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Amen to that. Customer service is 💯💯💯Hope that never changes no matter how big JE gets
I am excited for this capsule. As mentioned by someone here, I don't think the point was to bring in new products/ silhouettes but more exclusive items that will not be reproduced again. I am 5'10 so I fit right in the middle of that 3" being too long or short.....so perfect. Pockets are gonna be hurtin though, midnight collection 3 pieces vs shadow collection 10 pieces haha.
Can we get pricing for the products?
@JohnElliottCo how about that shadow preview?
Just got my stadium jacket from rule of next. Large fits perfect glad I didnt go with go with xl. This jacket is amazing, didn't think it would be such a big difference compared to the gap but it is. The leather is like freakin butter, so smooth and lightweight. Good job JE and thank god for that 20% haha
I got L I compared sizing to a bomber I had just hope it isn't too tight! Awesome deal though
Help what size should I get the stadium in? I wear XL-L in villain hoodies L in villain crew necks and tees. Deciding between size XL and L but idk which would be better
@JohnElliottCo L/S silks would be dope AF!!!!!.....just sayin
Yes I own the 41 Overshirt in Large. It fits right around my shoulders but XL is TOO big for me so Id rather be uncomfy in a slim L than swimming in an XL
185 lbs sorry do not know exact chest measurement
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