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I want a 310 boot bad, but I already have service boots in the same color. That makes it a hard buy for me. I hate having the same color boots but in different styles.I wish these were same spec but a different leather.
The new catalogs this year are actually intended for customers. Only as of Spring 2016. The format is much different now.Prior to this year thou, associates were not supposed to share them. They were not intended for customers. The SA's did share thou with their top customers because they knew it would generate sales.
I got the physical one in the mail today. (On business till Friday thou)My SA didn't seem to have the digital copy?
I've seen a few pictures I'm trying to get my hands on the catalog now. I'll keep you posted if I can get it.
Price drop to $325 really want to sell these by Monday. If your interested shoot me reasonable offers.
Venetian shoe cream or Saphir reno
These are sold thanks all for the interest.
Alden x Epaulet Navy Tanker boot size 8D on the Trubalance Last. Please know your Alden sizing as I will not accept returns based on incorrect sizing. These were purchased a while back directly from Epaulet and just have fully found there way into my rotation so I must let them go. Ships with original box. Us shipping only PayPal only Any questions please ask and thanks for looking, Robert
Alden chocolate suede tankers bought from Leather Sould in Hawaii. Size 8.5D on the Barrie last, please know your Alden sizing as I will not accept returns based on incorrect sizing. I love these boots and it's difficult to part with them but they are never making it into my ever growing rotation. They have always been well cared for, stored with trees and treated twice with Saphir Invulner. These are still in great shape the minimal amount of glue buildup around the...
This jacket is so sick. It's a must have for me. What store had it in stock?
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