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I posted these at some point.
These are two pics of the same shirt, mainly just posting for color. Inside is a little darker chambray.It's size small. I can post sizing info if you guys have questions?
Sorry bout the delay in posting.
I have it. I'll post a pic later. It's dope but darker than the photos.
I echo the responses on SA's. The guy I deal with on the west coast is awesome. He's gotten to know my style. He holds things for me, sends me look books, sends me gifts, makes me aware and in some cases even grants early access to sales. Ralphlauren.com was a complete nightmare for me. I'm happy I made the switch and rarely order things from .com. If I have too (inseam 30 is usually only online) my SA will place the order for me, grant me in store deals and stand behind...
@Whirling Awesome. I've been debating picking up the Viberg 55 CSA for plant work. I just wish they had brown color options.
Boots/Derbies on 2030 have been some of the best looking and highest #. Sale boots made by Styleforum.It maybe a common last but we still produce some kick ass boots with it.No last should be off the table, if it fits the vibe of the boot. Roll with it.
I've never tried any other product (other than like scotch for my hunting gear). I ordered A number of Saphir products a few years ago from the hanger project based on recommendations of others. I was so initially impressed that I never looked back.It won't prevent all denim bleed you will get some especially with raw denim but it will mitigate it a great deal.
I think these natural shell boots are nicer than the mahogany.
I put it on my boondockers but have yet to wear them in the pouring rain. It has protected them against grass stains and denim stains.It did not change the color either which I really liked.
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