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I'm with ya on the rules thing but the split vote has already happened and there's not much that can be done about it... Other than try an attempt a consensus.
Is everyone really willing to miss out on the boot over a pull tab? because I'm not.....
It's a shame that we are split like this and could possibly lose out due to something so minor.
The Hanger Project. Highly recommend them. If you find their sub here they offer a discount to styleforum members.
Yes if it's in inventory somewhere they will order and honor the price.
The 25% kicker starts officially today. Any physical store should honor it.
I have Alden's in Natural CXL with both and the pull tab is a heavier in leather. I think it's just personal preference.
I really like the look/use of a pull tab. I was always skeptical of them but a few recent acquisitions have made me love it. The Gandalf will have that slight bridge between rugged and refined.
Finally picked up the Hawkins jacket yesterday on sale for 220.
While Im not to familiar with the structured/unstructured arguement, I think the orginal vision I had for #8 is unstructured like @mb123 worn pics.
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