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Congrats on them man, I personally think they are awesome and waiting to see how they wear. I may yet grab them myself.
 My wife somehow knows everytime I attempt to pull that, "oh these, Ive had these for years" trick. I think she takes pictures of my closet once a week. (Joking) She's relatively cool though, I can even get her to call around for styles occasionally if Im hung up at work.
So I was browsing the site this morning and noticed a few interesting FF items. I dont remember seeing anything in the thread about them and the image doesnt match the description.     Are these legit available items?    
Get a decent brush and give them a brushing. A damp cloth if there is actual stuck on mud or dirt. I wouldnt go as far as putting more product on. I usually apply a protectant like Obenauf's once a year or once every 6 months if its a boot I really beat on in the winter.
          Thanks guys appreciate the compliments.They were bought from Joe at Alden DC a few months back after being on a waiting list for a bit. Big THANKS to one of our forum members for the tip so I could get on that list. I have bought a few pairs now from Joe, I have had all awesome dealings with him and he has become my goto guy for questions. Funny enough, I have never even once spoke to Kathy, shes never even answered the phone.
The 721 and the 744 were made by AE.While Im not 100% certain, I believe the sole on these two is different than the standard models. Thou since I own both, I will say the fit is the same.
Upstate NY. Its been 40-50 degrees every night.
Cigar Chukka with Slate cotton/cashmere Rivets
Nice #8 is the next thing on my radar. Would like something with an antique edge thou. Been trolling eBay like crazy. I might ultimately settle for the JCrew boots.
Ive been eye'ing these for about a month now. You will have to report in with some pics.
New Posts  All Forums: