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@An Acute Style, you rock the casual vibe very well!  
^^ love it! 
  Close enough for me! But thanks.
1 ¼" in the front, 1 ⅝" in the back (collar band measurements, that is). I am perfectly happy with the collar height. Is sure is voluminous, but at 6' and 250 lbs, anything smaller would look anorexic (IMHO, of course). 
I do not know what is different between this collar and the B&B collar because I do not own a shirt with a B&B collar to compare and do not know the B&B collar measurements on top of my head. The collar I use on my OCBD is based on the Proper Cloth "Soft Ivy Button Down" collar with a few tweaks, mainly 4" points. The order # is 18949. Thank you.
Either clean back and/or side pleats. 
From what I have observed in previous seasons, SuSu continue to add stock throughout the season. I expect some more will be released in September, too. All that's available now is what was available as pre-order last week. 
For those of you interested, looks like the actual F/W collection is finally out now (read: not in pre-order phase anymore) on SuitSupply's US/Canada website! 
Thank you! I am truly impressed by @luxire's ability to interpret such minute details, including measurements down to ⅛".  Now I just need to nail down a proper formal shirt collar (read: not a BD) and my trouser pattern (my first iteration wasn't up to expectations). 
As promised, here are a couple of (bad iPad) snapshots to illustrate my previous comments.  The difference between the Light Blue University Stripes oxford and Blue University Stripes oxford. The difference can be harder or easier to detect depending on the lighting - I try to take pictures showing that phenomenon:   [[SPOILER]]   Here's a shot of the BD collar on the Light Blue University Stripes oxford, both without and with tie :   [[SPOILER]]   Next, some snapshots of...
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