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Yeah knew they wouldnt last long, hopefully someone here snagged them.
Definitely take it easy man. I got pneumonia real bad when I was a kid, I pushed myself and ended up causing damage to my left lung I never recovered from. Hope your back on your feet quickly.
I dunno if someone here put them up. But these are a steal if you wear size 12.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/ALDEN-PLAZA-WINGTIP-CORDOVAN-BOOT-SIZE-12D-MENS-LEATHER-SOUL-/261559027694?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3ce62207ee
I got a coupon that worked on the natural cxl boot, about 3-4 months ago now. Saved me 20%. I have their CC though so I dunno if that allows me greater discounts or not. I tend to get at least 3-4 a year that work on Alden's.
Yes, this is an order fulfillment from January.
Those Oceano shells are awesome! Congrats man.The light welt gives it just enough difference so the blue isnt over the top.   I've been impressed by Trickers shell turn outs lately. I need to fast forward my lazy ass to get the MTO's done I want.
I just got an email from Epaulet saying an order of Innsbruck Indy's came in. This is much earlier than I anticipated but nontheless, Im happy about it. Happy I did not jump on the Ultimate Indy's from LS, I personally think the design of the Innsbruck is much better.
If be curious to see a review. Ultimately I will still buy the styles I like from JCrew, but I do find this to be rather disrespectful as an Alden fanatic. Outside if the couple forums were Alden is heavily recognized thou, no one will even notice.
This is something no one here can answer at this time. We can assume but unless someone were to buy them and review them, it's just an assumption.
Yes it is the same size for most.My personal thought is Barrie is the slightest bit trimmer in the toebox so I can wear 8 or 8.5 in Barrie, were as Trubalance its 8 definitively.
New Posts  All Forums: