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Cigar Chukka with Slate cotton/cashmere Rivets
Nice #8 is the next thing on my radar. Would like something with an antique edge thou. Been trolling eBay like crazy. I might ultimately settle for the JCrew boots.
Ive been eye'ing these for about a month now. You will have to report in with some pics.
I hope they tell us when its over cause Ill probably sit here like a fool all night. I havent even left work yet, though I was done 45 mins ago.
Size 9.5... Cry. I would of definitely tried to make these my first Carmina boots.
Yes Sir.
I tried to get those navy walts... made it all the way through Paypal, just to have it say... gone. Congrats to who got them. Absolute steal at 35.
I have decided my job is to refresh this site.
You guys are killing me with these pics!!Looking good man, I will be picking these up next time they run them if I can click the buttons fast enough. Additionally I heard the news of Robin on the radio this morning, very saddened.
New Posts  All Forums: