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Very nice @RogerP, never heard of this model! When I'm thinking 'green', I usually have the Seiko Alpinist in mind! 
@sugarbutch nice DB and nice tie!  
 It's just unfortunate that if one is to be limited to only one of SuSu's fit/model, it has to be the one that they only release 1 or 2 iteration each season, usually in some less than interesting fabrics (if you already have your grey's and navy's covered)!
 I love it! It does seem to be slimmer (as in less thick) than regular RO chronos or am I making this up? Anyway, congrats!  Yes, of course. Actually, I never knew the D-blue was a tribute to the James Cameron dive, so I always had the Deep Sea Challenge in head when talking about hte James Cameron watch! I guess we all learn something everyday!  Quite the chunk of metal, isn't?
Impressive turnaround time @luxire! Just to inform you guys, I ordered my trial-fit test trousers and first shirt on July 21st, received e-mail shipping notification from Fedex this morning (28th) and they are expected to be at my door on the 30th.   Not even 10 days from order to delivery at my door, across the globe, for a MTM item (some store aren't even that effective and they have the products ready-made, on hand when you order). Also keep in mind this is my first...
 Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I think @no frills' watch is the Rolex Deep Sea Sea-Dweller D-blue dial edition, in homage to James Cameron's historic dive. While James Cameron's specially made Rolex is an even bigger, badder one; the Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller Challenge. Still, the DSSD D-blue is an impressive piece of metal! Not easily pulled off in everyday life given it's size, I'm sure, but impressive nonetheless!  Pictured here is the regular black dial...
 Oh. You mean this is your very first pair of Luxire trousers? Incredible! As for the -0.25", it's a matter of personal preference - I like the slight break as it is, but it's true 0.25" wouldn't make them much shorter and they'd still cover the socks when standing (I don't like the 'flood / GQesque' look).
I am not quite sure what kind of criticism you were expecting - but, for me, these trousers look almost as good as it can get! They look like they fit flawlessly; the kind of fit I could only hope for!   You do seem to have a slight pelvic shift (to the right) causing the right rear pocket to look higher and the right leg to look shorter (when seen from behind - back shot) but it does not seem to pose a problem to the overall balance - there is not a crease to be...
 I've had my BD collar made after Proper Cloth's Soft Ivy - 1 ¼" in the front and 1 ⅝" in the back, but had the points made to 3 ⅝" instead of 3 ½".   Very nice shirring, probably the best (read: subtle, non-feminine, non-blouse-y) I've seen from Luxire!
 I've been lusting for cuffs like these for a while now - maybe for my next order! Edit* I e-mailed Luxire to see if my shirt was already into production and asked them to replicate these cuffs and the shoulder shirring if it wasn't!
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