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Thanks for all the info and the pics on the plaza last @NAMOR, much appreciated!
1) "Route 66"Model: ChukkaLast: 110Leather: Tan CalfTongue: Tan CalfEyelets: 3 hidden eyeletsSole: Crepe with sole unit (as opposed to wedge)Notes: Stitchdown construction2) "Desert Stalwart"Model: Trench BootLast: 1035Leather: Tan HorseTongue: Tan HorseEyelets: 7 antique brassSole: Crepe with sole unit (as opposed to wedge)Notes: Stitchdown construction3) "Modern Boondocker"Model: Service BootLast: 1035Leather: Roughout Natural CXLEyelets: 7 Antique BrassSole: Dainite...
So Im back and forth on the plaza lasted boot. Its not the sizing that bugs me but rather the aesthetics of it. Whats the consensus? Is it dressy, is it casual? Do those of you who own boots on it love them?
2030 stitchdown service boot in that grey calf with a perforated captoe is my money pick.
Subscribed. Some real nice leathers up there.
Congrats Moos, when my Alden addicted started I didn't understand why anyone would want color #2. They've grown on me thou in these past couple years and I was one of the failed bidders on the pair you won. I bow gracefully in defeat and know that they will be cherished in your collection.
It's not in store yet. I tried already. Should be shortly thou.
Is there an example pic? I tried to google viberg 2030 crepe sole and came up with nothing.
Just a heads up. Next Tuesday some of the summer collection will go 30% off. I'm not 100% certain if it's an online sale and it does not include the nautilus collection.
Oh man ......😁..... Can hardly wait.
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