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Thanks guys for the quick answers!
For the Luxire fabric aficionados;   I'm in the market for some more OCBD. I already have a shirt pattern established with Luxire and currently have the Sky Blue Oxford.   I'm debating between the various University stripes (red, light pink, blue, light blue), Dress stripes, Pencil stripes, etc. Under 100$/shirt if possible.   What are the absolute staple oxford fabrics Luxire currently offer?   Thank you!
@spiermackay  I love the new lapel shape and 3/2 roll!
@jcmeyer the Hudson definitively fits great on you! 
I am blown away by the look of the Minnis flannels. I couldn't decide between any of them, if I was to commission something right now.
That's interesting! ETA? (I'll probably be in need of a good staple suit when I'll attend law school this September). Are the measurements still roughly similar to SuitSupply's Havana? I'm a 48R in SuitSupply Napoli but Havana fits snug in 48R, thus would probably drape better in 50R. In the unfortunate event 48 is too small, I'd probably need to have it MTO'd in 50R?  EDIT* saw you mentioned October for the new factory RTW. 
Rick - very promising! 
@DiplomaticTies one of my favorite fit of yours. The cut (and length) of the jacket, coupled with the width of the lapel and tie, really suits you.
 I really like the trousers and the fabric here. However, I must add that I'm not a fan of rounded/open quarters on a DB jacket. Was this a personal request? Also, much like Claghorn,  I prefer flap pockets on a DB, but I can understand one could want to casualize things by using patch pockets. I'm also curious - how was this made? MTO, MTM in person or by e-mail? Thanks!
 I own the "Galway" boots, Hiro last on the double rubber sole. Breaking them took a couple of wear but they are now very comfortable. 
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