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It was a nice spring day so I rocked the Commando trippers which had been boxed for 2 months.
These are hot. Congrats guys.
Killer collection man.
I think that Naval boots gone in 30 seconds or so.
Whats the consensus with 2040 sizing? .5 smaller than 2030?   Assuming 14oz will ship to the US, I may pick up the country derbies in waxed flesh.   I cannot find them at a US seller. Unless someone knows one I that may have them in size 8 (since Im assuming this will be my size).
My sizing is all over the place.I prefer8D in Truebalance.8.5D in Barrie although I can wear 8D comfortably.8.5 (cross fingers) in 2030 because I don't love size 8.
They are ordered from Rivet and Hide.
J.GilbertI am personally not a fan of the 2030 in size 8 even thou I wear the Barrie in size 8.Don't get me wrong they fit but it feels tighter for some reason.I ordered the same boondockers as you in 8.5.
Here's a few rough pics of Alden Barrie vs. Viberg 2030 on the bench as I get ready to wipe em up.
Will 14oz Berlin ship Viberg's to the US? I emailed them months ago and I thought they would but their website doesn't allow it.
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