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It's not that uncommon. People who workout regularly often have 12+ drops (I once had a 48 chest/36 waist but since then stopped working out regularly).
^ I thought it was common belief that Napoli trousers were rather slim, not massive. Unless of course you need to size up in the jacket to accomodate bigger shoulders or a broader chest.
Luxire, suits and jackets are starting to look good! 
@Thrifter very nice stuff, I especially like both trousers! Must be one of Ottawa's top dressed chap!  
 Safety razors are my next buy. Right now I enjoy the Dovo straight razor I own (only for the neck and cheeks though, I'm rocking the full beard now!).
 That must be staged, right?! Either way, stylish-est cookie maker I've seen on SF by far!   Simply great, as usual! Love the jacket color!  Bespoke, of course!
Damn that jacket! Love the apron on the shoes, also! I'd dress like this any day!
 You know what? I really love the look, when worn with a tie and jacket. The tie feels really framed! Wish the fabric would be more CBD so you could pair it with a navy suit and a POW tie!
 Damn that's dandy! I love it! Might not get a lot of love around here, but if working in some kind of artistic-oriented workplace, that's good!
 Really? They seems smaller than Havana's.
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