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That was supposed to say Fellow. Stupid iPhone autocorrect strikes again.
In for a hooded ecru for certain. May grab something in cinnamon as well. So many awesome colors.
Np man. Just happy they went to a former addict.
Someone just put up some pretty stout looking whiskey tankers in size 13, for an unbelieveable deal in the B&S forum. I dont know the seller but its a steal if you can fit that size and the sale is reputable! I know we are not supposed to post this in this section but I figured this was an exception.
Haha. Awesome. Looks like your jumping in.
This jacket is hot. Is it new or did I just miss it before? Already gone is medium.  
Im with you. I unloaded like 6 pairs in the past two months. They just werent getting wear.
I would pay more than they were retailed at but jeez that's 400% markup.
That's the general opinion, I like cordovan but its not the end all be all. I judge my favorites based on how many wears they get combined with their individual versatility.
@Burzan Right there with you man on the Whiskey NST. I'd take a CapToe or a WT boot as a consolation price thou. Favorite I own: Natural CXL CapToe (despite having the Ravelo NST, it's a close second)
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