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Very nice!
 In my neck of the woods, the difference between the former (clothing hobbyists) and the latter (douchebags who want to project an image of something they're not) is easily differentiated. The kind of suit, the fit, the shoes, the attitude. Might be different in your part of the world. Plus, what's wrong with teachers or other professionals wearing suits? This doesn't automatically mean we're aspiring to project an image of being greater that who we are? I get that in...
Thanks all!
Hey guys, quick question. Not new to cigars, but I've mainly been smoking non-Cubans so far (Padron, Fuente, Drew Estate lines, etc.) and I'm looking to dip in the dark side.   I love my smokes rather short (5x50 is probably my max) and I was wondering what are the must-have in Cubans cigars that meet this requirement. I might consider some slightly larger smokes if they are must-haves.   Looking at Epi no.2 (how are the other Hoyo lines?), Partagas shorts and RA small...
@Crat love those shoes! Always been a sucker for split toe derbies! 
@Claghorn tie looks awesome. But then again, I'm a sucker for herringbone, be it in jacket, trousers or neckwear. Come to think of it, I think this is my favorite fit of yours recently.     @NewYorkIslander love the beard, NYI. For how long have you been growing it so far?   @Pingson nice white tie rig, I remember you posted it on your blog last year! Speaking of which, it's good to se you active again on the board and on your blog! 
I don't care for plastics hangers if they don't start skipping on the quality of the garments (buttons, etc.).
Clarinetplayer, nice Visconti!
Excellent DonC!
@Chulillo very nice! Love the jacket!
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