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Wrap them around the ankles a time or two or just simply cut them. I generally go for the wrapped method, just prefer how it looks.
Fok will you have a list of confirmed leathers for us prior to starting the next round?
Try calling the NYC stores. There is a real nice pair of selvedge dead stock British khaki officer chinos a few stores have in stock. I believe they will qualify for the 40% as well but not 100% on this.
I'm definitely going to grab these in the near future. Pretty sick.
Picked up the Kentucky narrows, green fleece hoodie and the red baseball jacket today. Never tried the narrows so it should be interesting to see how they fit compared to slim fit.
Worked on Firefox just fine this morning. Didn't order anything thou. Ralph Lauren customer service is awful on the 1800 number. You have to tell them the private sale. I highly recommend calling a store and starting a business relationship with a sales associate. They are far more accommodating. They will tell you about additional discounts not offered online and occasionally even send you cool freebies in the mail. Just a few weeks back I got like 20 RRL postcards with...
These are actually from the Gap. I'm not sure if they still make them but a few years back they did these Selvedge pants with coupons you could acquire them for around $70. Pretty nice for the price.
Thanks Pete.Which ones? Every pair of pants I have posted are likely RRL.
They ship to the US. I have boots from them.
Mostly last season stuff here. Griggs jacket. Rust indigo shirt. Austin wash low straights. With Vibergs.
New Posts  All Forums: