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 Don't tease like that! What mode number? I'm personally lusting after an Alpinist (SARB017) and the new Bullhead chrono (SCEB009). 
 Supposedly to 'unfold' the cuff to get rid of the junk that gets stuck inside. Unbutton, wipe, re-button, enjoy clean cuffs!
2 entirely different kind of watches and intended purposes. If it was me, I'd choose the SARB, because I already own 2 divers, and I'm lusting after the entire SARB line up.
 Magnificent! That strap is gorgeous and fits the vibe perfectly!
@Gino Abruzzo very nice, I enjoy the backgrounds of your photographs!   @Cleav same thing! 
 Of course, this 3-watch talk is meant to take place in a parallel universe where money doesn't come into play. Because in this current universe, my ideal 3 watches I could never afford (ALS/PP for dress, Rolex or APRO for tool and PAM or IWC BP for casual douchery). So I have to make due with more affordable 'homage' and watches with similar features within my price range. Then again, I don't think I could stop at only 3.
Very nice @clarinetplayer you really have a great fit on your trousers! 
 Amen - I've always considered that a trifecta (3) was the perfect amount of watches for a reasonable collection. Instead on settling down on compromises and never being truly satisfied with the one watch you have, 3, on the other hand, leaves you with a greater range and helps you alleviate the need for compromises. You could have an all-dress watch (not a "it could work with a suit", watch - truly a dress watch), a dedicated tool watch (I feel a lot would put the...
 I was about to inquire about the shoes, but I see that you responded a bit later in the thread. Very nice ensemble, I am never disappointed by your pictures!   This is excellent, in my book! You should post more!     Thank you @upr_crust and @Cleav for the answer!
 Damn, they look excellent! In some dark brown leather, I'd buy any day! Seems like you improved the lasts?
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