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Where did the sole split? Did you happen to snap a photo?   Take a look at my post here regarding sole concerns on the  katahdin (non-waterproof version) I just purchased. Let me know what you think.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/144358/calling-all-llbean-katahdin-iron-works-boots-owners/1245#post_7003345
@Ironist @matthewh I had my co-worker look at his brand new wolverine 1k and a similar hairline crack shows up if you pull down a bit. Maybe this is just how heel blocks are attached in general? ie. they only use nails/tacks and dont put glue between the sole and heel block? Seems odd but I don't know much about shoemaking.   Thanks for your information -- good to know it's not an isolated thing.
I recently spent way too much time researching my first "nice" boot. I considered the Wolverine 1ks, the Red Wing Beckman and Iron Rangers, etc. I started looking into Chippewa after reading some good reviews by people who had also owned these other brands. I would have bought the 1k but I wanted something more equipped for wet weather (ie. no leather sole). I was pretty settled on the Chippewa service boot / homestead boot style so I went to the LL Bean store near me to...
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