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I fly at least 45 weeks a year. It's really up to the airline. Airlines like southwest are very liberal, while others like Delta are more strict. All in all if your bag is bulging and it looks too big or it doesn't fit in the bin, they'll question it.
I really have no idea. I assume it's something Randy or Brian can do from Instagram. I follow these guys and you'd be surprised at some of the masterpieces they pull off. Hell Randy builds his own shoes. I assume changing some blind eyelets and restitching is a walk in the park. Even if it costs me 200 bucks it's worth it in my opinion for boots that will last forever.
Im not 100% sure yet, but I likely will go with smaller eyelets that allow only the round laces. Aesthetically I feel it will look better if I just stay with smaller eyelets.
I'm fairly certain I'm going to put some brass eyelets on these natty shells. I don't love the blind. Something so minor is an easy fix thou.
I used to just search RRL, but for god knows what reason they took that ability away.
I was able to score a pair. Checked out so fast I forgot to specify size and clicked local pickup!
I'm likely going to try at 2. I struggle with the cost as well. There is like 3-4 RRL items I've been wanting. I'm basically giving them all up for one pair of boots.On the flip side thou, those items will be around for a while. This is likely my one shot at scoring natural shell Vibergs
Yeah the private sale. The website is trash, a lot of times the promos work in store even if they don't work online.
Anyone know if the current sale is valid on RRL in the stores?
The first honestly looks like Icy Mocha CXL to me. It does not have enough red/maroon tones to be Brown CXL.
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