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It was a mass email.
I can't wait to get these boots! It seems like forever since the order.
That's a nice shirt, the colors are more subtle than the website.
Those bisons are pretty darn awesome.,!
I will take some measurements when I get home for the week and hopefully get them up this weekend.Apologies for the delay.These pictures are 31x30. They fit much like a low straight jean.
Rummel cords - Nice wide cords. Soft. Pretty awesome detailed buttons. Good brown tone. Straight fit. Rust indigo work shirt and Owyhee work shirt - Owyhee is not online but it's pretty sick item from fall collection.
I liked this shirt a lot. It's a good buy at the current sale price.
Ha! I was home quick at lunch, didn't feel like making it to snap some quick pics of the work shirt. I got the owyhee work shirt in brown with this sweater (not online), and the white core Henley.I picked up the Rummel cords and the rust indigo work shirt from the winter stuff as well this week. If anyone wants to see any of those items.
It does not apply to RRL.
I have nothing against GYW boots, and will still buy Vibergs with it.It's just my personal preference that if it's a basic GYW CXL boot from Viberg or a pair of shell GYW boots from Alden. I will choose the shell every single time.
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