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I purchased a charcoal silk blend the first day you guys started giving out the research documents but didn't get one!!!!!Also is there any plan for olive villains in the future? I was able to secure one online along with the jacket but after feeling the material and sizing in stor,e I may return it. With all do respect, congrats again on the collab with gap and being BNMD but I would rather pay the extra buck and have the real deal
Just to let you know you guys have a villain description for the mesh rebel l/s on your homepage!
Shiiiiiiiiii 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Damn was really looking forward to that piece
@JohnElliottCo is that teddy blue jacket dropping anytime soon? And is there a price yet? Thanks!
@JohnElliottCo do any other places carry the updated new denim or is it just your website?
Ahhhhh man. I love my l/s rebel hoodie but wish the wrist area was more cuffed. Mine stretched out already after like 2 wears. Anyone else with this prob?
@JohnElliottCo just double checking the cast cobalt is the size 32 and 33 both with a 18" waist or is that an error on the site? Also any idea when the restock will be? I was just about to purchase these off your site!
Selling my original cut size 33 coast/cast denim in marketplace. Hoping to purchase updated fit
Size 33 John Elliott Cast/Coast denim. Original fit. Worn lightly selling because I am interested in purchased the updated fit.
New Posts  All Forums: