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I wear 10.5 in AE and the same in Plaza, don't size down IMO
I was wondering the same here - or even what a poll here would look like for a SW boot.
Oh my is that a nice boot... Wow. I'd take that in Cigar or Ravello in a heartbeat. I just don't understand why we don't see more boots on Plaza...
My make up that mdubs IS going to get made eventually: Plaza SW Boot Natural Shell Back Pull Tab Antique Edge Commando Brass Speed Hooks Unicorn Until he pulls it off.... BN
Easy there killer, he's not being a troll - those generally don't crease into the cap.
He's right - there is nothing to see there.
My thoughts - I would leave the natural welt alone, it will darken on its own as you wear them. There is nothing better than watching natural age naturally.As for the defect, there is nothing to see there, wear the boots and enjoy.BN
I'd put them on my feet and wear them, and not think twice about the difference you perceive
Yea, I've been on that list for what feels like a year....
They look good - my concern with doing this is lightening the top of the welt - which I assume is still dark on yours?
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