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Perfect look @An Acute Style!
@wigglr I love the wide spread BD on the blue stripe seersucker! I might have to try it for myself in the future!
Personally, that is what draws me to S&M shirts (except for price and encouraging a canadian company); I like the larger armholes and biceps. It's fun to be able to bend my arm without fearing fabric ripping at the elbow, or bending down to tie my shoes without ripping the upper back. Still, my Luxire shirts fits a wee bit smaller in the chest and armholes/biceps and I love them too, so I wouldn't look elsewhere if S&M decided to dial down (reasonnably) these measurements...
When I wrote my comment I, too, thought of Seiko's Orange Monster. Admittedly, I hated it at first, but it kinda grew on me. Still, I don't see the Terrascope ending on my wishlist in the foreseeable future. To each his own!
@chocsosa, I wasn't aware of any SuSu 100% cotton suits, except for the Copenhagen fit and maybe 1-2 Hudson a year. It this one Hudson or Copenhagen? The lapels don't look skinny like the usual Copenhagen, yet the shoulders doesn't scream Hudson to me.    Anyway, nice fit! I like all 3!
If I may, I would like to make a confession.   Hi, my name is Shawn, and I might be the only one who doesn't feel the Terrascope. I'm guessing this is solely a matter of taste and nothing against people who love its look, but I'm not so sure what the craze is all about.    Thank you all.
 @An Acute Style, that tie is really nice! I'm really digging this fit of yours! I just wish the trousers were a cool shade of grey instead of a hot, beige, sand shade (but it could well be my monitor, too)! @UrbanComposition, never really been a fan of pink ties, but the rest of your ensemble is stellar, as per usual! I especially love the fit of your jacket, and these shoulders! 
 Damn. Now these are slanted pockets! 
Same for me. I did wear it once, on my wedding day. Wish I evolved in social circles where I could attend black tie events on a frequent basis, but it is not my reality! Here it is:  [[SPOILER]]  Obviously, I am not built like a SuitSupply model - this is a size US48 and I am 6' 240lbs in these pictures. This tuxedo wasn't available as separates like it is now (summer of 2014). Wish I could've sized up in the trousers back then, so they'd not look this tight. 
 Can't believe there's only one comment about this fit! Wish the tie were different (although this one is not out of place either), but apart from this little detail, wonderful fit. Hope you'll stick around!   SuitSupply's Washington, right? Fits you like a glove! I swear I would go crazy if SuSu's products fit me this well out of the box! Love the Seiko too, very reminiscent of Cartier's Tank Solo. 
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