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Lovely tie!
Those Corthay are to die for, as is the Omega!
I'm not sure I'll be able to attend 10 black tie events in my life.
Really nice collar! Luxire keeps impressing me with each new garment produced!
L2BR, nice fit and color coordination!
 Matter of opinion I guess; I rather like the polo by itself! 
 Who makes the tie, chocsosa? It looks just like one I bought from Suit Supply but it looks wider. Really nice!
Damn Betel, everything about the fit looks great! I can't see anything I'd change! I saw in the WAYWN thread that you wear a 46R? You don't look that big! I wear a Havana 48R and I look a whole lot heftier than you (6' 240-245lbs).   As a side note, I don't know if SS has lowered their button placement or it's just luck but I like where your jacket buttons itself!
Amen Claghorn! As a matter of fact, I much liked you FU linen jacket of a couple days back!
If this is the one from the S/S 2014 campaign, I have this exact same jacket! You're right, fantastic item for the price, though I'm waiting for my tailor to get back from her summer vacation to get the sleeves shortens by ½" on mine!
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