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Nice boots and cuffs!
  I, too, would be interested in knowing if it's Luxire standard BD or your own concotion. I'm still debating which BD collar fits my liking better!
I find it amusing that you recalled the monkey comment! Now we can all rest assured that Luxire workers aren't endangered by roaming wild monkeys! 
@kulata, trousers look comfy!  
^^ why don't they come in XXL you mean? I mean come on, the XL won't fit anyone over a 44.
 Wow, that's a nice pleat!
Thanks. Guess I want the sweaters too much to send them back without trying. If they fit, I'll keep them and pay, but if they don't fit, then I'll send them back and file a Duty fee refund form.   Thanks.
Canada also. 
I'm pretty bummed, I ordered one of Tyrwhitt's Donegal jumper and a shawl collar 90% wool/10% cashmere cardigan, for a total of 140 UK£ (roughly 255 CAN$). I got hit by customs for 90 CAN$ (roughly 50 UK£). I hope I can ship back the parcel to CT because there's no way I'm paying 30% in custom fees for clothing, it's not like I'm importing alcohol or tobacco...   Any Canadian here got it pretty hard by Customs?
^ very nice!
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