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   Ive had these for a bit now as well. I sized down 1 from TTS and they fit fine. I agree the fabric is killer.I didn't care for how wide the leg (roughly 9 inch leg opening) was so I had them tapered from the knee down a bit.For 99 bucks thou they are steal even if a little hem is necessary.
Nope, specifically stated we can make your style in cigar instead of ravello. My style was a Ravello WT boot on Commando.
AOM is currently offering a switch to 1 of 3 styles for the people that had a delayed Ravello order. I believe they will eventually be listed on the Spring Listing for Shell but do not believe they are available for public sale as of yet. I think the Ravello switch will get first priority but I could be wrong?   Cigar WT Boot on Commando Cigar Barrie Captoe (no details) Cigar Barrie PTB (no details) - Like the 990   I decided to switch to the Cigar WT boot, I really...
I think I am going to switch to Cigar as well. I got the Aberdeen NST's in Ravello which was something I didnt think would be possible when I ordered the WT boot. The other option I am considering is keeping both and using that 15% off on one of the new Cigar styles.
Im going to try and kop those sage cooney boots. Its something different.
Interesting Juicy facts. Im not a giant fan of rap music these days but definitely listened to it when I was a kid. This is not something I expected to learn from Epaulet on Stlyeforum.
Thanks Fok. I'll wait for your word than and hold out hope Viberg agrees.
Ok, I figured this one was a sure fire No-Go as it was 5th in the lineup.
Honestly, I looked at the pics first before I read your post and didnt notice it. Once I read what you wrote I could see it.Surprised thou at how much they lightened in only 4 days time.
Apologize if this is a silly question, didnt see anything definative. Have both of the waxed flesh boots been ruled out this round? If so, just want to allocate funds to other goodies.
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