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It's not allowed.I must say thou those are some damn nice boots.pretty hard to get your hands on these days. Mine have a lot more yellow tones, these look beige.
Damn Stan caught glimpse of ds3's pair on IG. You gentleman who scored are some lucky dudes.
These are sold.
Where's the pics of these whiskey tankers?? Cmon people get em up! Want to see the shade.
I was really hoping we could of got a 310 boot through on Styleforum MTO. Makes me regret not giving it more of a backing in the past.
Only one full run to my knowledge. It was a few years back for 14oz Berlin.There has been one or two other one off pairs after that, that were made as replacement pairs.
Stopped into the highland park store yesterday. Surprising amount of RRL there. The air reserve jacket runs small so I'm happy I tried it on. The cord officer chinos were real nice and so was the western linen sweater jacket. Ultimately walked away with nothing but happy I stopped in to see the sprawl. Ps. Still no summer catalog.
I want a 310 boot bad, but I already have service boots in the same color. That makes it a hard buy for me. I hate having the same color boots but in different styles.I wish these were same spec but a different leather.
The new catalogs this year are actually intended for customers. Only as of Spring 2016. The format is much different now.Prior to this year thou, associates were not supposed to share them. They were not intended for customers. The SA's did share thou with their top customers because they knew it would generate sales.
I got the physical one in the mail today. (On business till Friday thou)My SA didn't seem to have the digital copy?
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