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 Ummm.... What the F.... is this monstrosity?
@Buckeye Nation Thanks so much for doing this man. This is an awesome write up. Im really surprised by the results of Reno and will likely switch up the things I apply to my shell boots ASAP.
My opinion is that the 2030 fits roughly about the same length wise as Alden Barrie. So 9.5D Barrie  = 9.5 2030. I dont know on the 110 never tried it on.
 Saphir products are extremely high quality. Things like Renovateur and Invulner are top in my opinion. Take a look back a few pages, I believe around April timeframe @Buckeye Nation did a really cool write up about a number of Saphir colors compared to Alden paste waxes.
I sent Guy an email because nobody seemed to know. I will report back when I hear from him/them.
Is it still true that if you email Guy, you can buy stock boots as basically a preorder kinda deal?
A post put on Instagram today of some Olive calf pair with the newish RRL Brooks selvedge These things are beast.
Im still going to give them a call.  Heard they know alot about shoes!
Im probably too trusting but Ive bought things from people on the forum and sent money as a friend with 0 issues. It depends on the person, if they have 1000's of posts and are an active member of the forum, I just feel like I dont have to worry.Most everyone here takes care of their shoes/clothing with a great deal of care.
Anyone know if there is anything out there similar to the oiled nubuck that LS used to run for their vintage boots?   Any particular reason why that leather stopped showing up?
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