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Go back a few months in my post history to see a reasonable comparison of Reno vs VSC; I was like you - but my opinion is a bit different post test.Regards,BN
No joke, me too - happy birthday to us, you've got me by 12 months though....
I'm not certain what Alden is doing, but we know they do refinish shell - I'd love to know though.What I know for a fact is shell from Horween comes with a finish applied. I know this finish is indistinguishable from the finish on my Aldens - on the original shell you can see where the finish is not applied and the shell is matte along the edges.At 0:08 in that video you can see the shine on the #8 shell - when the guy is "burnishing" the shells boots in that video, the...
I have shell, direct from Horween - the finish on my shell is the the same as the Alden finish.I have multiple wallets from Ashland. Then natural shell has the same finish as my shoes.You can track down picture of this in my post history, I don't have time right now to repost it all.Cheers,BN
Likely, but what is interesting is that the shells direct from Horween come "finished" - if you look at the shell at 0:08 in the video, you can see the finished sheen on the shell from Horween.I'd be very curious to know what Alden really does to the shells in between that state and finished product.The guy who stripped his shells used Angelus to reproduce the alden finish
Hey you go Joe, here is how the shoes are made, no reason to pass your BS as gospel for those who don't "know any better"https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jNYbOMVV0Us
So what do you think - like it? I'm not sure honestly....
For me it's only Grant, and only Left... Very odd
Yes, this is pretty much what I was thinking it needed - tan to match the stitching
Hey Guys - wearing my LS Choco Suede tankers today for the first time, and I feel like they need some additional contrast? Any of you add tan colored laces or anything similar? Cheers, BN
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