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@Whirling Awesome. I've been debating picking up the Viberg 55 CSA for plant work. I just wish they had brown color options.
Boots/Derbies on 2030 have been some of the best looking and highest #. Sale boots made by Styleforum.It maybe a common last but we still produce some kick ass boots with it.No last should be off the table, if it fits the vibe of the boot. Roll with it.
I've never tried any other product (other than like scotch for my hunting gear). I ordered A number of Saphir products a few years ago from the hanger project based on recommendations of others. I was so initially impressed that I never looked back.It won't prevent all denim bleed you will get some especially with raw denim but it will mitigate it a great deal.
I think these natural shell boots are nicer than the mahogany.
I put it on my boondockers but have yet to wear them in the pouring rain. It has protected them against grass stains and denim stains.It did not change the color either which I really liked.
Awesome thank you.
Did anyone pick up the Notre natural cxl with the vibram sole? Considering them. Would love to see a pic of two with some denim. I have the horsehide on1035 but it has a captoe.
I was quickly acquiring a rather huge collection of Aldens but I grew tired of the near impossible struggle to get makeups.1. The lead times are crazy long ... Almost two years for some cigar I just let go.2. You cannot be confident in what you get from them and it's basically a take it or leave it approach.3. They really do not listen to the VOC .. Having essentially no communication forum outside complaining to vendors. The vendors really have no control over the process...
Yeah a suede journal. Which is sweet because I use them all the time at work for notes.
Received a New Years gift today from my SA, awesome guy!
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