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Hi Ben,   I'm really impressed by the Bella Spalla Sportcoat but I'm rather hesitant to buy it in black vs navy or charcoal, I've backtrack a few pages and understand their are some production issues but are we talking about weeks or months to see it in a different colour in a 36s?   Thank you
 The heart of the issue isn't the speed, if Drew were to announce that everyone would get their jackets within 2 years of ordering, there'd be some temporary whining but the people who want to wait will wait. What's the problem is Drew dangles the image that things are running like normal when they're slower than ever which leads to legitimate speculation on his ability to deliver jackets at all.
All of these solutions seem premature unless someone whether it's Drew or Charly will even answer if the company is solvent and whether any of the money went to the restaurant. Granted there are people who won't believe them if they post that, but posting something and not being believed is better than not posting anything at all.
 That's certainty a fair point and shouldn't be rushed into, that being said if this really is the worse case scenario it would be better for people to know sooner rather than later. I agree with you it would be great if someone would actually go to Korea, that being said if Drew isn't willing to post on the internet I don't see how he'd let someone look at the operation.
/shrug we'll have to leave it to a difference of opinion, Paypal is overwhelming scaled to the buyer and if 20 or so people claim his company is a scam they'll close his account ending all of this spot reselling, which will snowball into a inability to offer refunds.
Hey, it's not like I expect Drew to care just because people ask, hence the whole point of gathering everyone up for collective leverage. The point is collectively we hold a stick, not everyone wants to swing said stick as a large group of people would prefer there jackets/wallets/etc vs getting a refund. But at least threatening to swing the stick may at least be something Drew can't ignore. Quote:Originally Posted by ter1413 First someone has to "contact" Drew and say...
To break down this situation as simply as possible most of the outstanding customers want one of the following.   1. To get their product regardless of how long it'll take 2. To get their product by a certain date or otherwise get their money back 3. Get their money back   There are people who believe that more pressure on Drew will make him either a) ship more jackets, b) show more transparency, c) or change the company in some way that a and b happen like letting...
Except it was TOJ that continued to provide the estimates that they kept on breaking, unless you expect the buyer to know better than the business how their production was going. Hey your Ford broke down after a year? You should have known Ford's quality has gone down even though the dealer told me it would run fine during the first five years. Next time something bad happens to you, remember you should have known better.
So Charly in all seriousness, how can you explain that myself and others were told are jackets are ready to ship and then have them not ship with some people still being able to change their measurements. At best it seems like you are frequently given the wrong information by Dan and Drew and at worse it seems like you're intentionally deceiving people regarding the state of their order.
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