes I own a silk tee. It's some boss ish. Haven't washed mine yet though
Tomorrow 9am est
@JohnElliottCo $298 for the Alma's? Hot damn, john elliott killin pockets haha. They look awesome though
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