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Very sad had them in the cart seconds after and got denied. Oh well. Things happen.Edit. Epaulet is hands down my favorite vendor these days!
Same here was seconds after
Same here inventory issues
I never even seen it show up on the site under new arrivals. Damn.
Whats the time for tomorrow? Noon was it?       Edit: I would also agree that Ryden should get a guaranteed spot.
Ha Ha. I seriously had no idea. I caught bits and pieces of the convo.   I figured a new Alden store was a long shot but you never know these days.   Although If I wore the same size as Mike, Im sure he could sell me a few pairs.
I think I'll give them a shout this week and see if anything interests me.Didn't even know there was a store in San Diego.
Grabbed those fields of gold. Too much going on to consistently follow but happy to get these. My PayPal is also giving me woes.
Alden of San Diego? Cool. They got any good lists or upcoming stuff?
New Posts  All Forums: