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 Awesome collection. Where is the Alpine boot from? Nice, I love snuff suede. Great color for fall.
Mike, these are beauties. I was so close to grabbing the tanker they have so many times.How does the song go again.....
Coming in to my neck of the woods. Rainy and cold here today, with threats of snow tomorrow. Oconnels has a little stock left of Alden, its mainly crazy widths though. They are the only dealer around. They got some nice stock of menswear though, and are still worthy of a visit. Outside of them, dont expect much but your typically mallwear.
I was told 6-10 months when I paid, which I thought was unreal but it hasn't even been 6 yet.
@sazon Thank you fine sir for posting about those chocolate suede tankers a few days back, I was able to hold my size for a delivery sometime next year.
Awesome, congrats. The pictures look like they show an ever so slight crease on the right boot, but its tough to see.
I think reverse chamois is more durable and resistant to staining than suede.
I sent them an email. Wouldnt be the first time Ive asked about these but well see what they say.
My wife will occasionally help me acquire something or even make a phone call or two for me. I think she respects the fact that I collect boots, but I know she doesnt always like what I buy. She absolutely hates anything in shell cordovan and calls them "shiny shoes".
 Highly unlikely, but never say never! Ed said he would rerun these every chance he could, if Alden would let him. Funny enough he said they sold out within a day or two last run, now they wouldnt last 1 minute.
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