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While I cannot offer much, I will say that they are not like any other vibergs I own. If I had to compare them, I feel like they more closely resemble my steel toes I wear in the field. They are seriously solid boots.
I got the horse butt's in the mail yesterday. They are diesel. Seriously rough rugged kick ass boots. Very impressed.
I'm guessing we won't see winter till the end of September/ October but could be wrong. I'll ask.
This belt is awesome. What was the retail on this?
Thanks to my friend Stan I was able to pick up the horsehide from context. I'm not too sure how I will like the 2045 with a narrower foot, so I sized down a half size.
Congrats bro, I had them in my cart for two days now in size 8. Probably will regret not checking out.If you decide not to keep em down the line, I'm your man.
Did anyone get those context boots yet? They are pretty sick imo. 2045 sizing seems: some size down a half, some wear same size as 2030.
Yes. Im not knocking AoM they handled professionally but still, it was pay in full last spring. Thats a long time for the delivery of some boots.
 Its been well over a year for the Cigar Wingtip boots, Ive been told that they are coming in October. I also expect to not see the Ryden boot till next year.
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