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I personally think these are awesome. Definitely a rare grab. Nice work.
Some great finds, some of the pics on reddit are awesome. Should of spent the 200 dollars in gas and drove down. Oh well live and learn.
I'm roughly 6 hours away and debated driving down this morning. I'm also bummed because unfortunately the logistics of it aren't going to work out. I know there will be some killer stuff.
My wife would disagree with you. 😁She thinks the more time away the better that way I'm not spending spending. We got a house to sell here so time away is good occasionally.
Jeez, missed a couple days of action in this sub. 3sixteen and viberg are literally killin it with those makeups! Well done! Well done indeed! Don't think my wallet can handle this upcoming month. Too much goodness all around here.
Anyone know how the Edward sport coat sizes?
Haha. This is pretty much how I've come to feel about#2.
It's hard to tell everyone's feet are different.The tan addisons I still have are an 8.I prefer Vibergs on 2030 in 8.5.
Interesting the red is reversible.
The navy is super nice. I cannot pull the red one up on the site. Anyone got a link?
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