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Very nice move on the flannel trousers!
Very representative of Rick and S&M's customer service in general.  On a side note (since you are not located anywhere near Toronto) - when you order a MTM suit, do you choose a fabric that's used by S&M for their RTW suits? Or you special request a particular fabric via email and they see what they can find in their available swatch books? If I remember correctly, your first suit was commissioned in brown linen. Was it the one S&M offered their RTW suits in?
Nice, Piobaire!
While I understand the reasoning behind the "diver = metal, leather hates water" thinking, I have so many examples in my head where a diver looks right at home on leather. 4 digits Subs comes to mind. 
Love the Bulova moonwatch! Interesting story behind it, too!
The first part of your comment mad me giggle!As for the second part, this forum and some Instagram accounts do a pretty good job at feeding this sentiment. But once I leave the online world, and compare myself to folks my age, in my neck of the wood (in the real world), then I realize that I am doing pretty good for myself.
^^ very interesting look @RogerP, please do post pictures when you receive this beauty! Longines in a brand I've never really followed and each time I see a model I like from them, I always wonder why! 
^^ Good to hear!
^^ my 2 pairs of Meermin were quite fast (easy?) to break in. But I must admit that I do not have any experience with top tier shoe brands to compare.
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