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Ive been addicted to reverse chamois the past couple weeks. Very nice for this time of year the material is insane. Enjoy them and wear in good health.
I should of just stopped reading. I hate you guys sometimes! Enablers! Edit: J/K of course. :)
These are awesome. I was on the fence about these pants,I didnt kop and its a decision I am regretting after seeing this picture.
Stan I think these are a great score. Congrats my friend enjoy them looking forward to pics.Cords today with my rather mild addiction to these reverse chamois this week.Additionally did anyone get pics of the ravello Indy from Fransboone? What last was it on?
 Killin it as usual! Dig the cords, the taped seam almost makes them look like Epaulet?
   Awesome thanks for the responses. Was thinking about throwing a few items on the ole christmas list for the wife. Another store to be addicted to.....
I just got shown this brand from a friend. Nice stuff, especially like the outerwear. I went through a good number of pages in the thread and didnt see a definitive answer.   Do they restock items like the Eidos jackets? Or is it more of a one off run and when they are gone they are gone?
Agreed. These are definitely keepers.
[[SPOILER]] So nice!
I saw a few pics posted on social media but no talk of new or upcoming makeups.
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