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Received payment request from Meermin, means my shoes should ship soon (hopefully today or tomorrow) and be here by the end of next week! Now I'm crossing my fingers hoping the additional fees won't hike over 60-70$ at most!..
@GuidoWongolini I'm new here but I've been following your Tumblr (MostExerent) for a while, wondering when part.2 will be around? 
   AAS I beat you to it! 
Wonderful as usual CP!
Congratulations AAS you just made it on Vox's tumblr!
 No love for the Heritage Black Bay in red/burgundy? It is, in my book, a lovely timepiece, and probably one of my two next 'bigger' purchases (read: that doesn't belong in the PMW thread)! Photo credit: user 'Clarky' on www.forums.watchuseek.com  I have 2 rings. My wedding band on the left ring finger and my 'engagement ring' on the right ring finger. The 'engagement ring' is actually a long story, but in short, it was supposed to be my wedding ring, but I inherited my...
Kent Wang, that brown linen suit is beautiful, and your call to the ankle comment made me giggle
The waiting game is both the fun-est (that word doesn't exist in English, rigt?) part and the hardest part from online shopping. I find the expectation builds up from waiting, yet it can be so frustrating at times! (Especially in Canada-land when one gets a hefty bill on arrival - or worst, months after)!
 But they're going to send the bill to the shipping address I used (the US address) instead of my home address right?  I might try that. Thanks!
Got my reply from Meermin, my shoes should ship by the end of this week.   My question is the following:   Any American (US) customers had additional fees from Fedex when picking up their order? In an effort to circumvent the astronomical Canadian border fees, I'm having my Meermin order shipped to my US address (I live 1 hour away from the VT border). I'm asking because I don't know if the mail reception service I use (Kinek) will pay the additional fees and transfer...
New Posts  All Forums: