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Even thou Fok totally cut a promo on how awful the name was, I'm happy the Gandalf is getting made. It took a few bumps along the way but the inspiration is still there. It's a unique leather that will fit nicely into my collection.
The 40 dollar credit is in the form of a refund after purchase? I've boughten boots in the past but this is my first time voting. Nm just seen Fok's email.
Just when you think you know the answer, he changes the question..... (RIP Hot Rod)
I'm with you I was just eyeing these and debating taking a shot at a size.
The design of this is awesome. I applaud. If I could fit the 110 last it would be a sure fire buy.
Mines well be bags of money.
K. Im game than to try the gandalf with GYW if it comes through than.I have plenty of GYW boots and Viberg has always been something different but Im not against trying at least 1 GYW boot.
Just got to catching up today. Real bummer. Ive been wanting to try Viberg GYW but I just dont know if its yet. :(
Sherman bros dropping some new makeups for those interested.
Self Edge in NYC Railcar Fine Goods in LA Either or will put in an awesome chainstitch for a reasonable cost.
New Posts  All Forums: