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30% off summer collection in stores today.
Anyone got picks of the boots there selling at the fashion show? Or did sell if it's over?
Yeah it's my insta. I would say the indoor picture is closer, but they do vary quite a bit based on lighting.Estimate was a couple weeks.
I talked with Brian over email and he's willing to do it for a reasonable price. He does good work on his Instagram.
Here's a quick snapshot I took of the natural shell. I'm going to package them back up here shortly and get some full eyelets put in. Havent fully decided what color eyelets yet thou. Thinking bright brass.
I got mine today as well. It won't let me track it yet thou. Excited to get home from travel this week and find them on my table.
I saw those honey Italian on Reddit. They don't even look like shell at all.The black shell are a score, and they are stitch down.
ah damn. They are still dope thou especially if they are 2045.
They stitch down? Hard to tell from the pic.
These are awesome man congrats! Looking forward to seeing how this leather ages.I've been eyeing the veg tan kangaroos for a while just don't have the extra cash at the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: