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Just a heads up. Next Tuesday some of the summer collection will go 30% off. I'm not 100% certain if it's an online sale and it does not include the nautilus collection.
Oh man ......ūüėĀ..... Can hardly wait.
Is there a swatch of the black unicorn floating around anywhere?
I don't hate the 1035 but I'm with you.The 2030 is just the best.
I'm loving those aged bark service boots on their Instagram. Wonder how long out those are.
I can give you the actual waist on a size 31? I feel they run the same as any other slim.
Same here I will get it and think it's awesome but man 2800.... I'll definitely hold till a sale. I picked up the indigo Henley, the Wakefield varsity and the dotted canvas worthy shirt thou.The Griggs came back in a medium as well and fits much better. Sleeves are a little long but it's still a sick jacket.
Love those grey boots. Thanks for the album.
 Its interesting to debate this.My two cents is this: I see both of these scenarios as ok.Said person buys them and wear them, then sell them after a while because they are no longer getting use. orSaid person buys them with the intention of wearing them but they sit in the box for two years at which point they sell them.Both of these points the buyer has the intention of using them for themselves. I see this as incorrect.Said person buys rare shell or other from a vendor,...
I always figured the "free" ones were some kinda scam that was going to steal my credentials. Wouldnt even know where to start with one of these programs.
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