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These are cool looking, definitely something different.
   I have been struggling as well with the new IOS and Styleforum.
There was a lively discussion earlier this week. Something to do with tuna and chicken, interesting stuff.
This is the second time this week..... Ummmmmm?? 
With all this whiskey today I humbly post my CXL wingtips.
I like the overall style of this boot. ReTricker had it in a Coffee color, (May still have it) but it was 8.5UK. Just off for me. Was bummed cause 250 is an awesome price.
Ive gotten rained on numerous times wearing suede.  I try not to let it happen but I seemingly have the worst luck.I coat mine with invulner.I dont think I have ever had any damage to the suede, although after the last outing when I was stuck in a torrential downpour running across a parking lot, the white stiching is now sort of dingy.Suede is still perfect.
New Posts  All Forums: