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Look at some of the brushes from The Hanger Project, got numerous brushes,polishes..etc. from there and everything has been superb quality.
 Yup the moleskin. They are dark, but the material is sooo nice.I got a few ideas for boot/shirt combo's and have wanted them for ages.Its unbelievably hard  for me to put things on a Xmas list and than not buy them.Especially with Epaulet being there items are so hot, that if you sleep, they are gone.
Definitely an Epaulet Xmas for me as well. Umber Rivets and a Brown CXL belt. Psyched about both!
Don't remind me......
 Very nice, I beat myself up about a Viberg this week that was a similar PT Boot. Totally with you man, I posted a week or so ago that this would be my first MTO. (If it were possible.)
I think on instagram they confirmed they had quite a bit more leather for this run.
This is so sick. Bigtime score here.
I really like these #8 boots, its killing me that they dropped 3 days before Christmas. Hard to drop 1G on something when the wallet is already hurtin from gifts.
Jeez.... 13%.Never did understand customs and duties. I recently had a bottle of whiskey shipped into the US, cost me 40 dollars in customs. Sounds petty but for an 80 dollar bottle its 1/3 the price.
They were only 20 dollars cheaper here in NY.
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