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Thanks for the article Blue Loafers! Good read! *EDIT: I just finished reading the whole article and I had a few extra questions: 1- did you feel your MTM assistant was pushy torward a more fitted, fashion-tight fit? In other words, had you wanted to have a nice drape and room to breathe, would your advisor argue against it (I've heard it happens a lot in US SuitSuppy stores)? 2- in the pocket choices you don't mention patch style (unless I didn't notice). Aren't patch...
@in stitches new to this thread, but I'm particularly jealous of your AP RO. Definitively my holy grail! 
I know I'm late to the party but I just read through the last 5-6 pages and @twinsdad is pretty awesome! I mean, I wouldn't have taken the time to type a comment if it was just for the fit pictures, but then there's the attitude question! Damn, someone didn't like that his 'style' wasn't up to SF's liking!  
   In Canada (Quebec at least) most people do take off their shoes before entering private property. When I get home, I can't wait to put on my favorite pair of slippers.
@clarinetplayer I really like that suit of yours. I know some will say that brown suit - white shirt is a no no, but I still like it! Would've probably went with another tie, but it's not bad per se.  
 I wouldn't say the very best, but it's a premium brand among many others. I haven't handle one of theirs, but some models are definitively on my wish list!
@in stitches absolutely wonderful fit, I can't find something 'bad' to critique!  
 I didn't know, thanks for bringing that up!
Oh no you did it!  (are those the trousers you ripped the knee?)   Speaking of shorts, I can't wait for summer weather to come back. It's around -20°C (-4° for you Fahrenheit guys) almost everyday here.
 Thanks MF. They surely look stunning with the double forward pleats!
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