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I'm sorry if it's been asked already (didn't feel like going through the 979 pages) but I have a small question.   Let's say you find on eBay an item you'd like to acquire, but the seller is from Canada, do you disregard the item automatically (because of shipping fees and such)? If not, what would you prefer to see as a shipping price: a fixed shipping fee (example: 20$) or an exact quote depending on your location?   I'm trying to change things a little bit because I...
^^ always been a fan of blue and brown gingham!
Wish my lunch breaks could be as profitable!
Sorry for the bad iPad pictures.JP Tilford/Samuelsohn for Harry Rosen, made in Canada of 94% wool/6% cashmere fabric. Single breasted, 2 buttons, 2 sides vents (which is rare for garments made in Canada - which tend to favor the ventless look...).Measurements:Shoulders across: 21"Chest: 26"Waist: 25,25"Sleeves: 25,5"Length: 32,75"
Just thrifted a JP Tilford/Samuelsohn for Harry Rosen tweed sport coat. 94% wool/6% cashmere.    Not a keeper though, thus, available for grab.
In the end, you could order both a 34 and a 36 and return the one that doesn't fit. Doesn't cost a pesos.
 Just checked on the SS website and the tuxedo seems a little roomier than the Lazio (in the shoulders, at least). If you size down to a 34 to fit the shoulders, will the chest be too small?
 I don't have much experience when it comes to suits (I'm relatively new to this). I wear the same size in both models that I have (the tuxedo and the Havana); the Havana being a hair tighter in the chest/abdomen than the tuxedo. I feel they fit pretty true to size (I wear the same size in the Suit Supply tuxedo than in other brands - the ones I've tried). The only thing is that the trousers legs run tight. I you are a cyclist/weightlifter/fat (like I am), you'll need to...
Betel, nice jacket! Who makes it?
 No. Unfortunately, my wife had that (inappropriate) thought that since her dress was ivory, I absolutely needed to have an equally ivory shirt. Sure, I could've argued, but I choose my battles carefully nowadays.  So, I searched long and hard and had Proper Cloth make me a tuxedo shirt, in ivory Twill. Was it the best fitting shirt ever? No, but I don't really care, as it was for a day only (won't have much use for it in the future, and if a black tie attire opportunity...
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