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I haven't emailed back yet (or decided).I waited years for cigar wingtips only to be disappointed with them when they arrived. I really don't want to steal a spot for something I may not like when it arrives. It's such a crapshoot. What if I love them?
Agreed I've done the same. You make good points.I only get pationate over the retailers who basically lie to potential clients. If there's a list or allocation to best customers, fine, I just expect honesty. Your right thou no use griping it changes nothing.In other news, I got the email today for the cigar indy's, it's a list I've likely been on for two years. I haven't liked the latest batches of cigar, they are very dark. Prefer the old olivish tone.
In all fairness man we are not talking about donating things or giving things away. We are talking about purchasing 800 dollar shoes or boots.We are here to share information on all things Alden. Part of that sharing is too help new enthusiasts of the brand find shoes or boots that they want. In that helping mind frame I think it's fair to share past experiences with retailers that may or may not help someone score the pair they are longing for. I like Alden but I'm not...
@Alcibiades those are sick man. Thanks for posting.
After buying Aldens from almost every major retailer Leffot, DC, AOM, Epaulet (which is very open on rare shell and basically get none), TSM, Frans Boone, AOC, and LS, I can confidently say that DC is likely my favorite shop. If you want a shell boot or shoe and they regularly stock it, you can get on a list even if you have 0 purchases from them. Will you get it tomorrow? No, but you can guarantee at some point your turn will come. Least favorites LS and Leffot, it's...
I got an email that asked me to join it. I requested access and was accepted.
I'm supposedly on the AOM rare shell list.I've spent enough through them to be considered a good customer in my opinion. I've even boughten rare shell from them.I can say thou, that despite being on the list I've never actually gotten an email from them with cigar,whiskey or ravello. I've only received emails with color 8.
Mine have a heck of a lot more wear.
It's not allowed.I must say thou those are some damn nice boots.pretty hard to get your hands on these days. Mine have a lot more yellow tones, these look beige.
Damn Stan caught glimpse of ds3's pair on IG. You gentleman who scored are some lucky dudes.
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