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The quality of cloth, buttons, and other small details are what make RRL, so if there is a noticeable difference id be down to try em out.
I have never bought a pair of RRL shorts. I'd be curious to see if they are truly worth the cash.I'll likely pick up the Surplus Car coat and the striped twill workshirt in the next few days.
Sold. Thanks.
They typically only send you the receipt but you can ask for a tracking number via email or by calling the store.
When are we starting the next round of Styleforum MTO? Early next year?
Shheeet!!! These are nice. Thanks for the pic. I'd definitely be in the market. Are these actually confirmed or just a sample?
Post a link to the pic
I wore them today for about the 20th time. These boots are just diesel. I feel like I could hand them down to my kids someday.
How bout a trade for those whiskey tankers
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