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Large. I used to get my villains xl but I prefer the slim fit better. Hopefully rue large will fit me well
Thanks for the assist man. Was able to grab my size
the same but much heavier
worn about 5 times hasn't been through the wash yet
tryna do 2 hundo shipped
anyone interest in purchasing Kith x John Elliot Coat of Arms Black quilted Villain size XL. PM me
Got my bomber today. I ordered it in the same size at my stadiums/teddy but for some reason I'm swimming in the XL. I love the color but im a little upset that my 41 Overshirt is probably thicker/warmer than this. I Love JE but this may be a return for me
Nice I'm in NY too. Like I said I'm waiting on that restock. Idk how long that would be but 15% would be nice
I would take you up on that but I am waiting for the rue midnight restock. Also what is your location because shipping would be a factor as well
@JohnElliottCo Will there ever be a release on charcoal basic tees? And will there ever be a restock on u neck silk tees, specifically the oatmeal colorway?
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