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Yeah a suede journal. Which is sweet because I use them all the time at work for notes.
Received a New Years gift today from my SA, awesome guy!
I actually seen this jacket up earlier today. It was only like 159.
Yeah I wanted the Kruse shearling jacket at 60-70% off and it just disappeared after first discount.
The grip is actually pretty decent. I wore them on a rainy day. Not sure how they would do in snow but if we get any this year in the Lou I'll try it.It does wear some but it will take a while to completely wear off.
I picked up this coffee boot from Notre, it is noticeably different in my opinion walking on the burlap sole. The chromepak is also tough as nails, gave me a heel blister on my first day of walking in them 2-3 miles around the garden.
I got a ups delivery notification that RL is delivering something to me today. I believe it is this package. Looks pretty cool and is a nice gesture for the 1000's I spend on their attire every year.
The quality of cloth, buttons, and other small details are what make RRL, so if there is a noticeable difference id be down to try em out.
I have never bought a pair of RRL shorts. I'd be curious to see if they are truly worth the cash.I'll likely pick up the Surplus Car coat and the striped twill workshirt in the next few days.
Sold. Thanks.
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