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I also agree with this on that waxed flesh. The contrast stitching is better than tonal.
I might back the 110 waxed flesh. Ive been nervous about this last but I feel it fits the look better than 2030. I would just size down like crazy on it.
My babies are in. I took a shot in the dark at 8.5D on the Aberdeen and it fits me like a glove. One of my favorite lasts I've ever tried. Here's a cross post from Instagram.
O'Connells. Got my first pair of Aldens there. They still have some models...... If you like opera.
Damn some nice makeups on there. Anyone know how preorders work through them?
Awesome man.As you know already it wasn't me for the 7.5.I had basically the same thoughts as you. It really wasn't much of a markup and I have wanted them for quite some time on this last. For a little extra I keep the peace of mind in knowing they will get shipped my way in 2 months.Leffot is great but you gotta be fast at the click and unfortunately I suck at clicking fast enough.
Just wanted to say thanks for the info.Was able to email Danny at RivetandHide today and get a pair preordered with 50% down.A little markup but free shipping and a guarantee that I know they are coming giving me peace of mind.
I think alot of you will be surprised how quickly it goes, if you are serious about buying them.People add themselves to the list but never call back or decline the purchase when they come in.
Yes. I'm still excited about the Ravello boots but I need some variety in colors. So I figured it was worth a shot.
Nice. I got mine in as well today. They are awesome. Viberg ships fast considering how far away NY is from them.
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