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Ive been dealing with Will lately and he has been great. I had some negative first impressions about a year ago. I recently just gave them a second shot and was pleased.
Epaulet is expecting another deliver of the Innsbruck Indy relatively soon I would guess. I am not certain if all sizes are accounted for. Might be worth giving them a shout.
Congrats my friend on becoming a father! As well as owning these boots!
Ha! Awesome reference.
I hmm'd and hawed over these too. Guess you gotta move lightening quick.
good lord all 3 are hot!
Z those are great! Happy to see some pics of them go up. The 8.5's haunted me for at least two days, I resisted but looks to be a decision I will regret.
These are sick'ning. I for one am extremely jealous of anyone who was lucky enough to get them. Dv you wear them with class.  Im supposed to get mine tomorrow morning in the mail. I will put up picks as soon as they come up, If they come in? UPS deliveries were cancelled for me today at work. We are getting absolutely belted with snow right now. In some areas 2 feet per hour is coming down of all Lake Effect centered on just our area.
I like Gentlemans better or other single barrel type variant for sipping more than black label. There's a reason why Jack Daniels is the best selling whiskey in the world thou, people like what they like. I certainly would not turn down black label or bash the brand.Enjoy Elijah as well. Never tried Woodford, I'll add it to the list of things I want to try.
Your kidding right? Jack Daniels is amazing. A part of Americana.
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