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Thanks! Quite beautiful!
Tie maker?  (Very nice Nomos, too!)
^^ I agree - Monasterio de las Vinas, either the Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva, is a part of my regular rotation at home. 
@Siepi, your pictures don't seem to work.   If I understand correctly, the corrected jacket your received (not the children one) wasn't made at the new factory but at another nearby that took the contract, so you could have you jacket in time?   Can't wait to see the pictures!
Thank you EFV for the report! Let us know in November when you have your first fitting!
 Well that's unfortunate. Back in August, I took part in the GMTO run for dark brown calf NST. And now I see that they are available through GMTO with rubber sole, hatchgrain, country calf and suede? Kind of bummed - should've waited a little bit more, as I would've prefer to take part in this GMTO instead! Speaking of which, the shoes were supposed to be shipped in October. Do you have an ETA, @Meermin
I think you meant a Tudor Black Bay, no?
@heldentenor stellar ensemble! If I had to offer a critique, I'd probably say I wish the jacket sleeves were a tad shorter. But really, that's just nit-picking.    
 This one picture almost appears "computerized" at first glance, almost as if it was run through Prisma! I'm guessing it's a lighting thing! 
 I guess congratulations are in order! I certainly can understand the satisfaction you are experiencing! I'm 1 ½ years away from completing my LLM too, and I certainly would be ecstatic if I'd graduated with distinctions and a prize to show appreciation toward my contribution to the program! Can't wait to see your fits in the upcoming weeks!
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