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Quote: Originally Posted by amnesiac i just got back from the store today merino cardigans are 25 lambswool cardigans 20 heavyweight flannel 30 - really nice and thick, they had a bunch of the grey patterns, blue and purple buffalo, red buffalo. peacoat 99 - it's much softer than the sterlingwear i have and about as thick but the quilted liner is no where near as hefty as the schott or sterlingwear versions and the weave of the melton isn't as...
Quote: Originally Posted by seany The duffle coat is amazing too, I tried it on also. I just want a duffle that has a detachable hoodie, and the Uniqlo one didnt havt it. Ima take a fit pic real quick of the peacoat, it about mid-thigh I would guess. I bought that duffle coat last week while I was in the city. Love it so far. A detachable hoodie would've been nice, but it doesn't bother me too much.
What color exactly is the Boss coat? It's hard to tell from the pictures.
Yeah, figured as much but it can't hurt to ask.
Mauro, how does the sale work on the APC NS? I was thinking of getting a pair but you're out of both size 29 and 30. You going to get more back in stock and if so, will it still be at the sale price?
My black GTs came in today and man, these boots are awesome! I got them off ebay at a fantastic price, but I was a little worried because I'd never tried them on before or seen them in person. I normally wear a 9 in most dress shoes so I went with a 8.5 and the fit is perfect. I threw some sno seal on them and have been wearing them all day and other than some minor discomfort to get them on, I haven't even felt this "painful break-in period" that some people have talked...
I'm a big fan of knit ties as well. If you're looking for some at that price, your best bet is probably going to be thrifting or ebay. I've seen some nice Ralph Lauren ones on ebay before for around 30 bucks. Price is also going to depend on what material you want, too. Silk knit ties are going to run more than wool ones,
Thought the same thing, js. I was in the pool!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus Aye. There are so many good lines on this album: "You're the shit and I'm knee deep in it." "No you won't find love in a hole, it takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm." etc. Keep Yourself Warm was my favorite song of 2008. Incredible song and a great album.
I've used Music Rescue before and it works great.
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