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The sole was the only thing I noticed. Single vs. Double.
The differences from the #8 Brixton are extremely minor. Its an awesome boot.
Couple pics from the past few days in the CXL's including a night time shot with dreaded snow.
@Beatle beautiful! Congrats man.
I hope there is a chance to own these again someday. You wear them very nicely sir.
Does anyone get the 8E or 8.5E list and can post it up?
Your a lucky man to own these. Looking great!
I like these LWB's. I decided I wanted the sage nubucks from Leffot to late.
Your not the only one man. I would love to own them in a size 8. Still slightly bitter that I couldnt click fast enough when they were released. Stupid ancient Dell work computer.
Does anyone know offhand if any of the NYC stores (or I guess other stores for that matter) have stock of the Clark pea coat yet from the Winter Collection before I make some calls? I see its available on the UK site already.
New Posts  All Forums: