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These are a really nice shade. My cigar longwing boots have been sitting in the window since I got them because they are just to dark. Will likely sell them because I just feel they will never be what I want.
If anyone wants the Leffot Tanker size 8.5 PM me. I know we're not supposed to post sales in here but I'm just trying to do a service to the community. Thought I had a buyer but he hasn't responded. All I want is what I paid. Leffot will direct ship them to this person.I'll take the beating on tax. If not I'm forfeiting them and losing my deposit because I have other wants and don't feel like fronting more money.
The iced mocha is so fn boss.
It's going to be a bit. Fall just went on sale like a week ago.
Here's a few shots of today's attire. Not sure this look will fit the RRL vintage vibe although.Kentucky Narrows ... Green fleece hoodie. Icon white Henley. Alden x Jcrew boots.
Lots of people asking about the spring look book so I figured I would give you guys the low down. As we know the look books were never intended for clients, it was only to be a book held at the store level. Most sales associates thou would scan them and send them to their better clients and then we would all share them amongst each other. RRL wasn't keen on the idea of us having these look books so they have decided to stop them. Instead of doing a look book thou they are...
Just got the email that the Leffot #8 tankers came in today. I ordered them in 8.5, I'm going to let them go to someone who will get more wear out of them then me. I'm not sure if Leffot will just direct ship them to someone else or not. If anyone is interested in picking them up or knows if I can transfer my preorder. PM me.
This boot is fire. I'm in for sure. It's one of my favorite design pics and it provides me something outside of my usual fare.
Really? Surprised by this, they usually honor their f'ups.Did it get you reason?
Just depends on how you rock it. It's a sick piece nonetheless.
New Posts  All Forums: