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Anyone know if there is anything out there similar to the oiled nubuck that LS used to run for their vintage boots?   Any particular reason why that leather stopped showing up?
I like the design of the Trench Boot, just didnt care for the sole choice of the most recent release. Maybe something along this line would different.
I agree, they definitely dont fit me TTS either. I can wear a full size down even with thin socks.
Hijacked Gif from the Viberg Thread.      
 This is not the right place to post this. Use the Marketplace and put links to your sales in your signature. That being said. Beautiful shoes/boots, Im certain someone here would love those whiskey Indys.  These are awesome. I actually like whiskey when its even lighter. Like C&J's recent shades.
I find my Wolverine Addisons to fit slightly larger than barrie lasted Aldens. If 8.5D fits you well in Wolverine 1000 mile. I would stay with that size in the Aldens.I dont think the 8's are going to stretch enough to be comfortable, especially not with thicker socks.
[[SPOILER]] Nice man! I have a pair of these on preorder with commando soles, still on the fence but photos like these are persuading me.
My wife likes Yellow gold. I could should buy stock in Pandora and Tiffany. Thanks for reminding me I gotta stop for a card.
DV your combos are insane. You sir own my dream boot collection.
Very sad had them in the cart seconds after and got denied. Oh well. Things happen.Edit. Epaulet is hands down my favorite vendor these days!
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