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Except it was TOJ that continued to provide the estimates that they kept on breaking, unless you expect the buyer to know better than the business how their production was going. Hey your Ford broke down after a year? You should have known Ford's quality has gone down even though the dealer told me it would run fine during the first five years. Next time something bad happens to you, remember you should have known better.
So Charly in all seriousness, how can you explain that myself and others were told are jackets are ready to ship and then have them not ship with some people still being able to change their measurements. At best it seems like you are frequently given the wrong information by Dan and Drew and at worse it seems like you're intentionally deceiving people regarding the state of their order.
So I assume when Charly said that Drew would post "soon" 2 hours ago, he was deeply contemplating the various issues and complaints brought forth and trying to write a difficult response to all of it. I guess "soon" is still in ToJ terms and he's trying to think of something else now that the wrong address excuse will no longer fly.
The mystery is solved, the shipping labels were the cause of the delays. Dan now has hook hands and has to fill them out with a pen in his mouth.   What am I suppose to empathize with him for again? 
People did take a soft approach after the last batch shipped, did more jackets get shipped or communication improve? No. I don't see how you can keep taking that position when the only times Drew has done anything or communicated anything of substantial value was when people were mad at him.
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The only reason he's planning to give a response is that many of his customers are angry with him, the last time jackets came there was a reprieve and people gave him the benefit of the doubt, which he didn't do jack with.
When the man flaunts his wealth brought to him by the customers he's ignoring it's hard to sympathize with his burn out, particularly as his updates are pretty much let them eat cake.
I'll make it easy for Drew and Charly,   Here's what you need to have a satisfactory response given all the crappy choices that have been made.   1) Apologize for the delays and lack of communication without making excuses 2) Commit to active communication about how production is going and answer questions honestly (no more your jacket is ready to ship but you can still change your measurements) 3) Disclose how many orders are pending and the rate they will be made...
New Posts  All Forums: