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Here's a few rough pics of Alden Barrie vs. Viberg 2030 on the bench as I get ready to wipe em up.
Will 14oz Berlin ship Viberg's to the US? I emailed them months ago and I thought they would but their website doesn't allow it.
Lots of things. Navy is fire man.
I will probably vote for one of the waxed flesh models. Would of prefered #13 but Im not against #11. To me both are cool and whatever looks more likely to win is where I will throw my monies.
These look great. I'm thinking about treating the rust boots when they come in, in July.I see you used obenaufs, I haven't decided on a brand yet. You seem happy with the results this far?
No it's wider all the way through, but it's not as noticeable as the toe is.
Have some experience with Naked and Famous as well as 3sixteen. I would say the waist size of like a low straight is more vanity sized like the former 29 - Naked and famous.
Killing it again Don. Your my inspiration on just how versatile these Choco's can be.
What brands are you 29 or 30 in?
Yes sir. Same fit for me as the 2030. Just a wider toe box.
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