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I personally don't like the weird guy fit. N&F are ok thou, obvious they are not as high end as some of the Japanese brands but they are good for the price point on sale through Nordstrom. Try "Gap selvedge" it's pretty decent stuff and you can acquire it for 40 bucks if you watch the sales.
Just FYI.   The second half of the spring collection is going on sale the 19th for 40% off. In store at least. Including things like the Baker Jacket and Denim Chore Coat.   The first set of stuff to go on sale is getting a 30% kicker.
A pair of the Tate and Yoko Cork Moose boots popped up on eBay today. I instaKop'd them. Excited, as it was a pair I wanted badly but feared I would never have the opportunity at again.
I'm about 50/50. As stated earlier there are times when I want a specific jacket for that season. Buying a pea coat mid summer does me no good. I'm usually impressed with what I get so I have no problem laying out the cash.
Thanks man.Fits big, not so much through the chest but it gets bigger into the waist area. If ur borderline on sizing I would say go down one.It is light weight. It has a waffle type lining but I wouldn't be confident in it keeping me warm in below freezing weather. It's more the 40-50 degree range.Fronts a bit shorter. Back is average length. The front hits directly at my waist.
I personally think this version of this #8 tanker is the best. There's just something about it that's striking. Physched to get them later this year.
I think I was able to get 8.5D as well. Phone site gave me some trouble so I may call them later to confirm.
Baker jacket. Recent pickup.
@BenLeaman keep us posted man, I'm definitely in on this.
Solid makeup. Yenni taking preorders yet?
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