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Ive never actually been told not to disclose a makeup on the forum. Most people laugh when I tell them, I found out about XXX shoe/boot on Styleforum. And in most cases by the time the forum acknowleges it the list has 40 people on it already or the preorders are all sold out. I have better luck calling around or watching instagram than I do on here. Just like Aldens age old marketing techniques (which is essentially doing nothing) phone calls still remain the #1 method.
      Good to know. Thanks gents for the input. Its nice that they basically go on an honor system. Alden DC is like this as well. Striking that they will allow you to order any size and width, with no guarantee.
That Wyatt leather jacket is one of the best leather jackets I have ever seen. Congrats to those who got them.
I was on both. I opted out of TSM's though in favorite of Alden Madison for the commando sole. I dunno how TSM does preorders though because I have never bought anything from them. Just talked to Ed a bunch. Great guy. Alden Madison took payment in full upfront so its almost a guarantee.
I believe the one from Alden Madison is a dark edge trim.
Send me a PM, Id be happy to mail you their lists.
Thats a relatively nice looking black boot. I always thought that black (preferably shell but other leathers work) with brass eyelets and a light natural or antique sole on danite would look bad ass.
Ok so updates to all the above.   It is NOT confirmed or in production. It will likely be the next boot put into production when the ravelo can be sourced.   There is ALOT of people on the list and the amount made will soley depend on how much Alden can source. They will make everything that they can and use the whole alotment of ravelo if they can.   So its not going to be anytime soon.   Although it did sound like if individuals were interested in the NST shoe,...
I checked my call history and it was 6/18. Maybe Ill shoot them a call today as well and double check. Ive been out of the loop lately with new incoming styles.Id like to see what retailers have in the pipeline if anything for whiskey.
I was 22 or 23 on the list for THE boot.  I wonder how many they are making. Never bought anything from TSM.
New Posts  All Forums: