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 Yes, you are quite right! This will be my only 'big' watch purchase this year; I've thinking of beginning to buy less but better (read: expensive) watches from now on. Mind you, I might indulge in the occasional affordable timepiece to scratch an itch (read here: Seiko Orange Monster and SKX009), but I think in the long run, researching, saving up and plunging to buy one desirable watch might be more rewardable than buying all the affordable that comes my way - a little...
Ahh the DSSD. One day I will own one (I hope, at least)!
This one is on my wish list (short term). Although I thought the combos were either white face/rose gold hands or creme face/blue hands?
Very nice @thefoxtooth, FWIW, I don't think the lapels look too wide, and you'd be pulling off the Madison easily, were you to try it! 
 It seems that now that I ordered my Seamaster Pro 2541.80, I'm seeing them everywhere and it makes the wait feels a lot longer!  Nice attire, but you're right, your lady steels the show, I'm digging her style!
 I see your Seamaster Pro and it reminds me that mine is still in the mail and shouldn't arrive before the end of the week - I hate the waiting game!
 Thanks! Didn't get hammered, but saw a good deal on one of my grail watch, and took the bait. I initially said: 'nah, screw it, I'll wait a little bit more', but then I realized I always wait a little bit more, so I bit the bullet. And that's how, next week I'll be the proud papa of an Omega SMP 2541.80.00, the 'Bond' watch. My first watch suitable for this thread; all my other watches belong in the Poor Man's Watch thread.    Sometimes I buy some things on credit, but...
Thanks BH!
Damn, impressive!
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