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I don't understand how people think it's the people complaining that are the problem rather than the fact that jackets aren't being shipped. What exactly do you expect people who aren't getting what they have paid for at the timelines agreed and can't get a refund for weeks at a time to do besides complain?
/shrug I find people are mixing up can they deliver with do they care/will they deliver? Of course TOJ can and will continue to deliver jackets, TOJ's actions clearly demonstrate they don't care about how off their estimates are, how slow they are to ship or what their customers think. In any respectable business I could have just got a refund at this point but they can't even offer one in a reasonable amount of time.
Off the top of my head, I'd question how well you'd fit a medium.   I'd take some time first to review some different kinds of leather jacket styles and figure out what you like or don't like, i.e. the one in your link is a moto which is defined by it's collar, there are also variants with 2 front pockets instead of 4, it is essentially a riding jacket though people who actually ride may scoff at that. In comparison there are fashion jackets which are more of what you'll...
July 2013, maybe he wants to ship things out in batches but if you can't ship out something in less then 2 weeks you seriously should be shipping more often.
Well it seems he's literally doing nothing about it, from my communications with Charly, my jacket has been ready to ship for at least 3.5 weeks, Dan doesn't seem to have an answer to why it hasn't shipped. Frankly it's just disappointing to me that he has time to work at the restaurant rather than catch up to the preexisting obligations to the customers. It's entirely different from taking time off for a family emergency.
You'll probably get your beer 3 days after you order it.
While I'm not accusing anyone of being a thief, it would be incredibly difficult to recover your money from a vendor in a foreign country, particularly if a year has past. The basic divide here is that the first time buyers have little to no objective reason to have faith in TOJ particularly as the delays have never gotten to this point. For anyone defending TOJ, would you really find any of this acceptable from a vendor you were buying something for the first time...
People are complaining because they have money and time invested far past any promised or past timelines. People complaining about complainers have nothing to lose by staying silent. You want to think ToJ is the best company ever than put the people you don't like on ignore. How shitty does the shit sandwich need to get before it becomes ok to complain? When the wait time becomes 2 years? I'm only complaining because I want my jacket to ship and I'm not getting a clear...
For anyone saying this is all speculation, I have a jacket "awaiting shipment" I have no responses to why my jacket hasn't shipped or when it will be shipped. Apparently it's been ready for at least two weeks. Now it should be common sense that it's a lot easier to ship a jacket than to make one, so it's not a matter of too many jackets to ship.
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