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Seems like F/W campaign and whole collection is up and running on SuSu's website! 
@Isolation didn't know you were a poker player - that is really cool! I wish I could learn fast and make a few extra bucks playing poker online, on my free evenings! 
Turtleneck + shearling bomber looks good!
Sorry, I realize NYC is pretty big. It's going to be my parents' first trip in NYC (guided tour) and they wanted their children to come with them, so. On top of my head, the guided tour includes a stop to Rockefeller Center, ascension of One World Trade Center, boat ride to Liberty Island, Central Park tour, some free-time in the 5th/Madison/Park spots, guided tour in Finance/Soho/Chinese/Little Italy districts, etc. The usual stuff!   I realize this is pretty...
Will be in NYC this week-end for a family trip. I'll try to use the occasion to bring back some cigars (since they'll be free of Canadian duties on the way back). Any stores with good selection recommended in the more tourist-y spots (since I don't think I'll be able to go off-track much)?
 First of all, congratulations for (almost) finishing med school! If it's not indiscreet, what choice of practice have you decided on (to wear a shirt and tie most of the week)? On to the original question - I understand you would like to own both styles - the diver and the flight - of watches to round up your collection, besides the SARB033? If so, I think the Orient flight is a very nice choice. Mimo's Seiko 5 suggestion is equally good, but I find the Orient flight...
 Now that you mention it, I can't erase the thought I've had! 
^^ really love the cyclops' shape! 
@Darkside, @Pliny and @Academic2, all very nice! 
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