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Not only is the site skewed towards exotic shell colors, its skewed towards shell in general. Lots of good calf makeups that get zero love. Don't get me wrong there is shell boots I want and shell boots I have ordered but things like a basic Indy will get way more use from me than any shell boot ever would.
I hear ya man. I''m a Broncos fan but I still respect the home town team. I think most here wish Kelly was healthy enough and had enough time to run the team.
Beautiful Tankers ^^ God knows why I listened to my wife and didn't grab a pair.
Suede Indy's today despite the rain.
Welcome back!
Yeah I figured as much but when I originally talked to them. The list wasn't even in the computer, it was hand written on a note with only 3 names.Most people here said it was in production but I wanted to double check. Now I know for certain.  I am not sure if I could think of a makeup I would want more than this one. At 11 pairs I really fell dumb luck into a spot.
Ok, Update on the Ravello Captoe's for anyone interested. They were only confirmed like 11 units. Super small run. So I'm assuming the list has been full for some time though I did not ask. They went into production in June with 16-18 week lead time. So they are expected in October.
You started it!
I would think that if anyone could pull a navy tanker from Alden - JCrew would have the clout.
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