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I wear the same size in both. I have chicken legs thou.Slims are definitely much slimmer through the thighs.
Would have preferred the fat I think but order in for the slim.Thank you.
I would say 16+ is Heavy. That's just an opinion though. Does anyone have this jacket?     Curious on the actual color. Says Dark Wash but it looks rather light.
I don't have the Helm jeans but I have the Topeka wash which is also 16.25. It wears stiffer. Not as relaxed and comfortable as like the Stillwater.I'm sure they will breakdown and be a bit more comfortable with time, but I gotta put far more wears into them. I also live in a relatively cool climate, even summer nights tend to drop to the 50's, so throwing on 16 oz denim is pretty much year round for me. I wouldn't want to rock them in like Florida or Cali., it be hotter...
I wear the same size in both but the slims are definitely much slimmer. Especially through the thigh area. If your between sizes I would probably jump to the upper.
Stunning. Jealous. /quit styleforum
Ive bought 2 or 3 pairs retail from Ralph Lauren USA already this year. Some have the embroidery and some do not.I wouldn't sweat it, if the seller is reputable.
Epaulet offers a pretty sick Navy CXL belt.
Dude! Its exactly what I was thinking when I seen these pictures. Ecru nep in the hooded.
Nice, Ive been debating these for a bit.
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