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@SteveH35 stunning photography! That Journe with its officer casebook looks delightful; any more photos? 
Gerry; nice trousers! Love the color combo on this one!
Same here. When summer is around the corner and the %RH goes from 64% to 68% in my humi, my cigars lack taste, produce minimal smoke output and consistently go through burn issues. I always end up discarding them before half is smoked. 63-65% for me is the best.
@luv2breformed, who makes your trousers?
Unfortunately not! Only, when I look back at my previous fit pics, I now realize how bad they were. I'm not sure I want them to be associated with my username anymore, ha!
  @Gerry Nelson, I've said it before and I'll say it again; I love this suit! Although I am not sure I am fond of the vest paired with it. Both are nice in their own way but I do not think they blend in together well, color wise (I get that it's congruent though, being two heavy F/W items). My 2 cents!  Are my eyes messing with me or are the trousers camo?
Is there a way to delete pictures in my profile's album? Or will they be hosted permanently?
@parkman24; excellent 3 first posts! I love your shoe selection! I encourage you to continue posting on this thread!
It's all good! Wish I would be a Toronto local to have a fitting in person at S&M and subsequent followings. It must be easier to nail a fit this way than over email and robopose pictures. 
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